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Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking

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Trip Duration 14 Days
Nature of Trip Trekking
Maximum Altitude 5135m, Larke
Difficulty Grade Adventurous
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Best Seasons Mar - May & Sep - Nov
Meals Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Transportation Bus
Accommodation Hotel and Lodge

Manaslu circuit lodge trekking Highlight for 2022 & 2023

  • The Manaslu circuit lodge trekking goes via incredible countryside.
  • We are offering low cost with guaranteed service of Manaslu circuit lodge trekking.
  • Enjoy various seasonal and unique traditions in the Manaslu circuit lodge trek.
  • Reaching a high adventure pass – Larkya-La (5160 m) by the Tibetan border
  •  Mount Manaslu (8,163 m), is the world’s eighth-tallest mountain.
  • Find out the best Manaslu circuit lodge trekking seasons.
  • Endangered Bird and Animals, along with trekking in Manaslu
  • You may trek to Manaslu Base Camp at an altitude of 4400 meters.

Overview of Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking

Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking overview

Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking covers the world’s eighth-highest peaks, including Manaslu Base Camp. It depends on getting a quick glimpse at Mt. Manaslu and even the historical and heritage treasures of the Manaslu Conservation Area. The Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking is not very famous as Everest Region Treks and Annapurna Region Treks. Consequently, the Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking is among Nepal’s few new and less trafficked hiking paths. Manaslu lacks being loved and appreciated by the many visitors worldwide due to being less crowded. If you are looking for adventure holidays in Nepal, we highly recommend the Manaslu circuit trek with a lodge/tea house along the trail for 2023 and 2024.

Similarly, the Larkey-La pass is the Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking trail’s highest pass. It is 5160 meters altitude from sea level. Still, you would like to go to Manaslu Base Camp is 4400 meters altitude from sea level.

Similarly, People are trekking through the lodge/tea house these days, and it is unnecessary to carry a bunch of tents and many porters with you for camping trekking. You may have a beautiful lodge and tea house with electric lights and internet almost every night. More ever, Boundless Adventure provides a sleeping bag even though you will lodge trek in Manaslu on request.

In western Nepal, the Mt. Manaslu Trekking is an off-the-beaten-path trek around the Manashree Himalayan range (Mt. Manaslu (8163 m/26,781ft) ‘s peaceful and desolate Himalayas. The adventure Manaslu lodge trekking is among Kathmandu’s most feasible adventure sports. The attractive Budi- Gandaki, Nubri, along the Marsyangdi valley trek, exposes Tibetan culture with Bon religion in the northern areas of the trail adjoining Tibet.

The Manaslu Forest Reserve features Nepal’s crowning glory; Mt. Manaslu, the peak of spirits, has a biodiversity that separates itself from other hiking paths.

Manaslu, Nagadi Chuli, and Himalchuli are the three primary mountains of the Mansiri Himalayan chain. Similarly, the peaks include Himalchuli (7,893 meters), Ngadi Chuli (7,871 meters), Shringi Himal (7,187 meters), and Langpo (6,668 meters), and Saula (6,235 meters) are the major attractions, while you are hiking in Manaslu conservation area. Because of its accessibility to Tibet, Tibetan culture and way of life have significantly affected the Manaslu region in the northwest. The Tibetan Buddhists welcome you to an isolated and hidden corner of the planet in the rural settlements of Gurung, Ghale, and Bhote.

In 1991, the Nepalese government allowed trekking in the Manaslu region, whereas most portions are still banned and require restricted permits. Manaslu has much to offer trekkers, including majestic perspectives of the Himalayan range and elevated glacier lakes to a diversified cultural and biological ecosystem. In the Manaslu Conservation Area, there are around 2,000 varieties of plants, 39 animals, 201 birds, three reptiles, and 11 butterflies inhabiting 11 different forest types.

Endangered animals such as snow leopard, Musk deer, Red fox, Jackal, Brown bear, Blue sheep, Himalayan Thar, Wooly hare, and Himalayan marmot are among the animals discovered inside the meadows of the Manaslu Conservation Area. Remember, Solo Trekkers are strictly banding in the Manaslu region, but Boundless Adventure safely operates the Manaslu circuit trekking from Kathmandu even though you are a single female.

Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking cost

Boundless Adventure is a local trekking and tour company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We operate Manaslu circuit lodge hiking at a reasonable cost and price for couples, families, and small groups. The price is started from US$ 1000/- per person, including accommodation, Permits, ground transportation, meals, and trekking crew. Please get in touch with us for more information on Manaslu circuit lodge / Tea house Trekking by email or WhatsApp at +977 9851033819.

Best Time to do Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking

There are two different trekking seasons in the Manaslu conservation area.

  • Spring season (From March to May) Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking
  • Autumn Season (From September to December) Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking

March to May indicated spring in Nepal, the peak season for trekking in the Manaslu region and Nepal. Generally, the temperature in Manaslu fluctuates from +4 to +15 degrees Celsius during this season. Flora and fauna are in great abundance during this season of the year. The Rhododendron forest along the path is lovely, and thus the atmosphere is calm, offering magnificent mountain sights. April is the most significant month for the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The temperature will be neither too hot nor too cold throughout autumn, usually stretching from September to November. Temperatures range from 8 to 20 degrees Celsius on average at the lower elevations of the trek. The temperature might decrease to -3 C at night in high peaks.

Food in the Manaslu circuit lodge trekking region

Manaslu Circuit Trek has been modified from a tented trek to a teahouse trek by establishing a simple teahouse. Won’t camping, you won’t have an expert chef to serve your unique; instead, you’ll have to lean on the meals available in every teahouse along the trekking trail. Most teahouses engage skilled kitchen staff, but they may be on vacation during the off-season.

The cuisine at the teahouse contains a broad range of meals. Yet, it cannot equate to other well-known trekking like Annapurna and Everest.

Food is less expensive in the lower areas of the trek and becomes even more costly as you continuthere’srek. Since there’s no refrigerated storage room for meat and raw veggies, the choice of items in the restaurant may be limited as you ascend.

Accommodation during the Manaslu circuit lodge trekking region

Tea houses serve as lodging on the Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking Nepal. The accommodation here is not relatively as modern as it does in the famous Annapurna and Everest regions. New tea houses have been constructed across the pathway as the area has grown. They mainly provide the most necessary facilities, featuring twin beds with hardly any other furniture.

The bedrooms come with a mattress, parents, and a blanket; however, the rooms aren’t enclosed. You can also carry your sleeping bag with you to avoid catching a cold and keep it hygienic in higher latitudes, including Samdo, the expense of a room increases. The cuisine is delivered in everyday dining and relaxing spaces with warm heat.

Internet Connectivity en route to Manaslu circuit lodge trekking

Internetisn’tss is available across the trekking path, although this isn’t as speedy or effective at higher elevations as at lower heights. You will have access to advanced internet between Kathmandu to Jagat. Unfortunately, the connectivity becomes even more unstable and inconsistent whenever you start climbing in elevation. Wi-Fi is offered in the many tea houses in Samagaun, Samdo, and Lho at a low cost if needed.

Furthermore, if you can acquire a data package for 3G/4G coverage, you could use mobile networks (GPRS). Yet, your internet might not work correctly, and the battery runs out quickly due to the high altitude. Therefore, we recommend you enjoy trekking rather than getting engaged on your mobile phone.

How difficult is the Manaslu circuit lodge trekking?

The Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking is considered a complex hike world. It features off-the-beaten-path parts across the voyage. It delights backpackers with diverse and breathtaking vistas as the world’s eighth-highest peak.

Trekkers could encounter problems throughout the trip, including icy roads, local routes, and rocky trails. It may be challenging and adventurous trekking for just some trekkers. Difficulties may emerge because you must cross the Budi Gandaki River via many bridges. Due to the storm and wet roads, you may experience numerous challenges on your route.

Also, trekkers should take care of their physical and mental fitness. Trekking in Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking is extremely not challenging, even though you have to climb at higher elevations. Make sure about your health before traveling to the Manaslu region in Nepal.

