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Trip Duration

2 hours

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Helicopter Tour

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Best Seasons

Spring and Autumn







Langtang Helicopter Tour Highlight

  • Langtang Helicopter tour flies over the ethnic Tamang settlements.
  • Panoramic views of Langtang Himal and Manaslu.
  • Amazing views Himalayan by helicopter tour.
  • 45 minutes to get to Langtang from Kathmandu by Helicopter
  • 1-hour ground landing time in Kyanging.
  • Five people can travel together in one Helicopter.

Overview of Langtang Helicopter Tour

Langtang Helicopter Tour is a tremendous Himalayan region of the Langtang National Park, north of Kathmandu. It spread up to the Tibetan border.

Helicopter tour in the Langtang region covers several of the highest mountain peaks (Langtang range), rhododendrons, and pine forests. The trekking trails of Langtang Valley are Tamang Heritage, Helambu, Langtang Valley, Kyanjin Gompa, and Gosaikunda Lakes, which have magnificent scenery on the Langtang trip.

However, We provide your best price and details, including an itinerary for 2024 and 2025. WhatsApp us at +977-9851033819 or fill out the form below for a quick inquiry.

The Langtang helicopter tour departs from the Kathmandu airport and stops in Langtang village after the picturesque view. A round trip from Kathmandu will take two hours.

The forest of National Parks is blooming with rhododendrons, and the Pine becomes colorful in April. In August, the scene of the Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage to Gosaikunda is lively and attractive.

The paths on the highest elevation are full of Yak and Chauri herds. The Langtang Helicopter Tour package is an awful experience with a glimpse of Langtang, its local people, community, Monasteries, and the Himalayas.

You can get a short time to interact with local people. The trip was outstanding for observing the customs and traditions in Langtang. Some local people are skillfully settled with their agriculture professions, wood and stone carving, and daily activities.

A helicopter tour in Langtang is a lifelong experience with views of the nearby exciting landscape. It is fruitful for those with limited time but want to explore the beautiful valley and Gosainkunda Lakes. Remember Boundless Adventure for your explorative Langtang Helicopter Tour. Please contact us for more information, cost, Itinerary, and duration.

Helicopter tour Cost in Langtang.

The Langtang helicopter tour starts from the domestic airport in Kathmandu. Typically, it is a 2-hour helicopter flight, including ground landing time in Langtang. The helicopter price depends on the size of the group of passengers. Feel free to contact our city office by email or phone. If you are lucky enough, you can get others to share the helicopter and its cost.

Major Attraction of Langtang Helicopter Tour

The Langtang helicopter tour is an exceptional and exciting experience in the Langtang region, providing its unique perspective through a bird’s eye view. The tour offers many attractions, from take-off from Kathmandu Domestic Airport to overflying over the region and landing. Some of the major attractions of the Langtang Helicopter tour are:

Snow-capped Peaks

One of the major attractions of the Langtang helicopter tour is that you can see the astonishing gaze of snow-capped peaks from your window and the comfortable seat of a helicopter. Each second on the flight brings an impressive mountain before your eyes. The panorama of the mountain includes Mount Langtang, Lirung, Ganesh Himal, Shishapangma, Dorje Lakpa, Mount Manaslu, and the Tibetan border range are eye appealing on the Langtang helicopter tour.

Langtang National Park

The helicopter tour to Langtang overflies through the Langtang National Park, which has numerous unique flora and fauna. The helicopter tour provides an incomparable viewpoint of the national park and its wildlife. From the sky, you can appreciate the National park’s diverse ecosystem. The landscape will be enchanting from the air, from dense forests of rhododendrons and oak to alpine meadows with colorful wildflowers. You may also see red pandas, Himalayan tahr, and various bird species. Thus, flying over Langtang National Park is a significant attraction for helicopter tours.

