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7 Days

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1380m, Kathmandu

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Best Seasons

Mar-June, Sep-Dec







Overview of Lumbini Tour

Lumbini Tour is the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha – Messenger of Peace. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal in 623 B.C. As a prince, his mother, Maya Devi, was going to her maternal town. The Lumbini tour is one of the four holy places of Buddhism.

It is located in the Kapilvastu district of Nepal, about 306 km west of Kathmandu. The Lumbini is a pilgrimage tour that also displays the tremendous archaeological triumph of humanity.

Lumbini contains 62 archaeological sites that exhibit different events during and after Buddha’s life. It has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. However, The Mayadevi temple is a significant ancient heritage that houses the old idol of Mayadevi, the Birthmarker stone, and the ruins from the 3rd  century B.C. to the 7th century B.C.

The Birth Marker stone precisely marks the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Emperor Ashoka inscribed and erected the Ashoka Pillar in 249 BC behind and to the west of the Mayadevi Temple.

The pillar and inscription are the testaments of Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The holy and ancient Pushkirini Lake is situated near the Ashoka Pillar. It is believed that Mayadevi had bathed in the lake before giving birth to Lord Buddha.

The Lumbini Museum preserves historical artifacts and has an extensive collection of Mauryan and Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, terracotta fragments, and stone and metal sculptures related to Buddhism.

The eternal World Peace flame in the center of the Lumbini garden, which flows continuously 24 hours a day, is also a significant attraction. During the  Lumbini Tour, Tilaurakot, Gotihawa, Kudan, Niglihara, Devdaha, and Sagarhawa are other famous religious and archaeological sites.

Lumbini Tour Cost

Various factors cause fluctuation in the Lumbini tour cost. One of the major factors that affect the cost of a tour is the size of the group. We are providing discounts in large numbers to groups. Even if you are solo we still manage our best to provide you a discount. But a large number of groups get more discounts than small groups or solo travelers. 

Another factor that varies overall cost is the duration of the trip. Generally, the tour is completed within 3 days including the drive and exploration of Lumbini, and then return to Kathmandu. But if you want to extend your package by adding some activities and exploration areas, we are ready for that too. In such cases, the cost increases, and fluctuation in cost arises. 

Your preference for transportation also determines your price for the Lumbini Tour. you have the option to travel either by airplane, bus or by car. If you choose to travel by airplane the cost increases as it is an expensive mode of transportation. If you choose a bus it is the most budget friendly. And cars are also expensive but not more expensive than airplanes. 

We provide you with accommodation at the finest hotel in Lumbini. Still, if you prefer to stay in a more luxurious one your cost increases. Generally, we include your accommodation on your trekking package but if you desire a luxurious one the cost increases. 

For the exact cost of a customized itinerary, contact Boundless Adventure at +977 9851103819. 

Gautam Buddha

Siddhartha Gautman, commonly known as Lord Gautamn Buddha is a leader of spirituality and founder of the religion of Buddhism. The exact birthdate of Lord Buddha is still unknown but the people celebrate his birth date on Buddha Purnima which falls in April or May and there is a belief that he was born in the 5th century BCE in Lumbini Nepal.

Siddhartha Gautama was born into a Royal family and his father, Śuddhodana was a King. According to the traditional belief Siddhartha Guatman Buddha lived a sheltered life, to escape from the miseries of the world. After dissatisfaction with his luxurious lifestyle, he began on a spiritual journey to better understand the essence of suffering and discover a way to overcome it.

At the age of 29, Lord Buddha sacrificed his imperial status and began a spiritual journey in search of enlightenment. After years of meditation and spiritual practice under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India, Buddha attained enlightenment at the age of 35. The incident reflected his awakening to the truth of life, and he became known as the Buddha, which signifies “the awakened one.”

After getting enlightenment, the Lord spends his remaining life on the path of Dharma or the path of freedom from suffering. His teaching pointed our four valuable truths:

  • The truth of suffering (dukkha)
  • The truth of the cause of suffering (samudaya)
  • The truth of the end of suffering (nirodha)
  • The truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering (magga)

The philosophy of the Buddha highlighted kindness, mindfulness, and the growth of wisdom. He encouraged his followers to question and investigate his teachings rather than accepting them blindly.

