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24 October, 2023 By Dambar Khadka

Overview of Nepal International Airport

Nepal International Airport, Kathmandu, is the capital of Nepal; it has Tribhuvan International Boutique Airport and a domestic airport in Kathmandu, Nepal. Some international Airports are still under construction. (Pokhara International Airport, Birjung, and Simara) So, You can take the Mount Everest tour by helicopter from the domestic airport.

Nepal International Airport has a local mobile SIM card, ATM, money exchange, and cargo facility. Usually, every SIM card costs less than US$1, but it depends on the Data packages. However, you need a copy of your passport and a printed passport-size Photo to get a Nepali SIM card.

Nepal International Airport and the domestic airport also have ATM and Money exchange services. While withdrawing money from an ATM, you never get other currency except Nepali (Rupees). You can start a limited amount within a day. You can withdraw about US$ 350/- a day, but you still need to consult with your bank before traveling to Nepal to inform your bank you are heading to Nepal for holidays from the following date to the end of your traveling date. So, you will have a chance to exchange money in the international airport of Nepal according to the exchange rate of the Nepal Rastra Bank.

Tribhuvan International Airport
Tribhuvan International Airport

Nepal’s international and domestic airports are located about 5 kilometers from the city center part of Kathmandu. The airport has been a landing field since 1949 AD and was launched in 1955 AD by King Mahendra of Nepal. The first jet airplane landed at Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport in 1967AD, and regular jet operations began in 1972AD.

Nepal International Airport has one domestic and another international workstation in Nepal. Currently, over 30 international airlines connect Nepal to destinations in Asia and the Middle East of Europe, and the airport serves as a hub for several Nepalese airlines connecting daily. Many people landed worldwide and were most interested in adventure activities, such as trekking in the Nepal Himalayas, culture tours, and Everest region trekking. Some are short Hiking, Annapurna and Langtang regions, and ice climbing in the Nepal Himalayas.

Landing At Nepal International Airport

Nepal has many miracles and different things to explore: natural beauties, historical background, culture and tradition, the Highest Mountain in the world, the deepest gorges of the world, the highest passes, and the courageous Gorkhali soldiers. You must enter from Tribhuvan International Airport by plane, wherever you go, to explore Nepal.

Everyone can get an arrival visa for 15 days, 30 days, and 90 days in the international airport of Nepal. However, many budget, economy, and luxury pilgrims travel to Lumbini, Everest, Pokhara, and jungle safaris in Chitwan and Muktinath Temple by helicopter from Kathmandu. Similarly, Most travelers travel by Jeep to Muktinath temple, Upper Mustang, and Surrounded. 

But there are not any duty-free shops yet. Tribhuvan International Airport is 1 km from the holy Pashupatinath Temple, 6 km east of the city center, and Thamel’s main tourist area. The airport is connected by the city bus, local buses, Taxis, and Private and tourist vehicles.

While talking about the history of Nepal International Airport, The airport was initially named Gaucharan Airport, after the area of Kathmandu where it was made. The airport was again renamed Tribhuvan International Airport in 1964AD by the Nepalese government. The facilities services of the Nepal airport include a single 10 007 feet concert runway orientated 02/20. It also has a terminal for VIP guests.

Similarly, Boundless Adventure provides your pick-up and drop-off facilities with luxury car and vehicle services from your hotel to the international and domestic terminal airport and from the international terminal to your hotel daily. For more information about Nepal’s international and domestic Airports, please Email us.

Kathmandu International Airport

Kathmandu International Airport is the busiest airport in the Bagmati Zone of Nepal. You can fly directly to Dubai, Qatar, India, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka. It allows for private planes and helicopters to land at Kathmandu International Airport. However, A lot of people travel to the country of Mount Everest and the Birthplace of Lord Buddha by private plane, But it is necessary to pay for a ground landing charge in US$.

A parking charge is required for every domestic airport as well. It has an air traffic control service with an area control code. The Kathmandu International Airport runway label is 02/20; the Coordinate is 274150N – 0852128E, and the runway length is -10000 ft. x 150 ft. However, the visibility is less than 1000, so few flights fly from Nepal International Airport.

You can see mountain from airport of Kathmandu.
You can see the mountains from the Kathmandu airport.

Depending on the group size, you will land at the International Airport in Nepal and drive to the hotel in Kathmandu by car/van. You may explore the pilgrimage site of Nepal and the world heritage site in the following days.

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