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Nepal Bhutan Tour

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Trip Duration 12 Days
Nature of Trip Tour
Maximum Altitude 3980 M
Difficulty Grade Easy
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons Spring and Autumn
Meals Breakfast
Transportation Flight
Accommodation Hotel

Major Highlights of Nepal Bhutan Tour

  • The analogous land of Nepal Bhutan tour welcomes millions of visitors across the globe with warm hospitality and a cheerful smile in 2023 and 2024.
  • I am also exploring the world heritage site of the Nepal-Bhutan tour.
  • Enrapturing view of mountains above 7000 m in Nepal Bhutan tour
  • Remember for Mount Everest Tour for the rest of your life.
  • We are exploring the hidden gems of Nepal and the Bhutan tour.
  • No need to worry about hidden costs in the Nepal-Bhutan tour; you got email details.

Overview of Nepal Bhutan Tour

Nepal Bhutan Tour Overview

Nepal Bhutan Tour is a blended adventure to explore two median countries squeezed between two Asian powerhouses, China and India. Are you talking about the tour in Bhutan and Nepal? The time is an exclusive blend of natural elegance, unique culture, and warm hospitality that any visitors worldwide wish for. First, talking about Nepal, Nepal is considered the 8th wonder of the world and is a significant tourist hotspot in the global arena.

From towering Himalayas to majestic hills, from deepest valleys to the Terai range, the country is varied with never-before-seen landscapes. The government is a threshold of unique culture, customs, vibrant festivals, and a bold history. Nepal is considered a garden of 4 castes, and 36 subcases have different exposure to tradition, culture, and festivals. As soon as you chip into Tribhuvan International Airport of Nepal, you will explore the cities of the historical Temple in Kathmandu. The proud abode of the seven UNESCO Heritage sites will take you deep roots in Nepal Bhutan Tour packages.

Nepal Bhutan Tour booking agency in Kathmandu

Boundless Adventure is a local tour and trekking company in Kathmandu. We are operating Nepal Bhutan Tour from Kathmandu for 2023 and 2024. Contact us to book Nepal and Bhutan tour in Kathmandu.

Likewise, another proximate destination is Pokhara, a destination that entices millions of visitors across the globe and is a gateway to various trekking circuits like Mount Annapurna, Mount Everest, and Mt. Manaslu. Another destination holds up for us after ascending towards Pokhara, known as upper Mustang, “An ancient Forbidden kingdom,” heftily known as supper landscapes. Similarly, marching towards the fertile land of Terai, the Tour in Nepal includes Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park, a household of 70 unique creatures. Likewise, to seek inner peace, we can explore the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal. Contact us for the Nepal Bhutan tour information and Nepal Bhutan tour Cost, even if you are solo, Family, or small group, for 2023 and 2024.

About a 1-hour flight from Kathmandu, we advance to the last Shangri-La Nation, “Bhutan.” Chattering about Bhutan, the land enduring in the splash of the Himalayas, is extensively known for its profound Buddhist culture. However, the hidden mysteries of the small land are somewhat blurry, unleashing some of those in the Bhutan tour. The tiny kingdom of Bhutan is the only nation in this entire universe that is carbon negative. However, the outer world explored the isolated country tucked in the fierce mountain passes in the late 60s.

Since then, the government has become the center of focus in the eyes of the world. Let us take you glimpses of the Bhutan Tour commencing through Paro valley. Surrounded by peaks and valleys, the Paro International airport is one of the most taxing airports; it lies at an altitude of about 2235 m above sea level.

The Paro Valley encompasses monasteries, temples, and scenic spots. The most inspected location on Bhutan Tour is Tiger’s Nest; the monastery located about 12 km from Paro valley is accessible via 2 hours of mesmerizing trekking journey. Another desirable location to be around is Chele La Pass, which offers a captivating view of the Land of Thunder Dragon.

Similarly, Tamchoe Monastery and Zuri Zong Fort would make our journey worthwhile. After about an hour’s drive from Paro International Airport lies the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. The hustling city of Thimphu is a prime example of a town crafted with hints of modernism and traditionalism. Thus, another intriguing experience is abiding us in the valley of Thimphu. Amongst several attractions, the National post office, the Clock Tower Star, Chari Monasteries, and Buddha Dordenma are essential locations. Similarly, the country enriched in floras and faunas is blanketed with vast wilderness and is protected by strict rules and regulations.

