Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism of Nepal.

Boundless Adventures has a strong belief that tourism should benefit the local communities without a negative impact on the environment. We aim to promote sustainable, responsible tourism, which respects and benefits the local people, culture, and overall eco-system.

We are well aware of this concern and do our best for further enhancement. Responsible travel does not mean compromising the quality of service. We are working closely with several Nepal-based local NGOs for better education for the poor and low-income children of remote villages.

Boundless Team uses local goods and resources as much as possible, which ensures the locals benefit the most. We provide good facilities and fair wages to our staff and work as a team to ensure you a wonderful holiday.

Responsible Tourism
Responsible Tourism Solo Female

Our commitment continues to source further ways we conduct responsible tourism.

  • Environmental Policy
  • Our Eco-green practices continue to deliver improved traveling methods by minimizing the environmental impact. To avoid our treks or tours, we are always conscious of our environmental impact and limit our group numbers to a maximum of 20 at any time.
  • As conscious business owners, we have minimized our paper output by creating online brochures and e-newsletters.
  • Along with our tours and treks, we use stainless mugs for tea and coffee to reduce paper wastage.
  • We use gas for cooking and heating to protect the forest by eliminating wood fires and reducing gas emissions.
  • Rubbish is placed in bins provided unless we are at high altitudes. Then, we expect the trash out to the main city, where it can be disposed of correctly. – We ask trekkers and tour groups to remove unnecessary packaging and store items in reusable containers.
  • We leave the campsites in better condition than when we found them, free of rubbish.
  • Don’t pollute water sources with soap or rubbish wastage.
  • Every one of our employees minimizes water usage by limited showers and always using sparingly.
  • We protect natural aspects and avoid creating new trails across switchbacks and fields.
  • We request that our clients bring water canisters to reuse for boiled/treated water instead of buying bottled water.

Why Boundless Adventure and Responsible Tourism

Genuine tour operator

We have over two decades of experience operating tours, treks, mountaineering, and other adventure activities in Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan Himalayas regions. So it’s a wise idea to get a service from a travel agency rather than travel independently. Every trip itinerary has been meticulously planned to ensure our travelers have a memorable experience. A genuine tour operator handles everything related to your holiday plans.

Financial security & guarantee of a trip

With any boundless adventure Holiday packages, you will have financial security. We are pretty flexible with your payment. Our tour packages are guaranteed departures; once you’ve booked a tour with us, we’ll never cancel it. Plan appropriately for your journey, which will occur on the stated date and time. This ensures that your vacation will go off without a hitch, and you will have a stress-free travel experience.

No Hidden Cost at the Responsible Tourism

Travel, tours, trekking, and holiday packages with Boundless Adventure are fair with competitive trip costs. We are a team of travel enthusiasts, so we customize the tour and trekking packages without hidden costs. So, once you book the trip, you don’t need to worry about the hidden trip costs unless we inform you beforehand.

Last minutes booking

Do you think you are late to organize your Nepal travel and trekking plan? But don’t worry. You are never late as Boundless Adventure fully assists you by taking a last-minute booking and offering the best-customized itinerary. Our competitive cost for the trips applies to all with some impressive offers.

With a good network and a professional team of trekking and tour operators, we offer the services we promise during booking. So, we are more dedicated to making your tours and trekking in Nepal exclusively spectacular.

Solo Female Travel

We assure all our solo female travelers feel safe and sound with the tours and trekking packages organized by us. Our field staff are professional and experienced and respond to guests who need support during the trips. However, solo female travelers often worry about trip management, which is no longer a matter to think about with the professional arrangement of Boundless Adventure.

Individual and Grouping Travel

Kathmandu-based tour and trekking organizer Boundless Adventure creates the best platform with tailor-made trips where you can relish the mystical charms of Nepal. Based on the client’s preferences, we organize individual private tours and trekking, group travel, and escorting from age-old cultural sites and natural sceneries, such as the Himalayas, Rivers, and Lakes.

We have professional teamwork with experienced guides, porters, and transportation, so we are comfortable organizing individual and group travelers, including children and senior citizens. Along with cultural tours and Himalayan trekking, we arrange Helicopter Tours in Sagarmatha National Park, honeymoon tour packages, jungle safari trips, peak climbing, and family holidays. We manage private air-conditioned vehicles according to your group size (individual to the group) from car/ Jeep or Toyota Hiace.

Professional Guides and Porters

Being a leading tour and trekking agency, Boundless Adventure arranges every trip handled by professional guides and porters. They are government-authorized, well-trained, and have decades of experience leading tours, trekking, and peak climbing trips. They can communicate in English well. Our team cares for our guests regarding managing transportation, food, and accommodation, and we care about their safety.

Local Trek/Tour Operator

We have been in tourism since 1992 A.D. and have officially operated tours and trekking activities since 2010.

We are a team of professional guides, porters, and field staff from the locality. We have field staff from various trekking regions like the Everest region, Annapurna region, Manaslu region, Dolpo region, and Upper Mustang region, along with local tour guides. We specialize in regional areas, routes, local culture, and lifestyles. So, our guests will benefit from local experiences and cultural information. With our confidence, we have already spent decades organizing trekking and tour activities as local operators.

68% repeated & recommended clients

We have been involved in tourism since 1992 A.D. We are helping hands each other even though you are trekking in the Nepal Himalayas and cultural tour in Nepal. We believe that word-of-mouth is more trustworthy and provides excellent service to everyone. However, we have excellent reviews of every trekking and tour package in Nepal. Similarly, it is why we have many repeated and recommended clients.

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