Kyanjin Gomba

Kyanjin Gomba is at an elevation of 3830m, a key attraction on the Langtang Helicopter tour. On your helicopter tour, you’ll land at Kyanjin Gomba, which allows you to appreciate the peaceful ambiance of the area and monastery. Also, the landing will enable you to interact with locals, adding to the exceptional attraction of the tour. Kyanjin Gompa, surrounded by majestic snow peaks and a fresh environment, provides a relaxed comfort where you can absorb spiritual energy while admiring the Himalayas’ everlasting glory, making your helicopter tour more memorable.

Itinerary of Langtang Helicopter Tour

Langtang Helicopter operates from Kathmandu airport within a two-hour tour. But we have added a service to pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the Langtang region. Just contact us in our city office of Kathmandu via email, phone, or WhatsApp at +977 9851033819.

Pick up and drop off by helicopter is seasonable only.


Day: 01 Fly to Langtang Valley and back


2 hours






  • Fly from Kathmandu Airport to Langtang Vally
  • Overfly Langtang glacier and nearby the Langtang Himalayan range.
  • 40 minutes landing at Kyanging Gumba. ( If Needed)
  • Fly back to Kathmandu airport.
  • Total 2.5 hours round trip
Helicopter landing tour in Langtang
A Helicopter landing tour in Langtang National Park

What's Included?

  • =Ground Transportation
  • =Oxygen in Helicopter.
  • =Domestic Airport tax.
  • =Breakfast Hotel in Kathmandu.

What's Excluded?

  • =Langtang National park permit
  • =Equipment for the helicopter tour
  • =Lunch and Dinner in Langtang heli tour
  • Helicopter tour guide.

Essential Information - Langtang Helicopter Tour

Helicopter traveling season

Nepal is a small country between two giant countries. (India and China) Similarly, there is a much different Himalayan range. Among them, Langtang is also one of the Himalayan range areas of Nepal. However, the two best other helicopter tours to Langtang start from the beginning of March to the End of June and the beginning of September to the end of December.

Himalayan views in Langtang Helicopter Tour

Langtang is a small valley in Langtang National Park. But we will land the Helicopter 3810 meters from sea level called Kyanging Gumba.

Your trip starts from the domestic airport of Nepal and returns to the domestic airport. However, you will have the best views of snowed peaks and mountains over 8000 meters high.

They are Mt. Shishapangma, Dorje Lakpa, Mount Manaslu, Mount Ganesh Himal, and the Tibetan border range.

Traditional settlements

On the helicopter tour to Langtang Valley, you’ll get insight into the traditional villages unspoiled by modernization and its raw beauty. Although it’s your helicopter tour, you can connect with locals while landing at Kyanjin Gomba. Visiting traditional stone houses decorated with prayer flags is indeed the attraction of the Langtang helicopter tour. Also, you’ll see the villages from the helicopter, and you can see the traditional settlements of the region through different perspectives, enhancing the tour.

Aerial View

One of the most admirable aspects of the Langtang Helicopter tour is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the aerial view of the entire region. You can see the most impressive and uninterrupted view from the comfort of your helicopter seat, from lush valleys to snow-capped peaks to settlements to different flora and fauna. You’ll get the most noteworthy bird’s gaze as the major attraction of the helicopter tour of Langtang.

Kathmandu to Langtang Valley by Helicopter

The most convenient and easy way to explore the beauty of Langtang Valley is through a helicopter tour from Kathmandu. The tour is perfect for each individual with every kind of preference. The helicopter tour of Langtang Valley departs from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

From the domestic airport of Kathmandu, the helicopter takes off and takes you through the most unreal areas of Nepal. With a blink of an eye at the stunning beauty, you’ll get to Langtang Valley from Kathmandu. The duration on a helicopter from Kathmandu to Langtang Valley is 45 minutes.

After getting to Langtang, you’ll fly over Langtang’s incredible landscape around Langtang National Park. Furthermore, you’ll fly around the Glacier of Langtang and mountain peaks, including Mount Langtang Lirung, Langishakharka, Ganesh Himal, Shishapangma, and Mount Manaslu.

