Nepal Buddhist Tour Map

Nepal Buddhist Tour Map

Nepal Buddhist tour map is an essential navigation tool. It contains all the necessary and accurate information and serves as a visual guide throughout your expedition. The trip map of the Nepal Buddhist tour helps you understand the geography of the area you are touring through.
The Nepal Buddhist tour map is the latest and updated. It is downloadable and has a zoom-in and zoom-out feature. The Legend and Itinerary Highlights are the two prominent features of the tour map. Furthermore, there is a map orientation with the north direction at the top. The Orientation of a map helps you understand your direction during your tour.

Legend Nepal Buddhist Tour Map

We have created the Nepal Buddhist trip tour map using various symbols, markings, and colors to indicate each feature. The Legend of the Map explains the symbols, colors, and markings used on the map. It is one of the prominent features of the map because it helps you understand what each symbol or color represents. By going through the Legend, it will be easier for you to interpret the information presented on the map accurately.

Trip Difficulty level

Knowing the difficulty grades of the trip you are undertaking is crucial. However, the Nepal Buddhist tour is easy. The highest elevation of your tour is 2100m at Sarangkot, Pokhara. Thus, there is very little chance of altitude-related issues. The tour doesn’t require any physical walking; therefore, it suits people of every age group. Overall, the Nepal Buddhist tour is easy-going, comfortable, and suits every age.

Driving route to Nepal Buddhist tour

On the tour to Nepal Buddhist, you’ll get from one destination to another through a drive. The white line with an orange border and dot indicates the driving route on the Nepal Buddhist tour map. The driving route on your journey includes Kathmandu to Namobuddha, Lumbini, and Pokhara. As all the areas are well-known and developed cities, thus the road condition of each destination is paved and well-maintained.

Plane Path

You can also reach your destination by air. On the Nepal Buddhist tour, you will explore Lumbini, Pokhara, and Kathmandu. Each city has an airport, and daily flights operate between them.
The red dashed line on a map of the Nepal Buddhist tour represents the path of a plane. You can get to Lumbini by flight. The flight from Kathmandu airport to Lumbini takes 35 minutes. Likewise, Pokhara is your next destination after Lumbini. The flight from Lumbini to Pokhara takes 20 minutes. Correspondingly, you can return to Kathmandu by flight from Pokhara, which takes 30 minutes.

Viewpoint on the trip

Every area you visit on the Nepal Buddhist tour is awe-inspiring and majestic, with unparalleled views. Even your drive provides you with the most beautiful sights and various forms of beauty. However, certain viewpoints are especially for enjoying the majestic beauty of surrounding areas.

The sign of binoculars on a map of the Nepal Buddhist tour signifies the viewpoint. Although every stop on your journey takes you to awe-inspiring sights, the viewpoint of Sarangkot is a prominent one. At an elevation of 2100m, it is the best viewpoint and is renowned for providing mesmerizing views. The sunrise and sunset from Sarangkot are some of the best views from over the Annapurna Himalayas. The mountain ranges of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri are also magnificent from there.

Snow Capped Peaks

One of the major highlights of the Nepal Buddhist tour is the view of mountain peaks. The snow-capped vista will enhance the journey of spirituality. You can see numerous mountain ranges through various points during your trip. Views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges, Manaslu, and Langtang region are eye-appealing on your tour.

Lakes on the tour

Phewa Lake of Pokhara is one of the most well-known lakes you will visit during your Nepal Buddhist Tour. There are numerous other lakes in Pokhara, but they are separate from your tour. However, you can spend your time exploring the second largest lake in Nepal, Phewa Lake. You can also enjoy boating on the lake. The reflection of mountain ranges and the temple of Tal Barahi at the center are significant attractions of Phewa Lake.

Park Site

Park sites are conservation areas that preserve the natural environment, ecosystem, and biodiversity. On your Nepal Buddhist tour, there is no park site visit that your tour package covers. However, on the way to Lumbini, you must pass through Chitwan. On Chitwan, you can explore the first national park in Nepal, Chitwan National Park. However, you should inform us if you are extending the tour to the National Park so we can customize your itinerary accordingly.

Paragliding Location

Paragliding is one of the most thrilling activities you’ll do on your tour of Nepal Buddhist. The Paragliding location is in Sarankot. Paragliding provides a unique perspective of Pokhara’s beauty from the bird’ s-eye view. Depending on the package you choose, it lasts 30-40 minutes, and you land near Phewa Lake.

Monastery during the tour

Of course, you are on a Nepal Buddhist tour, so there are no exceptions that you will not visit monasteries. Throughout your tour, you’ll see prominent monasteries of Nepal. During your visit to Kathmandu, you’ll explore the Sayambhunath stupa, Boudhanath stupa, and Ani Gompa. Likewise, Nomobauddha and Kapan Monitories are you visiting sites on Kathmandu’s second day?
After visiting monasteries in Kathmandu, your next destination is Lumbini, the place where the founder of the Buddhist religion was born.

Lumbini is a spiritual name, as the Lord Gautam Buddha was born here. In Lumbini, you can visit the Mayadevi temple. There are also several monasteries in the Lumbini garden. From Lumbini, your Nepal Buddhist tour heads towards Pokhara. In Pokhara, you’ll visit the well-recognized monastery, World Peace Pagoda, and Matepani Gumba.

Itinerary Highlight of the tour

The “Itinerary Highlight” of a Tour map to Nepal Buddhist trip provides you with the daily schedule of your expedition. The itinerary highlight briefly explains your tour with each day’s camping point. Per the itinerary highlight we created, your tour begins with a visit to Kathmandu’s Buddhist hub and ends with a visit to Lumbini and Pokhara’s Buddhist places. The itinerary is of 9 days;

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu
Day 02: Sightseeing at Kathmandu
Day 03: Namobuddha and Kapan Monastery Exploration
Day 04: Fly to Lumbini and Explore
Day 05: Explore at Tilaurakot
Day 06: Drive to Pokhara
Day 07: Explore at Pokhara
Day 08: Drive to Kathmandu
Day 09: Departure