Tsho Rolpa Trek Map

Tsho Rolpa Trek Map

Tsho Rolpa trek map is an essential tool as it visually represents trails, landmarks, and geographic features along a journey. It is a comprehensive navigation tool and visual guide throughout the trip. The Tsho Rolpa Trek map showcases the mesmerizing journey through the Rolwaling region of Nepal. The map is high-quality and the latest, with Zoom-in and Zoom-out features.

Legend of Tsho Rolpa Trek Map

One prominent feature of the trek map of Tsho Rolpa is the Legend. We created the map using various symbols and colors to make it visually attractive and easy to understand. However, those symbols and color coding can be difficult to understand, so we have added the Legend. The Legend explains the symbols and colors used in a map, helping to interpret the map easily.

Challenge Level

The trek map has included the difficulty level with a thick red line. The challenging level of the Tsho Rolpa trek is moderately complex. The highest elevation on the trek is 4540m above sea level at the Lake of Tsho Rolpa. Thus, trekkers should be physically good to start the trek in Tsho Rolpa. We also suggest having a trekking experience, yet first-time trekkers can undertake the trek.

Primary trekking trail

The main hiking route to Tsho Rolpa begins at Chhetchhet village and passes through distinct landscapes. Bright orange lines indicate the main hiking trail of the Tsho Rolpa trek on the map. Your journey starts from the dense forest of rhododendrons and oak treks, which provide a calm environment. The trail ascends through beautiful ancient settlements, where you can experience unique culture and warm hospitality.

Secondary Hiking Path

The orange dotted line in a trek map of Tsho Rolpa represents the secondary hiking path. Generally, there is no secondary route on the Tsho Rolpa trek. However, there is an alternative path to reach Bedding from Dongang, which you can take.

Driving Route

The journey to Tsho Rolpa begins with the drive to Chhetchhet from Kathmandu. The driving route from Kathmandu to Chhetchhet is through the Arniko highway. The distance from Kathmandu to Chhetchhet is 187.5km, taking 6-7 hours via the beautiful view of Nepal’s landscape.

Scenic overlook

The trek to Tsho Rolpa offers the most beautiful view of Nepal’s distinct beauty. Each step of your trek takes you to different perspectives and remarkable views. However, some viewpoints on the trek map are identical to the symbol of binoculars. One of the prominent viewpoints on the trek is Tsho Rolpa Lake. The viewpoint provides a scenic view of the numerous mountain peaks and surrounding natural beauty.


One of the memorable parts of the Tsho Rolpa trek is a mesmerizing view of the numerous mountain peaks. From the beginning to the end of your trip, the panorama of the Langtang and Gaurishankar ranges will accompany you. Furthermore, views of Mount Melungtse (7181m), Chobutsel (6685m), and Phermo Himal (6273m) are awe-inspiring throughout your journey.


The blue circle-like structure on the Tsho Rolpa trek map signifies Reservoir. Lake of Tsho Rolpa is indeed the highlight of trekking in Tsho Rolpa. Getting on one of the biggest glacial lakes of Nepal, Tsho Rolpa Lake, at an elevation of 4580m, will make you feel a sense of accomplishment. The lake covers an area of 1.57 square kilometers, and melting Tsho Rolpa glacier forms the lake. Numerous mountain peaks surround Tsho Rolpa Lake, providing an awe-inspiring view.


A suspension bridge with a parallel line and horizontal rows is one of the remarkable features you’ll pass during your trekking journey. Throughout the trek, you will pass numerous suspension bridges, some made of wood and some of metal. The suspension bridge helps you cross over a river stream from one point to another.


Glaciers are among the beautiful natural features you’ll encounter during the trek to Tsho Rolpa. You can see them on your way to Tsho Rolpa. However, as you get to Tsho Rolpa Lake, you will be amazed by the glacier from close up. From Lake of Tsho Rolpa, glaciers are just 70m away, providing a stunning vista. You can see the Chobutsel Glacier, Gaurisankhar Himal Glacier, Tsho Rolpa Glacier, and Pachermo Himal Glacier.

Check Point

Each trekking destination has numerous checkpoints, including Tsho Rolpa. The checkpoints on the way to the Tsho Rolpa trek are for your security. At each checkpost, you must check in your permits. Checkpoints also aim to provide trekkers with information regarding weather updates and trail conditions. They also help regulate trekking activities.

Monastery on the Tsho Rolpa Trek

Sherpa people are the inhabitants along the way to the Tsho Rolpa trek. Sherpa people follow Tibetan Buddhism and respect their culture. The monasteries on their settlements showcase their culture’s importance to them. You’ll find monasteries on each corner of the trail. Some of the prominent monasteries you’ll pass through include Manthali and Dongang.

Itinerary Highlight

The “itinerary highlight” is another significant element of the route map of the Tsho Rolpa trek. It shows the day-to-day routine of the trekking journey. The itinerary highlight helps trekkers know each day’s destination and plan their trip accordingly. The expedition to Tsho Rolpa begins with the drive from Kathmandu to Chetchet, and the trek starts towards Dongang. Likewise, the journey ends with returning to Kathmandu.

The itinerary of the Tsho Rolpa trek is the following

Day 01: Kathmandu (1400m)
Day 02: Chhetchhet (2020m)
Day 03: Dongang (2791m)
Day 04: Beding (3690m)
Day 05: Na Gaun (4180m)
Day 06: Exploration day at Tsho Rolpa Lake (4580m)
Day 07: Dongang (2791m)
Day 08: Chhetchhet (2020m)
Day 09: Kathmandu (1400m)
Day 10: Departure