Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

Manaslu Circuit trek Route map

Manaslu Circuit Trek map, which is 14 days old, has updated detailed trail information and interactive features. For trekking in restricted areas, including the Manaslu Circuit, having a well-described map is essential, so we have provided the information on the route map of Manaslu to enhance the trekking experience of trekkers.

The map has essential elements, including trail, route, landmarks, elevation, and zoom-in and zoom-out features. Other notable features include a Legend and Itinerary highlights. As the map uses various signs and symbols with different shapes and colors, the Legend is an invaluable feature that makes it understandable.

Symbols with different colors and shapes for the main hiking trail, secondary route, driving route, viewpoint, mountain, lake, suspension bridge, pass, monastery, glacier, and checkpost are visible on the map. Trekkers found it a little tricky to navigate without knowing each symbol’s description; thus, Legend plays a crucial role in such cases.

Moreover, the itinerary highlighted below the Legend is another essential feature map. By looking at the Itinerary highlights, trekkers know their day-to-day destination. As per the itinerary highlighted, the Manaslu Circuit is a 15-day itinerary, including the first and fifteenth days at Kathmandu and the second for Kathmandu sightseeing.

Brief Itinerary of Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

As shown on the itinerary highlighted on the map, your first day is in Kathmandu Valley. The second day involves sightseeing around the Kathmandu Valley. Day 2 allows you to prepare for the journey in the Manaslu area. From day three, the trip for the Manaslu circuit begins. However, as seen on the map, trekkers don’t need to trek that day. Instead, trekkers are driven to Soti Khola by bus or jeep drive.

As clearly visible on the map, the trekking journey of the Manaslu circuit begins with a hike towards Macchakhola from Soti Khola. Likewise, the fifth day is a trek to Jagat, and the sixth is Philim. The Manaslu Circuit route map indicates a dotted line above Philim, representing the secondary route. However, you’ll take the main hiking route to continue the Manaslu circuit trek.

From Philim, the journey moves towards Deng on the seventh day. Trekkers reach Namrung in eight days, as shown on the itinerary highlight. Similarly, day 9 takes you to Samagaon via Lho gaon. As shown on the map, there is a symbol of the monastery on Samagaon, which you’ll visit on the tenth day’s acclimatization day. Furthermore, on the acclimatization day at Samagaon, trekkers go for the Manalsy Base Camp hike.

Day 11 takes you to Samdo and, on the twelfth day, to Dharmashala. Day thirteenth takes you to Bhimthang, yet you can see the symbol of the national flag of Nepal between Dharmashala and Bhimthnag, indicating pass. Thus, trekkers need to cross the longest Himalayan pass, Larkya La Pass, on the thirteenth day, making the journey one of the adventurous.

From day 13, the journey continues, descending through Dharapani on the fourteenth day and then a jeep drive to Kathmandu on the fifteenth day.

Mountain views during the Manaslu Trekking

The Manaslu Circuit route map quickly identifies mountain peaks. The mountains shown on the map include Mount Manaslu (8163m), Ngadichuli (7893m), Shringi Himal (7187m), Himal Chuli (7193m), and Manaslu North (7157m). Hence, trekkers can enjoy the view of all the mountain peaks depicted on the map. However, trekkers see some unnamed peaks during the journey to the Manaslu Circuit trek.

Elevation of the Manaslu Base Camp

The map elevates the significant areas of the Manaslu region to let trekkers know how much elevation they are staying in. As shown on the map, the trip begins from an elevation of 1400m at Kathmandu. Then, elevation declined to 730m at Soti Khola, which indicated elevation loss. As trekkers move above Soti Khola, they’ll start to gain elevation, bypassing the villages of Macchakhola at 890m, Jagat at 1400m, and Philim at 1700m. Deng at 2059, Nmarung at 2957m, Samagoan at 3530m, Manaslu Base Camp at 4800 meters, Samdo at 3875m and Dharmashala at 4480m.

After Dharmashala, trekkers cross the highest pass at 5160m and descend, resulting in elevation loss. Trekkers descend through Bhimthang at 3720m and Dharapani at 1860m. We are at the Annapurna conservation from here and drive to Kathmandu at 1400m.