Namrung to Samagaon During the Manaslu Circuit Trek

27 February, 2024 By Dambar Khadka

After sleeping soundly at the tea house of Namrung, you will wake up feeling more energetic than before. You will have a heavy breakfast this time, as hiking from Namrung to Samagaon will be harsher than before as you have to ascend straight.

During your Day 5 Namrung to Samagaon journey, you will pass through a Check post and a camping site to reach Bharjang. Bharganj is a small village situated near the bank of Budhigandhaki Stream. Moving from Bharganj, you will be taken to a suspension bridge towards the beautiful waterfall. But if we take a straight path, rather than moving towards the west of Bharganj, it will take us to Ligaon.

Ligaon is a village elevated at 2910 meters above the sea level. It is another camping site during the Manaslu Circuit Trekking. You’ll come across another tea house from Bharjang to Ligaon. However, you will not stay in Ligaon’s tea house. Giving continuity to your journey, you will explore the cultural sites of Buddhists, including Monastery and Mane. As Ligaon is near the bank of the river, there are also villages across the river, including Lingling, Hetapcha, and Limi.

Ligaon has a dense population, as you will know through the number of pilgrimages in Ligaon. Inhabitants of Ligaon follow Buddhism. You will find Monastery, Mane, and Chorten during your journey. One of the famous Monastery of Ligaon is Li Gumba, a monastery of Lord Buddha. You can visit Li Gumba if you desire.

After exploring the Gumba of Ligaon, you will start your walk to Syagaon, enjoying the scenery of the peaks of Pangkar Himal and Kutang Himal, located in the east direction of the route. However, to reach Syagaon, you must cross the suspension bridge over Hinang Khola. From there, you will get to Syagaon’s campsite. Syogaon is a village situated at an altitude of 2950m. Syogaon is a viewpoint of stunning snow-capped mountain vistas, including Mt. Manaslu, Manaslu North, and Naike Peak. It is also a camping site where you can rest and be fresh.

However, another route is also available between the two villages, Ligaon and Syogoan, which takes you to the Himal Chuli Base Camp, elevated at 4020m, via Himal Chuli Base Camp Trek.

From the Ligaon route, trek routes are partitioned: the Manaslu Trek and the Himal Chuli Base Camp Trek. As mentioned earlier, your destination of the Manaslu Circuit is in the south. Taking the west direction will lead you to Himal Chuli Base Camp.

Giving continuity to the hiking and enjoying the scenery of mountain vistas, it takes you to the Sipgaon, another camping site. After walking through the bank of the river of Sipgaon, you will reach Lhogaon, which covers a large area compared to other villages.

Lhogaon is at an altitude of 3180 meters above the sea level. Lhogaon has basic facilities, including health posts, a post office, and education. The village also provides beautiful scenery, such as the peak of Pangpoche Himal and the Pangpoche Glacier.

Mani Walls is in the exact opposite direction of Lhogan village near the doab. Mani Walls are also known as prayer walls, consisting of several inscribed tablets of ‘Om Mane Padme Hum,’ which means ‘Praise to the Jewel in Lotus.’ This is a traditional mantra of Buddhism or mantra followed by Buddhism, which signifies the therapeutic on mind and body, giving positive energy, emotion, and wisdom to the one who chants.

You have to cross the suspension bridge near the Mani Walls to give continuity to your journey. While hiking, you will see a mesmerizing view of Manaslu Massif in the north and the view of Buddhist Pilgrimage, Kandjur Scripts Monastery in the south direction. Adoring the view of the Mountains, you will reach Hongsanbugaon via mane and monastery. After enjoying the surrounding environment, you will cross the two suspension bridges again.

After crossing the bridges, there are two separate routes. If you ascend, you will reach Samagaon, our last destination of the Day’s 5th trail. Otherwise, if you descend, then it will take you to Hot Spring and Punggen Gumba as a side trip. On the side trip, you will descend along the bank of Numla Khola to reach Numla’s hot spring. You may like to take a bath in a hot spring as taking a bath in hot water gives relaxation and relief from any body joint pain.

After that, you will again move forward to Samagaon, the resting place of the 5th-day journey of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Samagaon is a village elevated at 3530m. Your delicious dinner will be at the tea house of Samagaon. After dinner, you will sleep tight at the same tea house.

Trek to Manaslu Circuit without Guide

Trekking in a Manaslu circuit without a guide is not possible as the Manaslu Circuit lies in a restricted area. A restricted area is a cramped area that requires a special permit to explore. You don’t have to worry about getting that special permit for trekking as you can get one from the Department of Immigration office located in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. However, the trustworthy trekking agency Boundless Adventure can also provide you with a special permit to trek in the Restricted Area.

The guide is essential to trek in a restricted area as it helps you be involved in the rules and regulations of local people and ensures your safety during the trek. The Trekking Agency will provide the insurance for the Guide by itself. However, visitors are required to do insurance in their own country. We suggest you bring an insurance document as it may be necessary.

Accommodation Services during the Manaslu Circuit Trek from Namrung to Samagaon

Trek to Manaslu lies in a remote area. You will find lodges and tea houses in several places throughout the whole journey of the Manaslu Circuit.

The lodge and tea house located on the route of Manaslu Circuit will fulfill your basic needs and wants. It will be simple but elegant. Don’t expect it to be big and full of amenities; it will be small, where the valuable things required for day-to-day purposes will be available.

However, the Manaslu circuit trek is listed in the Manaslu conservation of Nepal. You can find Snow Leopard, Himalayan Thar, Yaks, and Blue Ship along the trekking trail.

Another specialty of the lodges and tea house is that you will also get hot water to take a hot shower, which will relax your body and heal the pain in the joints of your hands and legs due to the cold climate. However, it may cost you an extra amount.

Electricity and Wi-Fi in Manaslu Circuit Trek

In the 21st century, electricity and Wi-Fi play vital roles in people’s daily lives. Everything related to education, work, and health needs electricity and Wi-Fi to operate correctly.

During your trek to Manaslu Circuit, you will find education sectors, including schools and high schools, and health sectors, including health posts. Electricity is necessary for the proper operation of school sectors. Better learning is innovative learning; one should use electricity and Wi-Fi to learn correctly.

However, school and other sectors during the trek lacks Wi-Fi services but don’t lack electricity. Similarly, you will get electricity services in your lodge; however, you must use mobile data to stay connected to the internet.

Culture, Habitat, along with the FACT about Buddhism

Most people of the Manaslu Circuit follow Tibetan Buddhism because they believe they are migrants from Tibet. In the lower trail of the Manaslu Circuit, you will find Indo-Aryan, including Chettri and Bahun. In contrast, on the upper trail from Jagat and above, you will discover Tibetan Buddhism, including Tamang, Bhotey, Gurung, Rai, and Sherpa. As they follow Tibetan-Buddhism culture, they are Buddhist.

They worship the Lord Gautam Buddha, born in Lumbini, Nepal. As the main religion is Buddhism, you will find several Buddhist pilgrimages throughout your journey, including Monasteries, Manes, and Stupas. You will also find the Mani Wall, a prayer wall during your trip. The inscribed tablet surrounds the Mani walls, where the Buddhist mantra ‘Om Mane Padme Hum’ was written.

Buddha Purnima, celebrated on May 23, is the main festival of the inhabitants. The followers of Lord Buddha commemorate this Day as his birthday. The Gurung, Tamang, and Rai celebrate Lhosar as a new year festival. Lhosar is another important festival that the locals of the area celebrate.

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