The Guatman Buddha has directed the eightfold noble paths including right understanding, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration.

The philosophy of Lord Buddha has made a deep impact on the world by inspiring millions of people to seek inner peace, freedom from suffering, and spiritual awakening. For this reason, Buddhism is the major religion with a large number of followers throughout Asia and around the world.

Kathmandu Valley UNESCO Sightseeing

On your first day of itinerary, you’ll have a visit to the Kathmandu Valley’s UNESCO sightseeing. On the Kathmandu exploration day, You’ll explore some of the famous and significant sites. First, you’ll explore Kathmandu Durbar Square. The Durbar Square is a significant site for cultural and historical aspects and a part of a world UNESCO heritage site.

The Durbar is home to more than 50 temples which is why it is known as the “museum of temple”. It is one of the oldest durbar squares which used to be a royal place of Malla kings in ancient times of Nepal and was built between the 4th to 8th centuries in a Nepalese architectural style. Hanuman Dhoka Palace, the Taleju Temple, the Kumari Ghar (residence of the Living Goddess), and the Kal Bhairav Temple are some prominent structures, you’ll get sightseeing at the time of exploration.

Swayambhunath monastery/ Stupa is another site of UNESCO you’ll have exploration after Kathmandu Durbar Square. Swayambhunath, the Buddhist religious site located at the top of the hill at Swayambhu. The monastery is also known as a monkey temple as several monkeys are there all around the stupa’s areas.

The monastery is on top of the hill with a big white stupa golden spires, prayer flags, and beautiful decorations. One of the most notable features of the stupa is the pair of eyes on both sides of the main stupa. The eyes are also known as the “Eyes of Buddha” or the “Wisdom Eyes,” which are on all four sides of the stupa signifying the Buddha’s all-seeing wisdom and enlightenment. Besides the main stupa, you can visit the other shrines, temples, statues, and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries at the complex of Swayambhunath stupa.

Boudhanath stupa is another significant site for the Buddhist religion you’ll get insight into on Kathmandu sightseeing day. The Boudhanath stupa is a famous tourist destination in Kathmandu. The stupa is in dome shape with a massive hemisphere and decorated with prayer flags, prayer wheels, and intricate carvings. You can get involved in various activities on the stupa including spinning prayer wheels and lighting butter lamps.

Your last sightseeing at Kathmandu on the day is Pashupatinath, a sacred Hindu temple and a UNESCO heritage site. At the Gaushala, Kathmandu, the Pashupatinath temple is on the bank of the Bagmati river. The temple is the holiest place in Nepal and a pilgrimage site for Hindus around the world. The temple is in pagoda style with wood carvings, golden spires, and fancy decorations. Furthermore, the temple is not only a place to worship but also a cultural landmark and a symbol of Nepal’s religious identity.

Visiting all of these UNESCO heritage sites in Kathmandu provides you with a sense of spirituality and peacefulness of mind and body.

Aerial View Option From Kathmandu to Lumbini

For the aerial view option from Kathmandu to Lumbini, you have the option to go by airplane. While choosing an airplane service you’ll take a flight from the domestic airport of Kathmandu and land at the nearest airport of Lumbini, Bhairahawa. The flight takes 30 minutes.

The airplane flight takes you through the aerial view with a bird’s gaze of Nepal’s distinct landscape. As you take off from Kathmandu you’ll see the beauty of Kathmandu Valley with big buildings, temples, and dense forests in some areas. As you get closer to Lumbini the landscape changes showcasing the fertile plains of the Terai extending below. Rivers flow through the lush greenery and agricultural land surrounding the landscape, providing you with a glimpse into the region’s agricultural cultivation.

As you get to Lumbini, you’ll see the sacred area from above with clear temple spires standing within the calm surroundings. The aerial view provides a unique perspective to appreciate the beauty of the Lumbini complex along with the Maya Devi temple and peaceful surrounding areas.

Exploration Day at Lumbini

Exploration Day at Lumbini provides you with a sense of spirituality and profoundness. On the Lumbini exploration day, you’ll move to Tilaurakot, early in the morning. It is a historical site of Kapilvastu and lord Siddhartha Gautam Buddha.

