Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

19 October, 2023 By Dambar Khadka

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Overview of Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

Kathmandu Airport is the main entry point for most of Nepal’s helicopter tours. One of the most famous tours in the world is the Everest base camp Helicopter Tour. Excellent mountain views and convenient access to revered sites like Muktinath, Pathivara, Halesi, and Gosainkunda are both provided by the heli ride excursions.

The helicopter tour of Nepal is a fantastic adventure that features the Himalayas and a unique, developing nation to book. It is particularly suited for time-constrained travelers who want to take in as much of the journey as possible quickly. A helicopter tour of Nepal is organized for those whose physical health precludes them from exerting their will—thinking of enjoying the Nepal Himalayas at your anniversary and sightseeing.

Boundless Adventure provides a variety of luxurious heli tours on a boarding basis and urgent emergency responders for hospital treatment. You may make a helicopter tour booking in Nepal at a reasonable cost. We are based at P885+79 Kathmandu, Nepal, Google Maps.

Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

Helicopter Tour Booking Packages In Nepal.

As it offers the chance to experience a dream of exploring new places, a helicopter tour of Nepal may be the best option. Mountainous areas and peaks, lakes and rivers, verdant cliffs, woodlands, nature reserves, and other attractions are examples of places. Nepal’s most popular helicopter tour package is the heli tour of Mount Everest base camp.

However, we also have several tour packages:

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour From Kathmandu, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour flies eastward over Bhaktapur. Breathtaking 360-degree views of majestic mountains like Mount Everest, Mt. Kangtega, Kusum, Thamserku, Kangaru, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Nuptse, Cho Oyu, Tawache, and Cholatse as well as Island Peak.

Similarly, Pumori, Lobuche, and Nuptse are also in the Sagarmatha National Park. The Everest View Hotel in Syangboche is visited on the way back for breakfast if wanted. The tour is reasonably priced per person and can be booked privately or with a community. Boundless Adventure is always ready to let you choose.

You may contact the city office in Thamel by phone at +977 14701884 or +97714701885 or call him directly on Mobile or WhatsApp at +9779851033819.

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

Both private helicopter tours on a boarding basis and collective entering helicopter tours are available for the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter tour. You can fly solo or in a team on a private commercial flight at your convenience. From Pokhara and Kathmandu, it may be possible to make arrangements.

The flight can take place at any time of day if the weather is good. Kathmandu to Annapurna Base Camp Private Helicopter Charter Flight. There is a team connecting option for up to 6 passengers per flight, depending on the number of passengers flying together. For various options, the cost of a helicopter tour varies.

Rara Lake Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

The largest lake in Nepal is Rara Lake, located in the Rara National Park at an elevation of 3,000 meters. Everybody wants to experience its brilliance once in a lifetime because it is so unspoiled and virgin. The best way to travel to Rara Lake, Nepal’s biggest and most anticipated lake, in a single day is by helicopter tour. We are always open to booking helicopter tours in Nepal.

 Langtang Heli Tour Booking In Nepal

The Langtang Heli Tour is the quickest way from Kathmandu to discover the Himalayas and get close to the snow. The Langtang region ranks third in popularity for trekking after the Everest and Annapurna regions. At 3,950 meters above sea level, Kyanjing Gompa is a Tibetan-influenced village with breathtaking scenery, historic monasteries, and spectacular mountain views.

Awe-inspiring views of massive peaks like Ganesh Himal (7,407m), Langtang Lirung (7,246m), Dorje Lapka (6,975m), and Gosaikunda lakes are the main attractions in the Langtang Helicopter tour.

 Muktinath Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

One of the best methods of visiting Lord Vishnu’s sacred temple is the Muktinath (Darshan Yatra) by Helicopter. At 3710 meters above sea level, Muktinath Temple (Chumig Gyatsa) is situated in the laps of weather mountains at the Thorong-La pass.

Although it costs more, a private charter commercial flight offers greater comfort and amenities. We cannot provide sharing a flight that requires you to get used to everyone arriving at their designated time. The Muktinath helicopter tour often starts from Pokhara and Kathmandu. We are opening a booking for a helicopter tour in Muktinath.

Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

For expansive views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, travelers frequently travel to Mardi Himal. You have 30 minutes to explore the area after the 12 to 15-minute helicopter flight to the Mardi Himal Helicopter Landing locations.

Those with limited time or who are physically unable to complete the entire trekking route should opt for this helicopter tour. A set of oxygen systems, each containing a 4-5 liter cylinder of mountaineering oxygen, are installed in our helicopters. Also, we can combine tours with Annapurna Base Camp and Mardi Himalayas within one hour. Contact us for your suitable Helicopter tour booking in Nepal.

Suitable Time For Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

Heli tours are possible on days with good visibility. Most days during the winter and rainy season are dangerous for helicopter flights due to poor visibility. At that time, several helicopter flights were canceled. Most of the time, the weather is good for helicopter flights in the spring and fall.

In Nepal, March, April, and May correspond to spring, while September, October, and November correspond to autumn.
Besides the Helicopter tour, the ideal time to visit Nepal is October through December.

The weather is dry and fluctuates in temperature until around April. The winter months of January and February can be extremely chilly, especially at night, with Namche Bazaar’s average temperature hovering around 6°C. Rhododendrons are blooming in May, which is a lovely time to visit

. Chitwan National Park experiences temperatures of 35°C as the heat and humidity intensify. Clouds obscure the breathtaking mountain views during the monsoon season, which starts in June and lasts until the end of August.

Culture And Tradition At Helicopter Tour Booking In Nepal

Nepal’s cultural background exhibits its uniqueness, as well as its primitive and peer relations. It appears in literary criticism, religion and philosophy, holidays and celebrations, dance, music, and foods and drinks. It also appears in arts and crafts. There are 44.6% of speakers of Nepali, followed by Maithili (11.7%), Bhojpuri (6%), Tamang (5.1%), Nepal Bhasa (3.2%), Magar (3%), and Bajjika (3%).

Hindu and Buddhist traditions have existed in Nepal for more than 2,000 years. Hindus have long worshiped Shiva at Kathmandu’s Pashupatinath temple.

Dashain is the most significant and prolonged festival in Nepal. Festivals frequently feature dancing and music, as well as a variety of foods. Similarly, you may contact the city office in Kathmandu to book a helicopter tour in Nepal.

We have a booking system for the Helicopter tour in Nepal Himalayas. If you feel comfortable, check out the following link.

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