Restricted Area Trekking

Restricted Area Trekking

Overview of Restricted Area Trekking

Nepal Restricted Area Trekking broadens the general understanding of adventure and opens the hidden gem of Nepal. These regions are well preserved thus the authority restricts trek just like the trekkers enjoy their excursions in other parts. Restricted regions are not forbidden, but trekkers need to obtain special permits with various conditions. Often these regions are remotely located, geographically arduous but offer enchanting experiences with the beauties around. Most of the border parts of the restricted region connect Tibetan highlands.

The Restricted Area Trekking Nepal welcomes few trekkers requiring various documents through the registered trekking agency of Nepal. There are various restricted area trekking parts in Nepal, which include Upper Mustang Region, Dolpo Region, Manaslu Region, Nar Phu Valley in Manang, Tsum Valley, and Kanchenjunga Region. These are most selected and popular among adventure lovers to explore the biological diversities, hidden Lakes, landscape, and endangered culture and lifestyles.

Furthermore, restricted areas trekking is quite highly rated and requires permits that charge a lot with variations according to different regions. To set an example, the Upper Mustang entry permit costs 500 USD per person for the first ten days and should comprise at least two individuals, either for trekking or tours. After 10 days, if the individual will continue, then USD 50 per day is charged. The rates vary according to the region. The permits are issued by the department of immigration- Kathmandu after completing all the procedures, depositing the specified amount, and showing the original passport.

At the current time, Manaslu Circuit Trekking in the Manaslu region is the most popular excursion, where the Restricted Area Trekking enjoys their adventure experience combined with the diversity of the Manaslu Conservation Area Project. (MCAP) The trek includes a challenging high pass, called Larke La Pass (5165 meters), and leads you through the Tibetan Buddhist populated land which offers amazing spiritual vibes. The permit costs USD 70 per person per week from September to November and USD 50 per person from December to August. On the other hand, the Tsum valley region permit costs USD 35 for the first 8 days from September to November and 25 USD from December to August.

Likewise, The Restricted Area Trekking,  Upper Mustang Trekking is another magnificent trip in the restricted zone of Nepal. With the destiny of Lo-Manthang, a stone-walled town, trekkers pass through the culturally impressive village with white-washed houses. Lo-Manthang is the forbidden Himalayan Kingdom, which holds various antique sand caves, monasteries and shortens. Some of the festivals like the Tiji festival in Lo-Manthang are globally renowned.

Dolpo Restricted Area Trekking surpasses your imagination with the brilliant sceneries, Lake, high pass, and nomadic lifestyles. The Phoksundo Lake solely is enough to introduce how beautiful is the entire region. Erik Valley has shot his widely renowned film “Himalaya Caravan” in the hilly terrain of the Dolpo region, depicting the scene of hunting caterpillar Fungus (Yarsagumba). There are various hidden Tibetan Buddhist settlements and Bon Po culture influenced people. But the high passes are really something to enjoy in the adventure bucket list. The permit costs 500 USD for the first 10 days and USD 50 per day after that.

The hidden paradise of (Restricted Area Trekking)  the Nar Phu valley is located in Manang district, which is a rewarding destination. Trekkers who love to walk in the isolated trails where the thrilling soul can roam around prefer this trail. Located at the bosom of the Himalayas, Nar Phu valley preserves the nomadic lifestyle, traditions, and culture. The permit costs 90 USD per person per week from September to November and USD 75 from December to August.

Throughout the restricted Area Trekking trails, you walk passing the Tibetan Buddhist-influenced communities. The fluttering prayer flags often spread the mantras and good vibes that positively influence the trekkers. Taking side trips to some of the antique and historically significant monasteries, you will be blessed dramatically. Monasteries and historical caves in Upper Mustang, antique monasteries and shortens in Manaslu and Tsum valley region, hidden Tibetan Buddhist and Bon Po settlements along with Himalayan monasteries in the Dolpo region represent how impressive are the restricted zones of Nepal in terms of culture.

There are numerous options for Restricted Area Trekking zones as some of them are located in the Himalayan rain shadow area. Upper Mustang trekking and trekking in the Dolpo region can be done well even in monsoon, which falls in the less rain falling zone. Besides them, spring and autumn are the best trekking seasons for the clear views, best weather, perfect Himalayan sceneries, and warmer days.

In addition, for  Restricted Area Trekking your physical fitness level should be alright as the trekking trails in the restricted region are pretty much arduous with rocky terrain and almost all of them include high pass adventure, which may consist of the snowy routes, especially around winter. To acclimatize, rest and hiking around is highly recommended.

The diversities range from greenery woods, rhododendron, and pine forests to the alpine meadows and rugged landscape. Snow leopard, Monal, Ghorals, Monkey, Cheetah, and other animals are found mostly throughout the Restricted Areas Trekking of Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, and Dolpo.

Conditions for the restricted area trekking

  • Individual trekking in restricted areas is strictly prohibited.
  • Trekkers should respect the local culture and customs, where they should not overtake the rules of authority
  • Restricted area trekking permit is issued through the Nepal government registered trekking companies in Nepal by completing all the required documents. So, the staff of the company should have insurance.
  • The trekking or touring routes should not be changed once they have been explained while obtaining the permit.
  • Collaborating with the highly professional team of Boundless Adventure, you can have confident treks in the restricted regions of Nepal. We manage all the required permits; arrange transportations back and forth, trekking guides and porters along the best adventure and safety measures. Want to know more and save your adventure, feel free to contact us in advance.
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