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Bhutan Tours

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Bhutan Tours are the striking Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The Bhutan Tours are the mystic country dotted with deep valleys and dzong (fortress) on the edge of wobbly peaks. Being isolated from modernity and technological innovations, the country has amazingly managed to stay guided with spiritual principles. The country was forgotten by the world for a long time, but it has become an avoidable travel destination for the magnificent holiday. Bhutan tours have got diversity; however, the cultural part is immensely spectacular. Similarly, We are providing Bhutan tours from Kathmandu for every nationality, like Bhutan tours from Canada, Bhutan tours from the USA, Bhutan tours from China, Adventure Bhutan tours from Malaysia, Bhutan tours from Australia and Thailand. Let us know whenever you decide to travel for 2022 and 2023.

The best-customized tours in Bhutan are plan begin in Nepal. Boundless Adventure organizes the Bhutan tours and  Bhutan trekking to explore the rewarding natural and cultural vistas in the hilly territory of the Bhutanese Kingdom. Sandwiched between China in the eastern part and India to another corner, Bhutan’s traditional culture is firmly protected and visitors cautiously regulated. Bhutan tours offer the delighting experience of Buddhist ascetics, mystic mountains, and a traditional life that still follows the spiritual way. The level of happiness soars up with the charm in the faces of Bhutanese people. So, the trip to Bhutan exhibits the hidden gems that were hidden for centuries that remained forgotten by the rest of the world. Thus, the country is also known as the last Shangri-La, which is an attractive destination for holiday seekers.

The Paro airport (2235 meters) of Bhutan unlocks the mysteries of the never-ending Himalayas, picturesque valleys, and cultural lifestyles. The capital of Bhutan- Thimpu is a cultural center with distinct heritage sites, monasteries, shortens, and temples. Mainly, the Buddhist cultural sites prevail around the country as Buddhism is the main cultural part of the country. The biggest stupa in Bhutan in Kuensencholing viewpoint, the memorial Chorten built-in 1974, the fortress of glorious religion- Tassicho Dzong are incredibly popular in the capital city of Bhutan. Moreover, the 800 meters sheer cliff of Takshang Monastery (Tigers’ Nest) connects the history of Guru Padmashamvaba. Visiting the local farmhouse is an opportunity to explore the local way of husbandry profession, food, and milk production. Likewise, the climatic variations in the land of Druk Yul include five significant seasons- spring, autumn, winter, summer, and monsoon.

The landscape ranges from the subtropical territory to the temperate in the highlands. So, the best seasons to book a trip to Bhutan are spring and autumn along with summer. Boundless Adventure operates Bhutan tour packages along with adventure hiking trips from Nepal. We manage the required paper works, flights, and accommodations required for the tours in Bhutan with professional guides. For more detailed information, please, check out the tour packages and feel free to contact us and customize the Bhutan tour itinerary.

Adventure Bhutan Tours

Adventure tour in Bhutan is a landlocked country in South Asia; the main features of the Adventure tour in Bhutan have many different historical and cultural places. It has china at the eastern end of the Himalayas border and India to the other corners i.e. to the south, east and west. Bhutan tours were famous for cultural and historical tours also. There is western, eastern, and central Bhutan. Bhutan is known as the last Shangri-La in the world which is a combo of harmony and incredible landscapes of beauty. Boundless Adventure offers Bhutan Tours every year of autumn, spring, summer, and winter.  Boundless Adventure provides the best travel document regarding the trip cost/price, itinerary, guide, visa, Plane tickets, and tour permit details for 2022, 2023, contact us now by WhatsApp at+977 9851033819 and email now.

Adventure tour in Bhutan provides you the opportunity to explore the beauty, view of the never-ending Himalayas, beautiful valleys, waterfalls, tradition, lifestyle, and culture of the people that will mesmerize your heart in such a way that it will be your lifetime memory. Bhutan tours are cradled in the folds of the Himalayas with varieties of floras and faunas in between dazzling white peaks and mesmerizing beauty of the valleys. We can visit monasteries, temples, dazzling Himalayas and admire the mountains.

Bhutan tours are commencing from our capital Kathmandu to Paro, visiting several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here we will visit the main ingredients of the tour; they are Paro Taktsang Lhakhang, Tashichho Dzong, and Dorchu La Pass. It is rich in culture, history intermingled with religion and myth, and a political system based on Gross National Happiness. Visiting Thimpu also we will explore its colorful weekend, markets, museums, and National Memorial Chorten. Bhutan is improving quickly with its best effort to move gradually, maintaining its Buddhist culture and environment. Bhutan’s climate changes significantly. The best season for Bhutan tours is September – November as few rainfalls we will get a clear view. March-May. Boundless Adventure is always matching you with the best time to go with the most experienced guides and special accommodation. We will put you in front of remarkable scenes for Bhutan tours.

Best seasons in Bhutan tours

Adventure in Bhutan special offers you every season, from March, April, May, Jun, July, October, and November of the years 2022 and 2023. We are always ready to provide you Adventure with Bhutan details of Adventure in Bhutan cost, Adventure in Bhutan Itinerary, Adventure in Bhutan guide, Adventure in Bhutan visa, Adventure in Bhutan permits, and Adventure in Bhutan flight tickets for 2022 and 2023 let us know by e-mail or WhatsApp at +977 9851033819 now.

Trekking in Bhutan has a rugged landscape, Snowy peaks and glaciers in the north, super of the Himalayan peaks in the center, and heavily forested. Bhutan has some best scenery, a rich Buddhist culture, and panoramic views of the mountain range, which makes it the best trekking place. Besides multi-treks which can be done, there are beautiful opportunities for day hikes around Thimpu, Paro, and many other renowned places.

Adventure Bhutan gives you an additional conventional opportunity to investigate the semi-tropical and snow-capped woods at the lower height, which is an environment with an abundance of fledgling life, vegetation. A portion of the well-known trekking and climbing courses in Bhutan is Gangtey trek, Druk way trek, Bumthum social trek, Chomolhari, Mountain goddess trek, Masagang trek, and southeast face trek. The force and magnificence of the mountains are greater by walking than from any vehicle and experience will be unparalleled. Trekking In Bhutan is obviously low-elevation treks that open up amid the winter.

Bhutan tours have long maintained a policy of isolationism both culturally and economically.  Whichever route you take whether a 2-night trek or walk for 3 days around the Haa valley from Thimpu to Paro. Or an 8-day trek to the base of MT Chomolhari, as per your time convenience you will enjoy it. Adventure in Bhutan is a way to inspire you for the wilderness of the mystical land, remote and traditional villages. Boundless Adventure has been organizing Bhutan tours for many decades. Contact us for more details today.