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We save Nature, and Nature keeps us

1 Executive summary

Boundless Adventure Nepal is a leading Outbound and inbound tour and trekking company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are organizing an outbound tour to Tibet and Bhutan. Similarly, We operate several trekking and expedition trips in the Mount Everest region, Sagarmatha National Park, Annapurna region, Langtang region, and Restricted areas of Nepal. The location of Boundless Adventure is P885+79 Kathmandu on Google.

Of course, Boundless Adventure Nepal arranges culture tour activities, paragliding and ultra-light, and pilgrimage tours to explore Nepal’s ancient heritage. It is always aware of ecological and environmental preservation. Sustainable tourism is our objective. Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan tour packages are adventures and dedicated to responsible tourism.

Boundless Adventure Nepal generally provides accommodations from 3* – 5* hotels in urban areas like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan, wherever available, but there will be standard twin-sharing rooms during the trekking. The local lodges are eco-friendly, use less carbonated materials, recycle their waste, and always use local products.

The Boundless Adventure Nepal Company works with an extensive network and various facilities to provide incredible experiences to our guests. Along with the package trip to Nepal, our mission is to contribute to the local community by building the foundations. A certain percentage of the profit amount goes for charity works; travellers make their journey charitable simultaneously.

Through our links with several service providers like travel companies, hotels, and best guides, we offer our clients top-rated service and holiday action in Nepal. We move with a perfect plan to satisfy the customers with our high-quality services. We keep in touch with every valuable client about the targeted destinations and the attractions before going on the trip. We inform them about the moral values and customs in the respective areas. Travellers can communicate with the local people during their journeys.

Boundless Adventure Nepal
Boundless Adventure Nepal

2-Boundless Adventure Nepal’s Business Idea

Boundless Adventure organizes guided tours and shares ecology and global warming information with our affiliated agencies. Frequently, we combine people from different social sectors and make a nature trip to show the realities of the rustic lifestyle and their need for education for nature and culture preservation. On such trips, we offer them how we coordinate with the local community for our charity project.

Basic information Boundless Adventure trekking Nepal

The Boundless Adventure trekking Nepal company is located in the center of the tourist place- Thamel. But it also operates several tours and trekking packages in Tibet and the Kingdom of Thunder- Bhutan. Our extensive network of trekking and tour companies

Contribute to the frequent trips inside and outside Nepal. To learn more about us and our activities, please visit us at

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The mission of the Boundless Adventure Company

Boundless Adventure organizes trekking, climbing, and exploring trips in a new model. The company allows its guides and staff to develop their skills and be involved in nature trips. It is a good balance between our trip packages and social charity. The company sends teams to global warming seminars, training campaigns, and meetings. They share and get others’ experiences about eco-friendly tours and trekking activities in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

They also discuss eliminating the use of non-disposable materials and promoting clean campaigns. We have been conducting cleanup campaigns on several trekking trails, such as the Annapurna circuit, Everest Base Camp, and Manaslu. We will be continuing it in the upcoming days, too.

Our ecological mission starts with our working fields. The things that we use during the trips are quality maintenance and produce less pollution. We always discourage our guests from using imported and tin food items and enhance the use of local and organic products. We decrease deforestation by consuming less firewood during our trip to the Himalayan region.

In Nepal, deforestation has become a major social problem; still, more than two-thirds of the population depend on firewood for their livelihood practices.

3-The vision of the Boundless Adventure Company

Our company’s vision is to become one of the best trekking companies in Nepal, which deals not only with corporate business but also with social charity and contributes to the homeless children to school and helpless older adults to get good shelter. We want to link the helping hands and needed people and organizations. Some of our clients are interested in donating to such people and children, and we lead them to such places and contribute as much as we can.

By incorporating tourism, we emphasize caring for the World we live in and preserving natural resources. Nepali society is a melting pot of various indigenous cultures and religions. So, we always focus on its preservation and spreading its popularity all over the World.

The Worth of the Boundless Adventure Company

Boundless Adventure Company will cooperate with companies working to preserve natural resources and the environment, promoting local customs, culture, and consciousness about global warming. We want to tell our clients how we contribute to the World through our corporate business of Himalayan trekking, climbing high peaks, and tour actions. We want to assure them that our trips won’t destroy the natural resources or get in the way of the cultural norms and values of the respected communities. The foods we provide during the journey are locally produced organic items.

Boundless Adventure  Nepal is aware of maintaining the mutual relationship between Nature, tour members, and the people of local society. A motto guides us: “We are saved by nature and will save nature.” Most of the trekking routes have Rivers and Streams on their trail. If the water becomes polluted by the trekking staff and clients, it directly affects the local community and even the trekkers.