After returning from Tilaurakot you’ll visit prominent sites of Lumbini including Maya Devi temple, Ashoka pillar, monasteries, garden, sacred pond, and meditation centre.

At Mayadevi temple you can explore the area where queen Mayadevi gave birth to lord Siddhartha Gautam Buddha and can see devotees praying. Visiting the temple provides you with a calm atmosphere. Exploring the Ashoka pillar provides you insight into historical artifacts and their significance in spreading Buddhist teachings.

Lumbini is the home of several monasteries that were built by various Buddhist communities from around the world. Exploration of the monasteries provides you insight and understanding of different cultures of Buddhism through their unique architectural styles and spiritual practices.


Tilaurakot is the area of Kapilvastu Municipality in Kapilvastu district in the Lumbini province. The village lies in southern Nepal and used to be the village development committee. The village is 25 km northwest of Maya Devi temple and holds great significance in cultural and historical significance in the context of Buddha’s life and Philosophy.

People believe that Tilaurakot used to be the capital city of the Shakya Kingdom where lord Buddha spent his early prince’s life. Siddhartha Gautama Buddha spent his life in Tilaurakot for 29 years and lived a sheltered life within the palace before starting his spiritual journey.

Archaeological excavations at Tilaurakot have found several artifacts and structures which are about of sixth century BCE, providing a unique glimpse into ancient architectural styles. During your exploration time at Tilaurakot, you can get insight into ancient architectural styles by looking at buildings, walls, and gates in the area.

The remains of the palace of King Suddhonath, father of Lord Buddha is the major attraction of Tilaurakot. Although the Palace is destructed now, the remaining objects provide insight into the royal family’s luxurious way of living and the social structure of the Sakyan family during the ancient era.

Travel in Lumbini

Lumbini is the Birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal, and Buddha was born in Nepal. Lord Buddha was born into the royal place in the 7th  century but was enlightened in Gowa.

However, His name was Siddhartha Gautam; he became famous as Lord Buddha. Many Buddhist pilgrimages travel to the Lumbini every year around the world. Lumbini is 255 Km west of Kathmandu but near the border of India.

Itinerary of Lumbini Tour

Boundless Adventure Nepal is your Lumbini tour arrange company in Nepal. We fully take care of your tour while you are on the Lumbini tour. We are providing Hotels and itineraries.

If you are traveling to Lumbini, Nepal, for a short time, please let us know. We can probably customize your itinerary according to your holidays. While we can make a longer itinerary, you may simultaneously travel on the Jungle safari in Nepal.

We provide Plane and helicopter service to Everest at an extra cost. If you are interested in exploring the Himalayas, please let us know.


Day: 01 Pick up from International airport and drive to Hotel


15 minutes







We are willing to welcome you to Nepal with your name list and the name of our company pick-up board on your arrival at gate No one.

Usually, It will take an hour to meet us when you land because there will be a visa process for the arrival and getting luggage.

It will take the same person about a mobile local SIM card.

We will drive to the hotel. It will take 15 minutes from the airport to the hotel, but sometimes there are more extended traffic jams.

Arrival board of Boundless Adventure
Arrival board of Boundless Adventure Nepal

Day: 02 Kathmandu valley sightseeing.


6 /7 hours







Have breakfast in the hotel, interlude with a tour guide, and leave the hotel to explore the Kathmandu heritage site and Buddhist monastery. You will have four different places to explore today.

1)Historical Kathmandu Durbar Square.
2) Swayambhunath monastery
3) Bouddhanath monastery.
4) Pashunath Temple.
An English-speaking guide leads all sightseeing; of course, you will have a Car, Van, or bus according to the group size.

You will have lunch on the restaurant’s roof near the Bouddhanath monastery. Your tour guide will explain the historical tour to you. Overnight at the Hotel in Kathmandu.

Swayambhunath monastery
Swayambhunath monastery in Kathmandu.

Day: 03 Drive to Lumbini


7 hours







We’ll drive to Lumbini by car/bus from Kathmandu through the Prithivi Highway. It usually takes 7/8 hours every day.

It is a long drive, but you will have a beautiful panorama of landscape, green valleys along the way, rivers, and rice fields.

However, you will have lunch along the way to Lumbini, overnight in the hotel, Dinner, and rest.