After appealing to your eye through a pleasant helicopter tour, you’ll have a 30-45 minute landing at Kyanjin Gomba at an elevation of 3830m. After landing, you’ll have a tasty meal at the tea house of Kyanjin, and in the meantime, you can take advantage of visiting nearby areas and connecting with locals.

After finishing your lunch break at Kyanjin, you’ll fly back, experiencing the bird’s gaze view of Nepal’s landscape for the second and last time. Overall, one can complete the Kathmandu to Langtang Valley by helicopter tour within 2 hours, with each second bringing a different perspective of the Langtang Valley. Although the 2 hours sound less, the memory you’ll make on the tour will be more than enough for your entire life.

Kyanjin Gompa Landing During Langtang Helicopter Tour

Kyanjin Gomba landing during the Langtang helicopter tour provides travelers with a unique opportunity for immersion in nature, the spirituality of the area, and immersion with locals. After completing your sightseeing in Langtang’s most beautiful regions, you’ll fly back to Kyanjin for Lunch by helicopter.

The thrill of landing at Kyanjin is remarkable on your tour. Upon landing, you’ll get the peacefulness of Kyanjin Gomba’s surroundings. You can take a moment to acclimate and have Lunch. After Lunch, you can utilize the remaining time to visit Gomba, learn about new things, and connect with locals.

Landing at Kyanjin allows you to immerse yourself and explore the ground after a thrilling aerial journey.

Route Map

Route Map

Reviews on Langtang Helicopter Tour


Based on 250 Reviews

Langtang Helicopter Tour
Sebastian Thomas
United States

Helicopter tour in Langtang

Last March 2023, we did a Langtang Valley helicopter tour with five groups of friends. We had planned to trek in Everest three passes but chose a helicopter tour due to the time limit with a friend. We came to Nepal with the target of spending more than 20 days, but unluckily, one of our friends had to return home as soon as we landed in Nepal. The rest of our team went to Everest on a three-pass trek. It was beautiful and adventurous.

We contacted Boundless Adventure, and they provided us with a last-minute booking on a helicopter tour. Heartly thanks to Boundless, as without them, we would return without taking any pleasure in Nepal. The tour was jaw-dropping. We all get window seats and an uninterrupted view of Nepal’s beautiful land. Our pilot was skilled and knowledgeable, and our guide provided valuable information detailing everything. The lunch at Kyanjin was delicious.

We felt so safe and comfortable throughout the tour. We highly recommend Boundless Adventure for anyone seeking a thrilling experience in Nepal’s Himalayas. We are planning the Annapurna Base camp tour in May and can’t wait for our adventure with the Boundless team.
Sebastian Thomas, United States

( 98)
Landing Helicopter to Langtang
Aldona Wójcik

Safety Helicopter tout to Langtang

Choosing Boundless Adventure for our tour and trusting them for our safety was our best decision. We were a group of 3 girls planning a Helicopter tour in Langtang. We found Boundless Adventure online and found the best reviews by solo girls.

After contacting them, they responded quickly, and talking with them relaxed us. They promised to ensure our safety. And we are glad to share that the team fulfilled their promise. From landing at Kathmandu’s airport to throughout the tour, the team took care of us like their own family. Our experience on the tour was memorable, from the views of mountain ranges to stunning glaciers, and the monastery at Kyanjin was admirable.

In the future, we will choose Boundless Adventure for our journey. Also, we recommend Boundless Adventure to female travelers searching for a trustworthy agency for their journey.
Aldona Wójcik, Poland

( 102)
Langtang Helicopter Tour

Admirable trip in Langtang

I just completed my helicopter tour to Langtang with my family. Flying over Langtang’s flawless and remote land made us feel like a bird. The traditional villages, far from city life, allow us to appreciate Nepal’s hidden beauty.

My son and wife were happy throughout the journey—all thanks to Boundless Adventure for their finest service and comfort on our trip. The team managed everything perfectly on the tour, and everything seemed like a dream when we were in the helicopter. As we landed for our lunch, the landscape was equally admirable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Boundless Adventure, as they deserve all our admiration.

( 79)
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