Mount Kailash Tour Map

Mount Kailash Tour Map

The Mount Kailash tour map showcases a visual representation of a round trip to Mount Kailash. It is the latest at 3886+XQ Bagaxiang, Burang County, Ngari Prefecture, Tibet, China of Google. The map aims to enhance the visitors’ overall experience by highlighting distinct features. It is downloadable with zoom-in and zoom-out features so visitors can check it whenever needed. However, It is the best travel Map of Mount Kailas.

Legend of tour map of Mount Kailash Tour Map

Legend is one of the prominent features of the tour map of Mount Kailash. Various signs, symbols, and colors are on the map of Mount Kailash. The Legend describes each’s meaning. Looking through the Legend, one can easily understand the symbols used for distinct elements on a tour map.

Challenging level of tour

The foremost element of Legend is the challenging level of a trip. The Mount Kailash tour’s challenging grade is adventurous. The highest elevation you will get during the tour is 5630m at Dolmo La Pass. Thus, altitude-related issues can be a concern. We suggest you be in good physical condition before starting your tour to Mount Kailash. And if you plan to take a tour with older adults and children, we suggest a helicopter tour.

Driving Path on Kailash tour map

Most of your tour to Mount Kailash is through a jeep drive. Thus, knowing through which route you are driving is necessary. The white line with a bright orange border and orange dotted line signifies the driving route on a Mount Kailash Tour map. You will drive from Kathmandu to Dhirapuk, and from there, you’ll start hiking. The trek involves walking from Dhirapuk to Zutulpuk via Dolmo La Pass (the trekking part is also known as Parikrama). After the Parikrama of Mount Kailash, through a walk, you will return through a scenic drive from Drachen to Kathmandu.

Viewpoint on the trip

Mount Kailash tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and each step of your trip provides awe-inspiring scenery. However, certain viewpoints along the way are notably famous for their stunning views. The sign of binoculars on a Mount Kailash tour map represents the primary viewpoint on the way. The viewpoint above the Chu Gompa is prominent, providing an exceptional view of the mountain ranges and stunning landscape of the region.


Mountain peaks are undoubtedly the most impressive and memorable sight of the tour to Mount Kailash—each part of your showcases beautiful snow-capped peaks. While traveling from Kathmandu to Kyirong, you see the stunning peaks of Mount Everest, Langtang Range, Annapurna Range, and Manaslu. Undoubtedly, Mount Kailash is indeed the prominent peak of our journey. From day seven to the ninth day, you’ll circumnavigate around Mount Kailash with its mesmerizing beauty.


On the way to Mount Kailash, you can explore the numerous lakes. There are majorly three famous lakes, including Manasarover Lake, Rakshas Tal, and Gauri Kunda. Among them, each is famous and has its significance. However, Mansarover Lake is renowned for being the world’s highest freshwater lake. Furthermore, you can visit each of the lakes on your way.


A glacier is one of the most dazzling sights you’ll encounter during a tour of Mount Kailash. You can see numerous glaciers close up on your tour. A towering ice formation will appeal to your eye and make your tour worthwhile.


Passes are important landmarks that offer panoramic views, unique challenges, and a sense of accomplishment. On the tour to Mount Kailash, you will pass two different passes: Mayum La Pass and Dolmo La Pass. Compared to Mayum La, Dolmo La Pass is an adventurous and prominent one. It lies at an elevation of 5630m and provides a stunning view of the mountain, glacier, and surrounding landscape.

Monasteries on the tour to Mount Kailash

You will be amazed to see several monasteries along the way to Mount Kailash. From the beginning to the end of the Mount Kailash tour, be ready to appeal to your eye with numerous monasteries. Every area where you will pass through and have an overnight stay has a monastery. Visiting the monastery along the way allows you to learn about the area’s culture and to engage in spiritual practice.

Check post

One important piece of paperwork you shouldn’t forget during your tour to Mount Kailash is permits. Tibet travel permits, Alien permits, Foreign affairs permits, and military area permits are mandatory for the tour to Mount Kailash. Throughout your tour, you will find numerous checkposts. At each checkpost, you must check in your permits. Without a permit, you can’t proceed further. Check posts of Kyirong, Saga, Darchen, and Zutulpuk are prominent on the way to Mount Kailash.

Itinerary Highlight of tour Map

The itinerary highlight of the map showcases the day-to-day schedule of Mount Kailash’s journey. By going through the itinerary highlights, you get to know your daily destination and make a plan accordingly.

Per the tour map’s highlight, day one involves arriving in Kathmandu from your home country. Your arrival day will end in the blink of an eye. The second day consists of exploring Kathmandu. The journey to Mt. Kailash begins with a drive to Kyirong from Kathmandu on the third day.

The tour map to Mount Kailash shows that day four is a drive to Saga from Kyirong. Day five is the acclimatization day, which you can utilize to visit nearby areas and interact with the locals.

Passing through New Dzongba and Mayum La Pass, you’ll get to Chu Gompa on your sixth day. On the seventh day, you will drive to Darchen, but take a short walk to Manasarovar Lake before driving. Eight days take you to Dhirapuk, passing through Yamadowar. After the driving journey, you will have a full trekking day on the ninth day to Zutulpuk from Dhirapuk.

On the tenth day, the parikrama journey ends, and you will drive back to New Dzongba for your return journey. You will drive back to Kyirong on the same route you took while going on Mount Kailash on day 11. The twelfth day takes you back to Kathmandu, and the thirteenth day is your departure from Nepal to your home country.
The brief Itinerary of the Mount Kailash tour is following.

Day 01: Kathmandu (1400m)
Day 02: Explore in Kathmandu
Day 03: Drive to Kyirong (1896m)
Day 04: Saga (4600m)
Day 05: Acclimatization day at Saga
Day 06: Chu Gompa (4505m)
Day 07: Darchen (4660m)
Day 08: Dhiraphuk (4900m)
Day 09: Trek to Zutulpuk (4750m)
Day 10: Back to New Dzongba (4425m)
Day 11: Kyirong (1896m)
Day 12: Drive to Kathmandu (1400m)
Day 13: Final Departure

Note: Regarding the trip to Mount Kailash, we need to get a visa from the Chinese Embassy of Kathmandu. It might take 5 working days to get a visa.