Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance (Guide for 2024)

19 April, 2024 By Dambar Khadka

Manaslu Circuit Trek distance is about 110 miles to 180km, which means the relentless trekking of about 6-7 hours daily for about 10-12 days.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most underrated treks in Nepal. Before going on the trek to the Manaslu region, many trekkers often research basic things about the Manaslu Circuit, such as its distance, difficulty, and other factors.

Jagat to Dyang for Manaslu Circuit

Unlike Everest or Annapurna Base Camp Trek, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is not as famous or commercialized in Nepal. It is one of the untouched beauty hiding in plain sight. The Manaslu Trek takes you closer to the eighth-highest mountain in the world, Mt Manaslu.

This challenging trek takes you through dramatic valleys, lush green jungles, streams, rivers, waterfalls, and magnificent snow-peaked mountains. The terrain is rugged and rough in some parts, but it is generally simple and easy.

So, it is essential to manage your day-to-day trek distance along with time for acclimatization and rest so that you don’t burn out immediately after starting your trek.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance and Duration

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an off-the-road trekking adventure. It takes you through the amazing Manaslu Conservation Area, on the brink of stunning Mount Manaslu.

Manaslu Circuit trek Route map

You will head towards the same trails as Manaslu Base Camp, but after a while, the circuit trek’s trails become challenging, with several terrain variations. The total distance of the trek is around 179km or 110 miles.

Average Duration of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Completing the Manaslu Circuit Trek will take approximately two weeks. This includes arrival and departure from Kathmandu, trekking days, acclimatization days, and buffer days allotted for unforeseen circumstances or bad weather.

However, you can curate your itinerary and increase or decrease the duration of your trek. Remember that if you reduce the duration, you’ll have to cover more distance each day, and there will be less opportunity for rest or acclimatization.

Many factors affect the average trekking duration of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Physical Fitness

It’s pretty natural if you have a higher fitness level, you will cover more distance in a day, automatically reducing the trek’s duration. However, you will tire quickly if you lack physical fitness and can’t cover much distance daily.

Trail Conditions

Trek duration heavily relies on the condition of the trail. A smooth trail enables faster trekking and allows for a greater distance to be covered.

A trail impacted by rain, snow, landslides, or rough rocky beds will naturally slow your trekking speed, making you slower while covering the ground.

Acclimatization Days

Acclimatization is essential to give your body a break and prevent altitude sickness. Hence, the Trekking agency will include at least 1-2 days of acclimatization or resting days in your itinerary. If you have more rest days, the average duration of your trek will increase.

Actual Distance Covered

The first day of the trek begins with your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport and checking into the hotel. On the second day, you will drive towards Macha Khola from Kathmandu, which takes about 6 hours to reach.

The distance from Arughat to Machha Kohla is about 15-16 km, and the drive takes approximately 3 hours. During this drive, you will encounter stunning mountain views, streams, waterfalls, and wooden and suspension bridges.

On the third day, this trek starts at Machha Khola and goes through Jagat, Deng, Namrung, Samagaon, Samdo, Dharamsala, Larkya La Pass, Bimthang, Dharapani, and then back to Kathmandu. Along the way, the landscape changes from subtropical forests to alpine woodlands.

During all these days, you will cover at least 6-7 hours of trekking distance. Since the itinerary we are discussing is 12 to 14 days long, there are some days for acclimatization, and you don’t have to trek for 8-9 hours daily.

On the 10th day of your trek, you will reach the highest elevation of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, Larkya La-Pass. Larkya La Pass lies at an elevation of over 5160m. The best part of reaching Larkya La Pass is seeing stunning mountain ranges like Mt Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Kang Koru, Cheo, and Gyagi Kung.

The second half of the trek starts as you retrace your trek backward and reach the same places you came from. Since descending the ascent is much easier, you will cover more distance even if you trek for 6-7 hours daily.

Variations in Trek Distance

The total distance covered during your Manaslu Circuit Trek can vary. Many factors influence or affect the variation in the trek distance.


The distance of a trek can vary significantly depending on the terrain. For instance, the Manaslu Circuit has slightly rougher terrain than the Annapurna Circuit due to the larger area of landslides in the Manaslu area.

Therefore, the terrain is the most crucial factor determining a trek’s extent. Another popular trekking spot, Everest Base Camp, has a comparatively smoother terrain area, which will not affect the trek distance variations.


You will have difficulty breathing as you gain elevation during your trek because the air starts getting thinner. You cannot cover more ground at high altitudes, so the elevation affects the trek’s variations.

Permits and Restricted Areas

Trekking companies planning to visit the Manaslu Conservation Area should know specific regulations and restricted zones. These rules may affect the route taken, particularly on the eastern side of the circuit. It is essential to follow these regulations to comply with the rules.

Weather Conditions

Sometimes, extreme, unexpected weather can lead to unforeseen circumstances. Heavy snowfall, rainfall, or landslides can block your regular path, forcing you to adapt. Searching for alternative trails to take you to your destinations would be best. However, you have to rely on your guide or trekking company to improvise and develop different routes for the path.

Challenges and Considerations

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most beautiful trekking experiences in the restricted region of Nepal. The view of Mount Manaslu is worthwhile alone, but be sure that it is not a walk in the park.