Overall, the Nepal-Bhutan tour is not just a tour; it is a lifetime experience to witness two analogous countries rich in natural beauty and culture along with bold history. If you are prone to Adventure mingled with culture, tours in Bhutan and Nepal are the perfect combo waiting for you. The serene land of Nepal and Bhutan welcomes millions of visitors with warm hospitality. Every second on the ground in Nepal and Bhutan would be worth and we, Boundless Adventure, make sure that you will have the best time of your trip to Nepal and Bhutan.

Best Nepal Bhutan Tour seasons

The best seasons to land in both countries are from March to May and September to December. We, Boundless Adventure, help you cooperate with strict tourism policies in Bhutan and Nepal. Similarly, Boundless Adventure provides all sorts of arrangements for visas as well for a safe and fluent visit to Bhutan and Nepal. If you want full details of the itinerary, cost, and further information about the Nepal-Bhutan tour, contact us on WhatsApp at +977 9851033819 or email us now.

The medieval lands of Nepal and Bhutan have a lot to offer visitors. Thus, we have come up with significant places worth every penny.

The major attraction of the Nepal Bhutan Tour:

1) Kathmandu Nepal Bhutan Tour.
2) Himalayan Region in Nepal Bhutan Tour
3) Chitwan National Park in Nepal Bhutan Tour
4) Pokhara in Nepal Bhutan Tour
5) Lumbini in Nepal Bhutan Tour

 1) Kathmandu Nepal Bhutan Tour:
The city of Temples is the first place you will strike upon as soon as you land in the country. The Kathmandu valley between high hills is the center of 7 world Heritage sites enlisted by UNESCO. The city bestows a unique representation of Nepalese culture and tradition through adept artistic temples, squares, monasteries, stupas, and other outstanding brilliance. The Durbar Square of Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur, which used to host kings earlier in history, is the central location to sneak back into the Nepalese account.

 2) Himalayan Region in Nepal Bhutan Tour:
Our heartbeats with most pride when Nepal is acknowledged as the country of Mount Everest; the tallest peak in the world stands at an altitude of 8848.86m from sea level. The nirvana land is agglomerated with the top eight highest mountains of the world; all those lofty mountains lie at an altitude of about 8000m from sea level. The Snowbladed Mountains and pristine landscapes make Nepal an indispensable destination for trekkers worldwide. Amongst the various trek, the Mount Everest trek, Manaslu trek, and Annapurna trek are supreme adventures that will endure you to the Himalayan footholds of the country.

 3) Chitwan National Park in Nepal Bhutan Tour:
The world Heritage Site Chitwan is located in the central Terai region, about 254km from Kathmandu. The Park has canvased about 952.6 s q km of an area on the brink of Rapti and Narayani Rivers; the vast forest area is the settlement of 68 mammals and 544 birds, 56 species of fauna, and 126 species of fishes. The first National Park of Nepal is recognized for the one-horned rhinoceros, the Royal Bengal Tiger, Gharial Crocodile, and other endangered animals. Besides protecting species, the National Park is noted for recreational activities such as Elephant Back Safari, Jeep Safari, Jungle Walk, and Bird Watching. Similarly, we can be a part of particular practiced Tharu culture in the lowlands of Nepal.

 4) Pokhara in Nepal Bhutan Tour:
The unique destination to millions around the globe is Pokhara. The city, surrounded by lakes, holds an outstanding reputation due to the plethora of desirable locations at the foot of the Himalayas. The ambiance around Pokhara is unmatched. From an eye-catching view of splendid mountains to serene lakes surrounding your shadow, adrenaline-rushing adventures such as paragliding, ultra-light, bungee jumping, and boating will provide an unprecedented experience.

Likewise, in Pokhara and toiling around the lakeside, we can witness animated musical live sessions, street foods, and fancy restaurants with rooftops. Not only this, Pokhara is the gateway to various trekking in the Annapurna conservation area. We highly recommend the Upper Mustang trek, Annapurna Base camp, and the newly open Mardi Himal Base Camp Trekking with Family.

5) Lumbini in Nepal Bhutan Tour:
The peaceful land of Nepal is the Birthplace of Lord Buddha. The Lord Buddha walked his first steps on the holy ground of Lumbini in 623 B.C. The UNESCO Heritage Site has been emblematic of Buddhist culture for ages and is considered the most religious place of the most excellent religion Buddhism. The sacred area includes ancient archeological and modern types of Buddhist arts. The monumental attractions are Maya Devi Temple, where Gautam Buddha spent his childhood, The Sacred Garden, The Ashoka Pillar, The Chinese Buddhist Monastery, and The Lumbini Museum.