So, knowing about the need for an ecological trip is essential. After succeeding in the nature trips, the company hands over a certificate for a successful journey. Our guided tours and trekking packages lead you to the ground of natural and cultural prosperity. If you wish to participate in local programs or ritual performances, our nature guides will provide this opportunity in coordination with the local community. Of course, it will add a unique and fabulous experience during your memorable trip.

4-History of Boundless Adventure Company Nepal

Boundless Adventure Company was established by an expert in trekking and tour activities in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan in coordination with several other field expert members. Mr. Dambar Khadka, MD of Boundless Adventure Company, has tremendous experience in Nature, culture, geography, trails, visiting areas, local customs, the difficulties of the trip, and its customization. Mostly, he is busy finding new features for the travellers and aware of the client’s satisfaction. After gaining such vast experience in 1992, he operated his own company with field experts.

The company is linked with hotels like Yak, Yeti, and Annapurna Hotel. Shangri-La Hotel, Malla Hotel, and many more in several trip destinations. It has employed several field staff and tour leaders. Starting with a small space and three countries as trip destinations, the company plans to expand the attractive destinations in several other countries.

5-Services of the Boundless Adventure Company Nepal

The Boundless Adventure Company offers several different trekking and tour packages in Nepal, Tibet tour, and Bhutan Tour. They include trips exploring the Himalayan panoramas, cultural prosperities, and wildlife excursions. They are guided by government-authorized time and trekking guides. Our Services are:

Trekking in the Himalayas

Boundless Adventure Nepal organizes trekking in the untouched Himalayan valleys, rugged landscapes, and ethnic communities in Nepal. It has thousands of famous Mountain Peaks and mystic societies in the ranges, including Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the World (8848m), Annapurna range, Langtang, Manaslu range, Upper Mustang, and so many hidden valleys, Kanchanjunga and Dolpa as well.

The attractions of the Everest trekking area include the Everest Himalayan range, frozen Lakes, glaciers, high Himalayan Sherpa lifestyles, Buddhist culture, monasteries, flora and fauna in the Sagarmatha National Park, and breathtaking landscape.

Annapurna trekking offers beautiful views of the Annapurna Himalayan range and ethnic groups’ settlements, such as the Gurung, Magar, and Chetri. However,  flora and fauna in the Annapurna conservation area, the deepest gorge in the World- Kaligandaki, the highest pass in the World- Thorung La (5416m), Hindu and Buddhists’ sacred pilgrimage place- Muktinath, and the forbidden Kingdom- Upper Mustang trekking and Jeep tours.

We have recently arranged a helicopter tour of the Upper Mustang trekking area from Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Langtang trekking offers beautiful views of the Langtang Valley, Langtang Himalayan range, Langtang glacier, Kyanjin Gompa, Tamang heritage, traditional culture, flora, and fauna in the Langtang National Park. You can have the opportunity to explore the hidden landscape of the Manaslu conservation area, Tsum Valley, and Himalayan flora and fauna. We apply safety measures and acclimatization during the trekking in the High Himalayas in Nepal.

Boundless Adventure Nepal’sTours

We operate various types of Nepal tour packages. They include village tours, world heritage site tours, Jungle safari tours, Buddhist culture tours, nature tours, helicopter tours, sightseeing tours, Nepal adventure tours, Honeymoon tours, Paragliding tours, Muslim tours, and Pilgrimage tours.

Boundless Adventure Nepal’s Peak Climbing

Nepal has thousands of snow-capped peaks, so adventure peak-climbing trips are trendy. We are authorized to operate these outdoor adventure sports on the peaks of Yala Peak, Island Peak, Mera Peak, and Lobuche Peak.

Boundless Adventure Nepal’s Hiking area.

Boundless Adventure, a Nepal Hiking package, is based on a single day on a multi-day trip. We want to take our clients to places where they can enjoy natural sceneries, Mountain views, green hills, and cultural heritages. It is similar to trekking, but this wouldn’t go to a high altitude. The trip leads you up to 3200M. Like Chisapani, Nagarkot is the nearby Kathmandu valley. Also, we do arrange out of Kathmandu valley, like Ghorepani, Sarangkot, and Naudanda, near the Pokhara.

Tibet Tour and Trekking

Our tours and trekking packages are not limited to Nepal; we also operate travel activities outbound, such as the Tibet Tour and Bhutan Tour. Tibet tour includes the outstanding landscape of this Himalayan land in the Himalayan rain shadow area. It is the land of the Dalai Lama. Tibet is very famous for its centuries-old history and heritage. Buddhist civilizations are something to see on the one hand, and Hindu pilgrimage places such as Mansarovar and Kailash are on the other. Bhutan is also very famous for Tiger nest tours.

