Nepal Tour Packages, 2022,2023, Travel Cost, Tour in Nepal
Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Tour Packages overview for 2022 and 2023

Nepal Tour Packages, 2022/2023; Nepal is a small country in the world whose capital is Kathmandu. Boundless Adventure keep operated such tour packages since 1992 AD. The tours are culturally wealthy nation with a scenic landscape of beauty in the Himalayas. It is bestowed with the highest peaks and mountainous terrain that attracts millions of tourists every year. Nepal is the most pleasing destination in the world for adventurous tours. Besides, Nepal is an open museum for every tourist even though it is situated between two huge countries, (India and China)). The unique ethnic cultures and customs including scenery of the landscape and local people in the Lowland, Mountain, and hilly region attract tourism. We have various tour packages including Nepal Muslim tours, Pilgrimage tours and Buddhist tour offers for 2022/2023 at a reasonable cost. The heritage of the Himalayas Tour Packages, 2022 and 2023, Nepal travel and tours packages. Moreover, Nepal has too many different places for touring which also includes the Kathmandu tour, Lumbini tour, Everest helicopter tour, wildlife tour in Chitwan National Park, hunting reserve. We guarantee you (clients) will not regret choosing Boundless Adventures on every tour in Nepal.

Most Economical and affordable tourist destination

  • Rich cultural heritage
  • Rich flora and fauna
  • High Himalayas

Why Boundless Adventure for Nepal Tour Packages 2022/2023 in Kathmandu?

Boundless Adventures is a government-registered Tour and Travel agency in Nepal. We have uploaded our company documents to the list that offers Nepal tour packages at an affordable cost. Every year, Nepal has the two finest tour and travel seasons i.e. autumn and Spring. These seasons are the best time to travel in Nepal.

Decades of Experience in Nepal Tourism

We had been involved in tourism since 1992 A.D. We have experienced tour guides, climbing guides, and trekking guides for every territory in Nepal. The travel guides make sure you don’t miss out on any adventure point in your destination. We are providing Jungle adventure, Pilgrimage tour, Muslim tour, Adventure tour, and Ice peak climbing.

Affordable and best Nepal tour packages for 2022/2023 in Kathmandu

We offer the most promising Nepal tour packages, Nepal tour itineraries, Nepal travel tours costs/prices if you want a Group tour, Family tour, Adventurous tour, Paragliding, Everest tour by helicopter, and Cultural tour in Nepal. Also, these tours are sorted by the licensed private tour guide in Nepal tour packages. The price is reasonable and affordable for any modes of transportation such as Car, Van, Bus, and Plane.

Without hidden cost operating Nepal tour packages for 2022/2023 in Kathmandu

We have an experienced team based in Kathmandu, Nepal whose working range is in some neighboring countries too. Boundless Adventure organized an inbound and outbound tour to Bhutan and Tibet. If you are interested, we also have been arranging such trips to meet the client’s passion for traveling. The cost of these trips is fixed. There will not be any further hidden costs even though you are traveling alone i.e. a single man or woman.

An Exercise for body and mind with Nepal tours and travel

We organize trips lasting from one day to months-long expeditions to peaks rarely touched with the adrenaline-rushing, life-changing trips. Mainly, tours in Nepal are in the lowlands, Middle Lands and Highlands. Most tours can be accomplished by cars, vans for differently able and senior people. Wheeled chairs are also provided for differently able people, if necessary. They might travel to Chitwan National park; overfly Mount Everest by Plane or Helicopter. They may travel to Pokhara from Kathmandu and Chitwan by Car, Van, and Plane. It all depends on you how you want to make your holidays reasonable and enjoyable with Nepal tours and travel. On the other hand, it will be a good exercise for your body if you choose to trek instead of using any modes of transportation. You feel like you achieved a lot after trekking on the high hills and the Himalayas.

 Best Nepal tours and Nepal travel agency, Kathmandu.

The hospitality will make you fall in love with Nepal tours and travel agency, Boundless Adventure, Kathmandu.

We Nepalese are mostly Hindus and have a saying “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA”. It means Nepalese believe that the guests are the form of God, so we treat them with great hospitality.

Nepal is a small country located in South Asia, between China and India. But it is a wealthy nation in terms of natural and cultural heritage. With Boundless adventure Nepal Tours and Nepal Travel packages, one can enjoy the diversity in geography, social structure, natural resources, and cultural patterns that have become typical features of Nepal tour packages programs. Nepal Tour Packages has Cultural activities, Pilgrimages Packages, Paragliding, Ultra-light packages, the Great Himalayan chain, Rivers and streams, the hide and seek of floras and fauna along with the ancient form of the art and attraction. Moreover, we offer Nepal travel Packages and Nepal tour packages according to your holidays. Of course, your budget is also very important for traveling with family, groups and alone. The best seasons for Nepal Tour Packages start from March, April, May, September, October, November, December of 2022, and 2023 of the year. We also provide you with luxury vehicles and standard hotels while you are on a Nepal Tour.

Nepal tour packages had multiple features of nature and it is the perfect holiday destination for Hiking, Nepal Heritage sightseeing, Ice peak climbing, and trekking to Nepal Himalayas for all types of travelers. Having more than 250 different white peaks which are higher than 6000 meters from sea level attracts every climber from all over the world to set off their excursion to Nepal tour. Various Lakes, lush forests, terraced greenery lands, fascinating landscapes also encourage foreigners for Nepal tour. People here have unity in diversity about religions, cultures, customs, practices, etc. Festivals, ceremonies, fairs, and celebrations always create a pleasant environment in each corner of the country. World heritage site, the Ancient Durbar Square, pagoda-style temple, historical sculptures, and diverse features will always make Nepal Tour unique in the world.

The manner of welcoming guests of Nepalese is unique too. They are famous for their adorable hospitality. One can never forget their exciting moments in Nepal for their lifetime. Tourists can always feel every day a different day during their stay in Nepal. Remember Boundless Adventure if you need tour packages next time you visit Nepal. We will be looking forward to seeing you soon.

Mt. Kailash Tour

13 Nights and 14 Days


Trip Difficulty

5630m, Dorma-La Pass

Max. Altitude

Nagarkot Tour

4 Night-5 Days


Trip Difficulty

2175m Nagarkot

Max. Altitude

Pokhara Tour

6 Nights-7 Days


Trip Difficulty

2100 m Sarangkot.

Max. Altitude

Lumbini Tour

6 Night-7 Days


Trip Difficulty

1380m, Kathmandu

Max. Altitude