Side by side, we can be a part of holy worshipping around all those pilgrimages, including Tilaurakot, while you are traveling in Lumbini.

Bhutan is identical in geography, culture, and diversity

Bhutan is similar to Nepal’s geography, culture, and diversity. The tour of Nepal and Bhutan has more things stored in the charts.

1) Bhutan culture tour in Nepal Bhutan tour
Bhutan is one of the countries in this world whose culture and traditions have not been affected by the touch of modernism. The people diligently preserve their culture and pass it on to upcoming generations. The Buddhist culture and plethora of extrinsic monasteries are the major highlights. Paro Taktsang (Tiger Monastery) is the most peculiar monastery, hidden at the top of hills, and is considered the top picture of Bhutan Tourism. The most limelight location Tiger Monastery is noted not only for its extraordinary architecture.

But will take us to another spiritual world of Buddhist culture. Similarly, Unique Chimi Lhakhang (The Fertility Temple) is another preferable location; The majorly childless couple comes to this place so that they will be blessed with children by the grace of the eccentric Buddhist god Drukpa Kunley. The National Museum of Bhutan is a landmark of traditional and modern craved by Bhutanese people. Likewise, other striking destinations to wrap up in Bhutan tours are Punakha Dzong and Limbukha Dzong

 2) Sightseeing in Nepal Bhutan tour:
The Shangri-La kingdom is known to the outer world for its lofty peaks, majestic fortress, and dense forest. The capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu, settled in the loop of Himalayan territory, has a lot to offer, be it an impenetrable forest structure or the vivid image of Raidak or Chuu River. Thimphu is a perfect example of a city intermixed with old charisma and the latest modern trends. The prominent places to sightsee in Thimphu are Buddha Dordenma, Memorial Chorten, and Clock Tower Square. Similarly, toiling in the streets of Bhutan, we can witness dozens of fortresses (dzongs) that reflect exquisite architectural brilliance.

Another highly decorated destination in Paro valley offers natural charm and cultural background. The city, nestled above 5000m in height, intrigues everyone with its captivating beauty. However, Bhutan is the home of ancient temples and monasteries Bhutan. The most respected temple Jambey Lhakhang is a prominent entity in this valley. In addition, one can witness untouched flora and fauna, dense forests, and vast wildlife in the national parks and reserves.

3) Hiking in Bhutan tour:
Besides culture and sightseeing, Bhutan is exclusively known for its unique hiking trails. Bhutan is a prominent name in the world of hiking. The location is suitable for people with immense experience and neophyte people. Hiking on the threshold of hills through surreal landscapes provides a peculiar experience for everyone. Even visiting some of the monasteries requires a short and simple hike. Ascending towards the Tiger Nest, various fortresses, Chimi Lakhang, and various viewpoints will take an odd hour to hike. The Nepal Bhutan Tour season lasts from March to May and October to September.

Itinerary of Nepal Bhutan Tour

We, Boundless Adventure, have made the following arrangements for the Nepal-Bhutan tour but if you want to customize it as per your schedule, feel free to get in touch with us now. We will rearrange the best itinerary according to your interest in the Nepal-Bhutan tour.

However, The Bhutan and Nepal tour is 12 days easy tour trail from Kathmandu, Nepal. Usually, the trip starts by plane and Car during the journey. Traveling to Bhutan is very famous during the Spring season and Autumn. You’ll reach 3980 Meters from sea level. Similarly, Breakfast, ground transportation, and accommodations are included on tours in Nepal and Bhutan.

Day:01 Pick up and drop off in Hotel.
Car 20 minutes
Overnight Kathmandu

Welcome to the land of adventures, Nepal. Our representative will meet you and escorts you to your hotel by our vehicle. After some refreshments, you get brief details about things to do the next day even though you know already.

Arrival board of Boundless Adventure
Arrival board of Boundless Adventure Nepal

Note: You can quickly access Nepali Phone SIM cards and money exchanges at the international airport of Nepal.