Bhutan Tour and Trekking

Bhutan is the land of the Thunder Dragon. It is a paradise of Buddhist culture and civilizations. The Bhutan tour and trekking package lead you to several monasteries, Dzongs, museums, and ethnic communities. The cultures and natural beauties are lovely by the Bhutanese government. We organize Tibet and Bhutan trips in coordination with local companies.

6-Reliability Boundless Adventure Nepal.

Boundless Adventure is a reliable trekking company that has organized several different trekking and tour packages for clients from several countries of the World. Mr Dambar Khadka, managing director of this company, has led trekkers in the Himalayas from 1992 A.D till 2008 a guide from a trekking company,  from 2008 to 2010 had been working as a freelancer guide and decided to have his own company. You can even see the reviews on the trip advisor about us and how the clients felt about the trip. This shows the company’s strong credibility. The company’s involvement in social responsibilities and welfare projects adds more reliability.


Our clients are from Asia, Europe, Australia, America, and other continents. Our clients are growing from the recommendations of those who have already trusted us. ( Mouth to Mouth)  We are also updating information about the trips and the new routes, which many people like, and we are getting inquiries from them, according to their time and holidays.

How is Boundless Adventure Company different from others?

The Boundless Adventure Company is becoming a different trekking company in Nepal. It has got a vast experience tour and trekking guides and eco-friendly management. On the one hand, it does professional trekking activities by preserving Nature and culture; on the other, it involves socially responsible tasks and charity work. They go side by side. When our clients trek with us, they contribute to the poor children and people simultaneously because some of our benefits go to charity social works. We provide our best service at a reasonable cost to every client and are happy to do social work.

Location Company   (Boundless Adventure (p) Ltd) 

Boundless Adventure is a Paknajol, Thamel based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Because Thamel is a tourist hub in Kathmandu, our clients can visit the office from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. But we are available in connection and can also reach out to them for help if needed at night. You can contact us on WhatsApp, Viber, and IMO at the following number: +977-9851033819; it is a Mobile Number as well.

8-Certificate of  (Boundless Adventure Nepal (p) Ltd) 

Our company has been associated with many agencies and organizations for authorized treks and tour operations. We are legally certified by the government of Nepal, the Nepal Mountain Association (NMA), the Trekking Agency’s Association of Nepal (TAAN), and the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB). The organizations we are associated with are the umbrella organizations of all the companies working in the tourism industry.

We look forward to cooperating with more organizations with a motto to preserve Nature and culture, like the Kathmandu Education Environmental Protection (KEEP).

How Promotion is Boundless Adventure Nepal

Our company has applied various marketing strategies and will continue to do so in the future. We use the direct marketing policy for company promotion, such as advertisements in the newspapers, television, brochures, visiting cards, public communications, and foreign marketing policies. For this, we will participate in travel fairs and festivals in the future.

The permanent website of Boundless Adventure Nepal.

The official Web page is The website is made according to our boundless mission in the Himalayas and tour packages throughout Nepal,  Lhasa, Tibet, and Bhutan. Also, it refers to our features of hotel booking, ticketing, safari tours, and adventure sports. The booking can be made through the website or by emailing us, which has been mentioned. You can contact us directly if you have more inquiries about any trip.

The videos of our mountain journeys and tour activities are readily available on YouTube. Visitors, trekkers, and climbers can see and feel the adventure experiences with us.

You can also read our recommendations on the World’s most prominent media, TripAdvisors, and our websites. On our Facebook page, we are constantly updating the new features and the nature of our travel activities.

Logo of Boundless Adventure Nepal.

Boundless Adventure Logo
Boundless Adventure Logo

The company has a unique logo. It is combined with the rising of the sun on the mountain. The sun signifies supreme passion, and the hill is the highest part of the World. The blue logo refers to the tranquil Nature of the Himalayan peaks. Although it is located at the supreme level of the earth, it is calm and always smiling, which welcomes visitors and climbers to experience feelings of Adventure.

Conclusion of Boundless Adventure Nepal.

Through Boundless Adventure Nepal’s dedication to corporate business, public charity projects, and environmental protection campaigns, we are moving towards being one of Nepal’s best travel and trek operators. We know it is a challenging thing to do from every perspective, like the economy and public relations, but we are guided by our aim to be a leading tour and trek operator.

Global warming and sustainable tourism will be more challenging fields for us. But we will move forward by cooperating with environmental organizations and local people. We play a significant role in managing responsible trekking and tour packages and contributing to the national policy to preserve the culture and the environment.

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