Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Tour Packages
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Nepal Tour Packages 2023 and 2024

Why do people travel? The answer comes confusing! Some want to relish natural beauty, while some seek salvation. Additionally, people want to get repose from the daily drabness of life. Is there any destination where one can get all kinds of tourist attractions? Can you get a goal of having natural beauty, cultural diversity, and history that offers Himalayan wilderness too? Yes, the simple answer is Nepal. The country is among the cheapest destinations for travelers. However, attractions make it a must-visit destination. From trekking to tours and from climbing to architecture, Nepal offers all. Boundless Adventure presents splendid Nepal Tour Packages for a memorable vacation.

Nepal is blessed by Mother Nature and nurtured by its ancestors. The country proudly boasts multiethnic culture, wilderness adventure, and incredible history. Although it is geographically small, its natural and cultural heritage makes it significant. Its touristic assets are its mountains, landscape, UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Sites, people, forests, wildlife, rivers, etc. Travel planners of Boundless Adventure have knitted various Nepal Tour Packages. Moreover, the itineraries aim to provide wholesome moments worthy of a legendary travel tale of your life.

Tour in Nepal: Experience Diversity

Himalayan, Hilly, and Terai (Flatland) are three geographical belts of Nepal. The lowest altitude starts from 60 m and reaches up to 8848.86 m. Therefore, geographical diversity is imminent. The profound change in the landscape offers an assortment of vegetation, climate, and people. Get our Nepal Tour Packages and relish variety like never before.

The flatland (Terai) region of Nepal is hot and humid. It lies in the southern part and borders India. Sub-tropical forests with wildlife of similar nature are present in this belt. There are different styles of culture among people as well. Tharu, Yadav, Jha, Thakur, etc., are major ethnic communities in the region. However, during the post-civil war in Nepal, many people from hilly migrated to this region. Hinduism is a major religion, but there are Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians.

Major touristic destinations of this region are Chitwan, Bardiya, Lumbini, Parsa, Hetauda, Nepalgunj, Butwal, Koshi, etc.

The Hilly Region of Nepal is huge in terms of land mass percentage. Cascading hills and terraced farmlands make it beautiful. Moreover, the region holds the majority of touring destinations in Nepal. Temperate Deciduous vegetation is present in this region. Brahmins, Newars, Tamang, Chhetris, Dalits, Rai, Magar, Limbu, Gurung, etc., are major ethnic groups of the area. These people have their own set of cultures and rituals. Ancient old palaces and temples make this place important from an architectural and historical point of view.

Additionally, the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, lies in the hilly region. Most people follow Hinduism and Buddhism in this region. However, there are Muslims & Christian people as well, like in the Terai belt.

Famous Touristic Destinations of Hilly Region: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Bandipur, Ghalegaun, Ghandruk, Illam, Taplejung, etc.

The Himalayan Region of Nepal is blissful. Over 1900 mountains have made Nepal the number one choice for mountain lovers across the globe. Additionally, the presence of the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest (8848.86 m), has added gloss to it. Sherpa and Tibetan Nepalese people reside in this area. They follow Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Bonpo religion.

Some of the popular touristic destinations of the region are the Everest region,  Langtang, Manaslu, Kanchenjunga, and API/Annapurna regions.

Best Tour Season in Nepal: Decide when to buy Nepal Tour Packages.

Spring, summer/monsoon, autumn, and winter are four distinct seasons of Nepal. These seasons last for three months each. It is a rare phenomenon because of very few countries across the globe experience season like ours. Every season has its peculiarity. Therefore, Nepal Tour Packages are the best way to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Find out some of Nepal’s seasonal information:

– Heavy rainfall occurs from June to early august: there is less rainfall in the mountain region. Mountains are not visible clearly during this time of the year. Rainfall occurs continuously for three days in major touristic destinations like Pokhara and Kathmandu Valley. However, rain makes the atmosphere cool and clean as well. The upside about traveling in this season is the fewer prices on lodging. Moreover, there is a significantly less number of tourists. So, expect tranquility.

– Post monsoon months are August, September, and November before winter. This is perfect for any vacation activity in Nepal. You can do either trekking or tours. Temperature ranges from 10 degree Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius on average.
– Months of December, January, and February are cold. Snowfall occurs in the Himalayan and upper Hilly belts. Trekking at a high altitude is impossible. Tours of architectural sites are okay during this time of the year.
– March to April is warm and pleasant. Blooming flowers and clear weather make it an ideal time to travel to Nepal. Therefore, during this time of the year, Nepal receives more tourists.

Verdict: Nepal Tour Packages of Boundless Adventure are possible to do throughout the year. However, as a reliable travel agency, we recommend the spring and autumn seasons: Relish Nepal’s nature, culture, and mountains to the fullest during these times.

Nepal Tours Activities

All kinds of tour activities are possible in Nepal. The major tourist activities include Adventure, leisure, pilgrimage, family, educational, architectural, cultural, and historical. Nepal is probably the only country where one can quench their thirst for diverse holiday activities. Moreover, Nepal hosts guests as if they represent gods/goddesses. It is deeply rooted in our culture. All of our Nepal Tour Packages focus on momentous event creation.

Here is the list of a few examples of tours activities under Nepal Tour Packages according to the travel purpose:

– Adventure: Rafting, Hiking, Cannoning, Caves Exploration, Boating, Honey Hunting, Bungee, Paragliding, and Peak Climbing
– Leisurely, Family & Health: City Sightseeing, Village Home Stay and Yoga, Meditation, Helicopter tours
– Architectural & Historical: UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES

– Volunteerism: Education, Farm, Philanthropic, and Post Earthquake Relief works
– Pilgrimage: Hindu Temples, Monasteries, Birthplace of Lord Buddha, and ancient caves
– Customized: Tour package created in consultation with the travel planners of Boundless Adventure. It may include Adventure, leisurely, pilgrimage, historical, and volunteerism in one package.

Get all kinds of Nepal Tour Packages for an enticing vacation in Nepal. Contact our travel planners today and get the best deals.

Mt. Kailash Tour

13 Nights and 14 Days


Trip Difficulty

5630m, Dorma-La Pass

Max. Altitude

Nagarkot Tour

4 Night-5 Days


Trip Difficulty

2175m Nagarkot

Max. Altitude

Pokhara Tour

6 Nights-7 Days


Trip Difficulty

2100 m Sarangkot.

Max. Altitude

Lumbini Tour

6 Night-7 Days


Trip Difficulty

1380m, Kathmandu

Max. Altitude