Day:02 Kathmandu Sightseeing
Car 6 hours
Overnight Kathmandu
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

The 2nd day is majorly targeted to exploring the riches of the ancient city of Kathmandu valley. After having breakfast, we head towards Kathmandu Durbar Square, the palace which used to be the home of the ancient kings of Nepal. Then after exploring that old monumental brilliance, we march towards the holiest Hindu temple, Pashupatinath temple. There we spend 2 to 3 odd hours viewing the shrines, statues, and temples related to gods and goddesses of Hinduism culture. Then we end our day on a high note by visiting the Bouddhanath Stupa. We forget all the tiredness of our day in the serene stupa of Bouddhanath and head towards our hotel in Kathmandu.

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square Image
Day:03 Flight to Mount Everest (options)
Helicopter 4 Hours
Overnight Kathmandu
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

The 3rd day will be remembered as the most exciting day of your life; let’s get up for some adrenaline rush because it’s time for the biggest adventure of your lifetime, it’s time for Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

The flight to Everest can be accomplished in two ways, either by plane or by helicopter; however, we can cover a time of one hour in a round trip by plane. If you fly by helicopter, it will be four hours round trip from Kathmandu. Either way, we should reach the domestic airport one hour earlier than the flight schedule.

After exploring, you will have breakfast in the Hotel. You will have a free day.

Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour
Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour in Nepal
Day:04 Fly to Paro, Drive to Thimphu.
Flight 1 hour
Overnight Thimphu
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

We have breakfast in the Hotel and advance for the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan. The journey from Kathmandu to Paro International Airport is considered a thriller roller coaster. After landing in one of the scariest airports, our employee meets you and accompanies you to Thimphu, about an hour’s drive from Paro. The beautiful afternoon is planned for the visit of The Tashicho dzong, the Memorial Chorten, and the cultural city of Thimphu. We visit the Memorial Chorten at dusk and stay overnight at the Hotel.

Nepal Bhutan Tour image
Nepal Bhutan Tour image, Kathmandu
Day:05 Thimphu Sight Seeing
Car 5 Hours
Overnight Thimphu
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

The capital city of Bhutan is a mediocre city in terms of population, but in terms of cultural and historical treasures, none could match the city. The capital has a lot to offer the visitors, even walking and toiling around the streets would be a fascinating experience.

Early in the morning, you can take a walk (through our guidance as well) to The Memorial Chorten, where a lot of people gather around majorly for prayers and some for-fitness purposes.

The afternoon arrives with bright hopes in the Land of Thimphu. We step towards Zilukha Nunnery and the Changangkha Temple. Then a short trip to a paper factory is scheduled for later in the day. We stay overnight at a hotel in Thimphu.

Thimpu Bhutan sightseeing
Thimpu Bhutan sightseeing
Day:06 Thimphu to Trongsa
Car 6 hours
Overnight Trongsa
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

Another proximate destination is waiting for us in the hills of Bhutan. Early in the morning, we set up for Punakha, the previous capital city of Bhutan. The journey is full of adventures and spellbinding stoppages. Ascending towards the altitude of 3000 m, we reach Dochu-La Pass, which is influential for the broader vision of the tallest mountain of Bhutan, Gangkar Punsam, and other Easter Himalayan ranges.

Later we move through diverge road via naturally dense forest towards the riches of Punakha valley. The city of Wangdiphodrang welcomes us, and we spend some time visiting the sleeping bull, another fortress in the valley. Afterward, we escalate towards the Pele Last Pass, which lies at an elevation of about 3500 m; here, we notice the mesmerizing views of lofty peaks in white snow. Then the lunch for the day is waiting for us in the Chedebji Chorten stupa. Once we arrive at Trongsa, we inspect one of the ancient dzongs of Bhutan named Trongsa Dzong. Finally, the day is off, and we schedule our stay in the hotel. It will take (6-7 hours)

Trongsa,Bhutan Tour
Trongsa, Bhutan Tour Image
Day:07 Trongsa to Bumthang
Car 2.5 hours
Overnight Bumthang
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

Another beautiful day is waiting for us in the valleys of Bhutan. Today, we embark on our travel towards the Yotang La Pass after breakfast, and we slide down into the Chumey valley. The initial valley of Bumthang is the least in density, with a minimum number of households and people. The main things to do here are to tour the royal palace and take a short, simple hike up to the Prakar Monastery. Similarly, another noticeable element is the Yathra Weaving Centre, where colorful textiles are manufactured. It is 2 hours & 30 minutes in total.

Then we move towards the pivotal location of Bumthang valley, Jhankar. Likewise, the afternoon visit is scheduled for Dzong, Kurjey Temple, Tamshing Temple, and the most respected Jhambhey Lhakhang. Alongside this, we can visit the fruit and beer factory if allowed.