Note: If you feel comfortable flying, we suggest you go to Lumbini by plane from Kathmandu. The plane takes off from Kathmandu Domestic Airport every hour till 4:00 PM.

Kathmandu Lumbini Tour Map.
Kathmandu Lumbini Tour is a driving Map.

Day: 04 Explore in Lumbini Temple


6 hours







Today is an exciting day in Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Have an early breakfast and drive to Tilaurakot, 35 km west of the Hotel of Lumbini.

This is the historical palace of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha of Kapilbasthu district. Drive back to the Hotel for a warm lunch, and we will explore the Ashoka Pillar, Maya Devi temple, and surroundings.

After returning to the Hotel in Lumbini, have dinner and overnight at the Hotel.

Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini, Nepal
Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini, Nepal
Tilaurakot Temple
Tilaurakot Temple in Kapilbasthu.

Day: 05 Drive back to Kathmandu.


7 hours







Have breakfast in the hotel and drive back to Kathmandu similarly. You will enjoy Rivers, greenery, and rice fields along the way to Kathmandu.

You will have lunch near the River on the way to Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu, the same hotel as you stayed the first night.

Hotel in Kathmandu
Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal

Day: 06 Mount Everest Flight (options)


1 hour







Wake up early in the morning and drive by car/van to the domestic airport for one hour on the Mount Everest tour by plane.

It is a beautiful Himalayan flight from Kathmandu Airport by plane or Helicopter.

we are guaranteed to provide your sites near the window to take pictures; it is safe, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Note: To explore Mount Everest longer, you must go to Everest by Helicopter. It will take longer than three hours round trip from Kathmandu, including landing at the 5530 Meters (Kalapathar)

Nepal Mountain Flight
Nepal Mountain Flight by Plane

Day: 07 Final Departure.


20 Minutes





Have breakfast in the Hotel, and we can drive to the international airport for your departure. Please note: The hotel’s checkout time is noon.

If you have a late-night flight, then let us know.

We wish you peace in the World and a safe journey back to Suite Home.


Airport of Kathmandu
Nepal Departure airport

What's Included?

  • Airport picks up and drops off by car/van/bus.
  • Kathmandu city tour as per above program, inclusive tour guide, car/van.
  • Highly experienced, helpful, and friendly Guide.
  • Nepal Government taxes
  • Ground transportation or flight tickets
  • Complete board package trip.
  • Three-time meals a day( Breakfasts, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Tea or coffee with every meal.
  • Per person, one city map

What's Excluded?

  • Travel insurance.
  • Tips  and Donation
  • Sightseeing entry fees.
  • Hard and soft drinks

For price please contact us.

Essential Information - Lumbini Tour

Best seasons to explore at the Lumbini

Four seasons are open in Lumbini, but Nepal has two seasons that are the best time to travel. The best seasons start from the beginning of March to the end of June and restart from September to the end of December. Similarly, The Lumbini have their trust to look after the Temple. It is called Lumbini Development Trust.

Everyone can go to the Birthplace of Lord Buddha. March, April, May, June, September, October, and November are the best traveling seasons here. You can do it in groups and group join bases for 2023 and 2024.

Transportation to Lumbini Tour

Boundless Adventure provides ground transportation from Kathmandu according to the group size. You can travel by Car, Van, Jeep, Hiace, and Tourist bus from Kathmandu. It depends on your budget /cost and how comfortable a vehicle you would like to use during your tour in Lumbini.

We provide plane tickets at the nearest airport in Lumbini and pick them up from the airport to the hotel, and you may explore Lumbini right the next day or the following days.

Every type of transportation is available with us for exploring the  Lumbini. Contact us for details of the Lumbini tour itinerary, Cost, information, and the Lumbini tour Hotel by email or  WhatsApp at +977 9851033819.

Solo females or groups 

Boundless Adventure is fully responsive, even though it is for solo females. Of course, our complete response is to provide excellent service for solo and groups. We’ll give you a detailed tour itinerary in Lumbini according to your traveling days and Hotels for every night.


Lumbini is a small town in the western part of Nepal (Close to India) But very famous for the Birth Place of Lord Buddha; similarly, the Lumbini tour has standard luxury hotels available on B/B planes with vegetable, Jain food, and continental food. Every luxury hotel provides you with non-vegetarian food as well.

