Trekking Information

Trekking Information

Nepal is small country in the world but here are different adventure activities among of Trekking trail, hiking trails and tours. Similarly, here is some of most important informatation.

A-How long do we walk every days?

=Depending on your waking / hiking speed, normally between four to six hours every day, including lunch  and short break along the way.

B-How is hiking trails?

=The trail leading you through the forest up to 4200 miters, easy to breath. From over 4200 Miters will not any forest. According to itinerary from Day 2, 4 and 6 are bit climbing (challenging) but rest of days are gradually / genteelly up and slide down. Some time, there will be snow from day 4. (Tyangbouche)

C-Drinking water is available?

=Yes, Mineral water and boiled water available every teahouse/ guest house along the trekking trail. You can take chlorine, filter and iodine with you. Our guide will help you to get water for filer.

D-Where do we eat meal?

=Breakfast and Dinner at the same hotel where you staying at night, But Lunch will be on the way. There will be continental meals, Local food made by potatoes, Pasta and Noodles are available.

E= How much money shall we bring with us?

=Boundless Adventure cover on full board packages every day from Kathmandu to Everest base camp and back to Kathmandu. (Accommodatation, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast with tea)

You can have small amount of money for your bottle of water, Denotation, Tips and if you would like to buy some souvenirs and cola, US$ 20/- per day/ per person is logical.

F-Does ATM and Visa card is acceptable on trekking?

ATM= people withdraw by ATM at Lukla and Namche Bazaar even though get some amount of money every times. But rest of area has unable to get ATM because; rest of area has no bank.

Master and visa cards= Master and visa cards are acceptable at Lukla, Namche, tyangbuche, Dingbouche, Lobuche and Goreshkep. But some of area has poor exchange rates and huge tax. People can use then for emergency case only.

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