Bhumthang Valley: The valley of Bhumthang is the most fertile land in the whole of Bhutan, and the valley holds a significant history in terms of culture and religion. Thus, the valley abides by countries with the deepest secrets.

Bhumthang Valleyin Bhutan
Travel in Bhumthang Valley
Day:08 Bhumthang sightseeing and drive to Punakha
Car 6 hours
Overnight Punakha
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

Like every other day, we wander for another adventurous journey in the valley of Bhumthang. After a sweet breakfast, we exploit Punakha Dzong at our suitable time. Then we start a short hike towards the holy temple of Chimi Lakhang. Afterward, the journey is set for Punakha.

Chimi Lakhang: Unlike other temples in Bhutan, Chimi Lakhang is the most unusual one. The monastery, graced by the frantic Buddhist leader Drukpa Kunley is also known as the Fertility Temple. Even the temple structure is pretty strange; many penises surround it.

The location lies about 10 kilometers from the Punakha valley, and we reach a small village named Sopsokha. The path above brings our eyes another joy through agricultural settlements, and after about half an hour, we step foot into the holy monastery.

Punakha, Bhutan Tour
Punakha, Bhutan Tour
Day:09 Journey Punakha to Paro
Car 5 hours
Overnight Paro
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

Let’s get ready for some highway journey on the hilltops of Bhutan. Marching west of Punakha valley via Dochula Pass, another adventure is kicked off for the day. This time the experience leads us to the twisted roads alongside the astounding sight of the Himalayas Region. After several sit-downs, we again drive continuously and reached Paro in the afternoon. The Paro is 2200 Meters from Sea level.

After some refreshments, we will sightsee some proximate destinations at your convenience. The national museum and the Rinpung Dzong are the ones we have chosen to tour. Our stay is scheduled in the hotel of Paro.

Paro sightseeing Bhutan
Paro sightseeing in Bhutan
Day:10 Sightseeing in Paro
Car 5 hours
Overnight Paro
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

Another beautiful day is waiting for us in the magnificent city of Paro. The final day of visiting the city of Bhutan is full of intriguing experiences. After having breakfast, we move towards the Tiger Nest (Taktsang). Tiger Nest is one of the most profound locations in Bhutan, the monastery residing at the top of the hill would take us to the deep roots of Buddhist culture via hiking.

For the afternoon, we also allocated time to tour National Museum. If we are allowed, we will have a glance at the Thangka Painting as well. The day is off today, and we are staying at the hotel for the last time in Bhutan. Pack your stuff and be prepared for the flight tomorrow.

Paro sightseeing Bhutan
Paro sightseeing in Bhutan
Day:11 Flight back to Kathmandu.
Flight 1 hours
Overnight Kathmandu
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

After breakfast, we arrive at Paro international airport, and it’s time to say goodbye to the land of Bhutan. Passing through captivating mountains and enjoying those views, we collect a lifelong memory and land at the Tribhuwan International Airport of Nepal.

One of us will pick you up from the International airport and drive you to Hotel. You will be accessible during the day in Kathmandu.

Tribhuvan International Airport
Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu
Day:12 Departure/onwards

Have a warm breakfast in Hotel in Kathmandu and Departure to the international airport by car/van/Bus. If you are flying late evening from Kathmandu, please let us know; the Check-Out time is Noon.

Still, if you have enough time in Nepal, you may go short trekking in Annapurna or the Birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini.


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Most Asked Questions by Travellers

The combined Nepal-Bhutan tour packages cost depended on the size of the group, Visa and was subject to the validity of  Flight tickets from Kathmandu to Paro and Kathmandu.

The Nepal and Bhutan tour is flexible; you may travel solo with women and solo men. However, there are not fixable for travel. You may join the group as you’re comfortable.

Bhutan is a small country in the world, but it has scenic scenery and Buddhist culture. Similarly, From March to June and September to December is the best season to travel.

There are four stars and five stars Accommodations in Bhutan. However, it depends on your budget.

Bhutan is very famous for Buddhism, which is why Bhutan is very famous for Buddhist tourism.

Bhutan is another Buddhist Country in the world, and here is not allowed any types of smoke in public areas.

Your local agency, Boundless Adventure, will take care of your Bhutan travel visa according to your country.

Regarding the cost of the Bhutan tour, Better to Contact your tour operator in Nepal. They are very experienced with it and will let you know more details including the cost and plane tickets.

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