Nepal Heritage Tour Map

Nepal Heritage tour Map

Nepal Heritage tour map serves as a visual guide on your tour. It contains all the necessary and accurate information, making it an essential tool. With the Nepal Heritage Tour map, you can explore the area yourself.
The Nepal Heritage Tour map is the latest and most updated. It has two prominent features: Legend and Itinerary Highlight. The map is also visually attractive and easily understandable. Furthermore, it has a zoom-in and zoom-out feature and downloadable access.

Legend of Nepal Heritage Tour Map

The Nepal Heritage tour map could be complex for you as we have used various signs, symbols, markings, and color coding. Worry not; the Legend of the Map helps you interpret the map quickly. The Legend clearly explains the symbols, markings, and colors used in a map. Going through the Legend, you can interpret the map accurately without confusion about what each symbol or color conveys. The elements of a tour map that Legend provide clarity are:

Grade of Difficulty

The map includes the difficulty grade to prepare you physically and mentally for the tour. However, the Nepal Heritage tour is easy. It is in the famous cities of Nepal, such as Kathmandu and Chitwan. Also, your tour will be in a private vehicle and will not involve any physical walking. Thus, the tour of Nepal’s heritage is a suitable option for a vacation with your family.

Driving Way

The white line with a border of orange and orange dots indicates the driving route on the Nepal heritage trip map. Your overall journey is through the drive. Thus, knowing your driving route helps you on your journey. Your first day is Kathmandu sightseeing within Valley. After exploring Kathmandu, you’ll drive to Chitwan to visit Chitwan National Park. The distance from Kathmandu to Chitwan is 181.1 km using the Prithivi highway. The time taken to reach Chitwan from Kathmandu is 6-7 hours. Furthermore, your driving paths are paved and well-maintained. Thus, you will have a comfortable drive.

Path of Plane

The red dashed line in a Nepal heritage tour represents the plane’s path. Besides roadways, you can choose to get from one destination to another by airplane. Airplanes are the most common and convenient way to reach your destination. Numerous cities have domestic airports in Nepal. The Pokhara and Chitwan airports are famous ones, where you can get from Kathmandu with a 25-minute flight.

Nepal Heritage Trip Viewpoint

On the tour of Nepal’s heritage, be prepared to be astounded by the stunning views at every turn. Each location will welcome you with awe-inspiring scenery throughout your tour. Every step will appeal to your eye, from historic buildings to bustling markets in Kathmandu to unique wildlife encounters in Chitwan National Park.

Mountain Vista

Did you know you can still admire mountain ranges’ astonishing beauty without engaging in trekking activities or climbing higher elevations? Yes, you can see some mountain ranges on your excursion to the Nepal Heritage Tour. From Kathmandu and along the way to Chitwan, stunning snow-capped peaks will add a thrill to your tour.

Park Site

The park site is a conservation area of thousands of flora and fauna. On the tour of Nepal Heritage, you will explore Chitwan National Park, the first national park in Nepal. The national park is home to rare flora and fauna. It is also home to the single-horned Asiatic rhinoceros and the Bengal tiger. The incredible part of the tour is you can see those animals close.

Airport in Nepal Heritage Tour Map

Most popular cities in Nepal have an airport. Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan are some of the well-known airports in Nepal. The airport of Kathmandu, known as Tribhuvan International Airport, provides both national and International flights. The airports of Chitwan and Pokhara are domestic airports of Nepal. The flights of those three airports operate on a daily basis.

Monasteries on the Nepal Heritage Tour

On the Nepal Heritage tour, you get ready to immerse yourself in a world of spirituality, history, and architecture. You will find several monasteries on your Nepal Heritage visit. Each monetary visit gives you a spirituality and sense of tranquility.
Some prominent monasteries you will visit during the Nepal Heritage tour include Boudhanath Stupa and Sayambhunath Stupa. Both monasteries hold great significance in the Buddhist religion and are part of a World UNESCO heritage site.

Boudhanath Stupa

The Boudhanath stupa is the largest spherical stupa in the world and the most popular tourist attraction in Nepal. It is also the oldest in Nepal. The eyes of the Buddha on each side of the stupa are indeed the major attraction. Prayer flags and colorful decorations add to the spiritual ambiance of the stupa. One remarkable activity you can get involved in the Boudhanath stupa is ritual circumambulation by spinning the prayer wheel in a clockwise direction.

Swayambhunath Stupa

Swayambhunath is also one of Nepal’s oldest stupas, and it is known as a monkey temple. The stupa holds religious and cultural significance to Buddhist followers. Its white dome with the eyes of Buddha on the four sides is a beautiful sight to visit. Numerous shrines, statues, and Tibetan prayer flags add to the stupa’s allure. Besides its religious significance, the stupa is well known for providing a 360-degree view of the Kathmandu Valley, as it lies at the top of the hill.

Itinerary Highlight of Nepal Heritage Tour

To let you know your daily schedule, we have added a key element to a tour map of Nepal heritage, “Itinerary Highlight.” The aspect provides a day-to-day breakdown of what you will do and where you will be on your daily journey. The brief itinerary of the Nepal Heritage tour is as follows:
Day 01: Kathmandu (1350m)
Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing
Day 03: Chitwan (415m)
Day 04: Activities in Chitwan
Day 05: Kathmandu
Day 06: Departure

Sightseeing at Kathmandu

Day two is a complete sightseeing day at the Heritage sites of Kathmandu. Your day begins with a visit to Pashupatinath Temple, a sacred site for Hindus. Then, your next visit is to Swayambhunath Stupa and Bouddhanath Stupa, both prominent Buddhist sites. Your day commences with an exploration of Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Activities in Chitwan

Day four on your Nepal Heritage tour itinerary is an activity day in Chitwan National Park. We are providing accommodation, three times meals, and National Park. The thrilling activities you will engage in at Chitwan National Park include are following.

Canoeing in a Rapti river.
A Jungle walk.
A Jungle Safari (either on an elephant’s back or in a jeep).
Enjoying the local cultural program.
Birds watching