Manaslu Short Budget Hiking Map

Manaslu Short Budget Hiking Map

Manalsu Short Budget Hiking map provides insight into the landscape’s characteristics. With details of the landforms of the Manaslu region, the map offers visual guidance for the route. The trek map is high-quality, updated, and visually attractive. It has short and sweet details with necessary information. It is downloadable and has zoom-in and zoom-out features, providing a crucial navigation tool on the journey to the Short Manaslu.

Legend of the Manaslu Short Budget Hiking Map

Legend on the route map of the Manaslu Short Budget hiking Map is an essential feature. The route map includes various symbols, colors, and markings, and the Legend helps to understand the signs, symbols, and colors without trouble. Interpreting the map accurately without the Legend can be challenging. Thus, the Legend is the crucial element on a trek map.

Difficulty Grade 

The difficulty level is the foremost part of the Manalsu short-budget hiking trek map. Knowing the difficulty level helps you understand your challenges during the trek. The difficulty grade of the Manalsu short-budget trek is adventurous, as it involves passing the longest pass of the Himalayas, Larkya La Pass, at 5106m. Thus, we recommend that trekkers have a trekking experience and be physically healthy before starting the trek.

Main Trekking Path 

The bright, thick orange line denotes the main hiking route on the Short Manaslu Circuit budget hiking map. The yellow circle on the map represents the camping point of each day. The trail to Short Budget hiking passes through diverse landscapes and various ancient settlements. You will walk through alpine meadows and forests with dense greenery, including rhododendron trees, bamboo, and ferns. Also, trekking through views of glacial and mountain ranges will make you forget about walking on an adventurous rocky path.

Secondary Trail

The secondary route area is also in the Manaslu region but is separate from your trek. The Budget hiking map depicts the secondary route with an orange dotted line. The secondary route on the trek is Tsum Valley and Manaslu Base Camp. You can get to Manaslu base camp on acclimatization day at Samanagon, but you must extend your trek for the Tsum Valley trek.

vantage point

The binoculars sign represents the viewpoint on the trekking map of Manaslu, which is a short-budget hike. Although each trek step provides a view of the area’s unique, distinctive landscape, several viewpoints are renowned for 360-degree views. The first viewpoint on the Manaslu trek you’ll encounter is a viewpoint at Deng. Another is at Namrung and Samagoan. Besides them, there are two other viewpoints, one at Dharmashala and another at Bhimthang. Each viewpoint offers an exceptional sight of mountain ranges and landscapes.

Mountain peak 

One of the remarkable highlights of trekking in Manaslu is the views of mountain peaks. The panoramic views of the mountain will accompany you throughout your journey. Your tiredness of trekking will fade away as you see a smiling peak in front of you, encouraging you to reach your destination. Peaks of Mount Manaslu (8163m), Nagadichuli (7893m), Himalchuli (7193m), Shringi Himala (7187m), and Manaslu North (7157m) will appeal to your eye throughout your trek.

Pond /Lakes

Along the way to Manaslu, Short-budget hiking will bring you to some lakes. The map uses a circle-like structure with a blue color to represent the Lakes. One of the notable lakes on your trek is a lake above the Samagaun in Manaslu. We need to spend a day hiking to go to A Lake called Birendra Lake. We suggest you explore Birendra Lake to see the Lake, Wild Animals, and the best Himalayas. The Lake is situated 4500 Meters from the Sea lodge.

Suspension Bridge 

The parallel line with a horizontal row on either side symbolizes the suspension bridge on the trek map of Manalsu. Passing a suspension bridge is one of the memorable parts of trekking. Also, passing a suspension bridge lets you connect from one place to another. You’ll pass several suspension bridges from the beginning to ending your trip on Manaslu. Yet, the suspension bridge before Macchakhola, Jagat, and Philim are the prominent ones. There are two types of suspension bridges: one is of metal, and the other is of wood.


So, what makes your adventurous trek in Manaslu worth it? The impressive view of Glacier. Along the way, a vista of Shringi Himal, Manaslu, and Nagdichuli’s Glacier will appeal to your eye, making you feel worthy of trekking. Also, the close-up view of those glaciers provides you with an accomplishment.


The rectangular red flag denotes the pass on the trail to the Manaslu Short Budget Hiking trek. On the journey, you’ll pass one of the most extensive passes of the Himalayas, Larkya La Pass, at an elevation of 5160m. Standing at the top of Larkya La Pass gives you a sense of accomplishment. Also, the mountain peaks will surround you as you get to Larkya La Pass. Furthermore, the section of getting on the pass is quite adventurous due to its high elevation.

Inspection station

The symbol of the checkpost is easily identical to the route map of Manaslu’s short budget. Every trekking destination has numerous checkpoints in the area, and so does Manaslu. You’ll pass through multiple inspection stations on your expedition. You must check your permits at each checkpoint. The inspection station aims to ensure the safety of trekkers by monitoring their movement. The checkposts help trekkers in case of any emergency and unpredicted problems.


The Manaslu region is rich in cultural heritage, and most of the area’s inhabitants follow Tibetan Buddhism. Thus, it is obvious that you’ll find numerous monasteries on your trek. You will be amazed to see monasteries in each corner of the region. Prayer flags fluttering in the sky on the monasteries add to their charm. Thus, on the journey to the Manaslu trek, you’ll enjoy nature’s beauty and have a unique opportunity for cultural immersion.

Perfect trekking duration

Choosing a favorable time for trekking for the Manaslu trek ensures your safety and enjoyable trek. If you choose the months between March to June and August to November for a trek, you’ll have an easy trekking. The months offer pleasant trekking conditions and come with fewer challenges.

Manaslu circuit short Trek Itinerary Map

The prominent feature is the Itinerary Highlight of the Manaslu short-budget hiking map of Manaslu Conservation. The itinerary highlights provide the details of the day-to-day schedule of the trekking expedition. Going through the itinerary, you will get to know your each day destination and plan your day accordingly. Your starting point on the trek is Macchakhola, and the ending is Kathmandu. The itinerary of the Manalsu Short Budget hiking is the following:

  • Day 01: Macchakhola (710m)
  • Day 02: Jagat (1400m)
  • Day 03: Philim (1700m)
  • Day 04: Deng (2059m)
  • Day 05: Namrung (2900m)
  • Day 06: Samagaun (3530m)
  • Day 07: Acclimatization day
  • Day 08: Samdo (3875m)
  • Day 09: Dharmashala (4480m)
  • Day 10: Bhimthang (3720m) via Larkya La Pass (5160m)
  • Day 11: Dharapani (1860m)
  • Day 12: Kathmandu (1400m)
  • Day 13: Departure