Many factors determine the challenges and considerations during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Here are some of the factors.


Different factors increase the challenges during your trek, and altitude is among them. When you reach the Larkya La-Pass during your trek or Manaslu Circuit, you will get an altitude of over 5100m. The possibility of altitude sickness is high when the altitude is over 3000m. Hence, it is essential to ascent and descent gradually and acclimatize properly.

Dynamic Weather

The weather is very dynamic, especially at the top of the mountain. Be prepared for every type of weather, including snowfall, rainfall, summer days, thunder and lightning, and other types of weather. These unfavorable weather conditions can impact your trek, halting your progression. This dynamic weather results from extreme cold weather, windy snowstorms, floods, landslides, blizzards, and avalanches.


The Manaslu Circuit Trek is undoubtedly challenging, and one significant factor contributing to this challenge is its remote location. The trail passes through extremely isolated terrain, so finding essential services like healthcare, restaurants, lodges, and teahouses can be a real struggle.

Therefore, being well-prepared for the trek and clearly understanding the challenges ahead is essential.

Tips for Managing Distance

Successfully managing the distance during the challenging Manaslu Circuit Trek requires determination and preparation. Some of the tips are:

Break Down Distance

It is impossible to cover almost 180km of Manaslu Circuit distance, so there is no point in thinking about the entire trek immediately. So, break down the trek into smaller parts. Each day, you can plan to cover 9-10 km, which might take 5-6 hours. In this way, you can easily manage distance and be less tired.

Train Physically

Usually, fit people with physical solid conditions can cover the distance rapidly. If you are not physically trained while ascending the circuit trek, you’ll get fatigued quickly, which means you cannot continue. You’ll also have to take breaks or acclimate to the climate frequently, preventing you from managing the distance accordingly.

Use Trekking Poles

Trekking Poles will help you move and cover distance faster. Uneven and rough terrains will slow you down, so if you want to cover more distance during your Manaslu Circuit Trek, these trekking poles will help.

Hire Guides and Porters

Hiring guides and porters is also a wise plan for managing trekking distance. They are vastly experienced and will help you with everything during your trek. Especially if you are inexperienced and might have to change your trek route, then guides will be essential. 

They can contact the trekking agency and formulate new routes and trails for your trek. Potters help you by carrying heavy loads, which will help you walk faster and cover more ground during your trek.

Day 1: Pick up from the International airport
Day 2: Drive to Machha Khola
Day 3: Trek to Jagat
Day 4: Trek to Dyang
Day 5: Trek to Namrung
Day 6: Trek to Samagaon
Day 7: Acclimatization Day
Day 8: Trek to Samdo
Day 9: Trek to Dharmashala
Day 10: Larkya-La pass and Bhimthang
Day 11: Trek to Tilje
Day 12: Trek to Dharapani and drive to Kathmandu.
Day 13: Kathmandu explore day (options)
Day 14: Departure

Safety Measures and Precautions

Taking safety measures and precautions is crucial to making your trek successful and effortless.

Manaslu circuit trek distance Safety Measures and Precautions

Many known or unknown factors can create problems during your trek, so you might have to follow certain safety measures both before and during your trek.

Get Fit

Be sure to be fit for your trek months before its commencement. You must be physically fit since the Manaslu Circuit Trek is more challenging than other treks, like the Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Base Camp Trek. Carry backpacks and practice climbing staircases, or even visit local hills. Hiking in the local area is the best way of getting fit and raising stamina.

Research the Best Time

Before your trek, you must research the appropriate time for trekking the Manaslu Circuit. There is no point in trekking during peak monsoon and winter seasons, as many factors will create more problems during your trek. During monsoon season, the chances of floods are high at lower altitudes, while the chances of avalanches are high at higher altitudes.

Issue Travel Insurance

It is important to issue travel insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen medical or rescue expenses. If you are stuck in the Himalayas, helicopter rescue alone will cost over $5000. So make sure to issue travel insurance and include the extreme activity you are going for in the Himalayas to protect and secure you.

Get Hydrated

The Manaslu circuit trek offers plenty of exercise and takes a toll on your body, so take lots of water and liquids. You will not feel thirsty at higher altitudes, so the number of people suffering from dehydration is large. Drink lots of liquid with honey, ginger, and lemon, but avoid drinking coffee and alcohol.


1. What is the average distance of the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The average distance of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is 180 km, equivalent to 110 miles.

2. Which mountains are visible during the Manaslu Circuit Treks?

During your circuit trek, you will see Manaslu, Ganesh, Annapurna, and other mountains.

3. How do you cover more distance during the trek?

A few ways to cover more distance are to be physically fit or to use certain tools, such as trekking poles, hiking boots, ropes, etc.

4. Which is the highest point on the trek?

The highest point of the Manaslu Circuit Trip is Larkya La Pass 5106m.

5. How many days does it take to complete the Manaslu Circuit?

We have curated an appropriate 14-day – Circuit Trek, during which you will visit all the significant places of attraction in the Manaslu region.


Hence, the Manaslu Circuit is one of the beautiful, hidden, plains-view treks that has not been commercialized like other treks. Completing the 180 Km trek usually requires 12 to 14 days, during which you’ll explore every corner and crevice of the secluded and limited area. Contact Boundless Adventure will offer you whenever you want to Hike or Trek.

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