Note: We keep providing a tour from Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Lumbini and back to Kathmandu. Please let us know if you want to go to Mount Everest by plane or Helicopter.

Most Asked Questions by Travellers

Lumbini Tour starts from the capital of Nepal (Kathmandu), It is a 255 km west drive from Kathmandu. But, you may travel from the Sunauli border of India to Lumbini within a couple of hours only, from Sunauli border to Lumbini is just 88 Km only.

Yes, you can fly from the domestic airport of Kathmandu to Bhairawa airport and a car/van drive to Lumbini, It is a 35 km drive from Bhairawa airport to Lumbini. We’ll provide you with ground transportation and plane tickets too.

It is very easy, just click on book a trip and fill up accordingly Nepal arrival details including attach your passport and sent us. You will get a booking invoice in your email and you’re booking had been confirmed.

Normally 3 nights and 4 days long for Lumbini tour from Kathmandu to Kathmandu by ground transportation, if you are going take a domestic flight from Kathmandu, Two nights will be more than enough.

Lumbini is in Nepal. It is a low land area in Nepal. The Lumbini tour is 255 km west of Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Lumbini tour cost depends on the size of the group. If you are traveling with groups will be chipper and solo is a little expensive than a group. Contact us for price details; we can sort it out easily.

Yes, every hotel has free WI-FI and Boundless Adventure Company provides two bottles of mineral water to drink in every Hotel.

Yes, every nationality has to pay for the entrance fee, it cost Nepali Rs 500/- per person including your small camera and mobile.

Yes, an ATM is available nearby the hotel of Lumbini and the entrance gate of Lumbini temple. But Every ATM charge you RS 300 to 450 at once withdraw.

We have many different types of Vehicles for different sizes of groups and clients. From one person to four-person can use a Toyota car, from 5 people to 7 Person can used Scorpio/Lands cruiser and Van, if you have 8 to 13 people then they can be used Toyota Hiace / minibus and if you have more than 14 people then you may use Toyota costar and luxury bus.

Reviews on Lumbini Tour


Based on 215 Reviews

Somchai Anong

Humbling experience in Lumbini

My journey with my group of friends to Lumbini with Boundless Adventure was truly enlightening. The calm atmosphere of Lumbini with the expertise of our guides made our tour unforgettable. All management was organized smoothly by the team members of Boundless Adventure.

With all the logistic support by Boundless Adventure, we were able to just focus on absorbing the spirituality of the area. Indeed the Mayadevi temple where lord Buddha was born was the highlight of the visit. Also seeing people from all over the world showing respect to the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautman was a humbling experience that will stay in my memory forever

Somchai Anong, Thailand

( 67)

Birthplace of Lord Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal

I had a great holiday in the birthplace of Lord Buddha with Boundless Adventure. It had been a long time since I was unable to spend time with my family, so I took leave from my work and decided to go on a tour with my family. I chose the Lumbini tour due to the reason that it is suitable for all age groups of our family. The professionalism, hospitality, and service of Boundless Adventure is more than I expected.

They took good care of my family and mine for 5 days. We returned home after completing a tour of a spiritual site with a sense of peace and gratitude, our thanks go to only and only Boundless Adventure for the exceptional service and care.

Dampa, Myanmar

( 83)
Lumbini Tour
Liem Hoang

Getting engaged in a spiritual practice is always a kind of therapy for me that’s why I chose the Lumbini tour. Trusting Boundless Adventure is the best decision I’ve ever made for my tour. The Lumbini tour is the best among all the tours have undertaken throughout my life. My guide was knowledgeable about the history of the Lumbini and I was able to get some information from him.

I not only visited the areas but also got engaged in a meditation practice. I got so relief much after my journey on Lumbini. From the time I contacted Boundess Adventure to farewell from Nepal, the team took my proper care. I am grateful for the service of the company and look no other trekking agency for my next journey in Nepal.

Liem Hoang, Vietnam

( 64)
  • Instant Online Booking
  • Privacy Protected
  • Guranteed Departure
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Options Available (Accommodation, meals, permit fees, ground transportation, government tax, guide, airport picks up & drop off)