 Travel Insurance in Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking

Travel insurance is mandatory if you are coming to a different nation or an elevated location, such as the Manasalu region. Considering Manasalu is a restricted and inaccessible area, transportation is minimal, and there are few health checkpoints along the trek. The hike reaches more than 5000 m heights. Therefore, there seems to be a risk of achieving altitude sickness. As a result of these issues, it could be hard to gain quick treatment in an unexpected accident or illness.

Therefore, you are requested to do travel insurance, which requires a daily trekking itinerary, maximum elevation, the region you are exploring, emergency contact number, and other similar information regarding your booked trekking agency.

Restricted Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking permits

To control and grow tourism in the Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking region, the Government of Nepal has declared this region a restricted area. As a result, individual backpackers cannot visit Manaslu  Circuit lodge trekking without a well-experienced guide and a government-registered company.

According to government regulations, each group should have a minimum of 2 climbers and a trekking guide. Additionally, Boundless Adventure trekking agent can provide you from Kathmandu. which has the required authorization for the Manaslu Circuit trekking permits. Similarly, you can’t get permits from freelance guides and individual clients. It is necessary to have three different types of licenses with you.

  • Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (RAP)
  • Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

Packing list for Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking

The trek begins to climb up to nearly 710 m at quite a level of almost 5210 m. The weather, elevation, and air supply will shift as the altitude rises. You may make your expedition enjoyable and require essential hiking equipment and gear. You could become sick during your walk; without warm clothes, you need to have down Jackets and sleeping bags with you, preventing you from having a wonderful and pleasurable time. If you feel uncomfortable carrying it with you, you can rent or repurchase trekking equipment in Nepal.

Drinking water at Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking

We are local; we know every hotel of the Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking, and they also know us. Similarly, one of our trekking crew of Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking, who had been with you. They’ll provide fresh drinking water from the kitchen in your bottle to use the Chlorine. We prove to you Chlorin kills bacteria and drinkable water. Of course, you can get mineral water and Hot water along the trekking trail of Manaslu circuit Lodge Trekking. If you rather like to buy warm water and mineral water to drink at Manaslu circuit lodge trekking would be your choice.

Itinerary of Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking

Boundless Adventure Nepal provides a 14-day itinerary of the Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking from Kathmandu airport, but trekking will start from day 2 until day 12. If you have a shorter time to go to Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking and would like to cross the Larke-La pass (5135 Meters), then we can make a shorter itinerary. Let us know your traveling days for your comfortable.

Note: We are providing a bus from the second day to Arughat and the starting place of Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking. Similarly, at the end of the trip to Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking, if you would like to have a private Jeep also, we can provide you with Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking  (A maximum of seven people can travel together at once by Jeep)

However, We can provide a Jeep to the starting point of Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking; You may share the Jeep cost. Please let us know if you are trekking to Manaslu in a group. We are happy to discuss the Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking cost and itinerary.

Day:01 Pick up from International airport
Car 15 m
Overnight Kathmandu

Welcome to Nepal. Boundless Adventure’s airport representative receives you at the international airport and transfers you to the Hotel by private air-conditioned vehicle. After a short refreshment at the Hotel, we will meet again to discuss the different schedules and give you an overview of the following days. Overnight at the Hotel.

Note: You can get a local SIM card and exchange it nearby the Get no 1 of the International airport.

View from Kathmandu airport
View from Kathmandu airport, Nepal
Day:02 Drive to Machha Khola
Jeep 6 hrs
Overnight Soti Khola
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Hotel

From Kathmandu, we leave early, right after having breakfast through the passable but winding road. After a short drive leaving the Prithvi Highway, off-road begins, this is a bit dusty and narrow, but the surrounding landscape’s view is excellent. Aarughat Bazaar used to be the gateway of the Manaslu trekking, where we check-in and drive continuously to Machha Khola; We enjoy the terraced hillside and rice fields during our driving hours. Overnight at the Hotel

Note: Bus drive to Machha Khola.

Upper Mustang Jeep Tour
Machha Khola Jeep Tour
Day:03 Trek to Jagat
Overnight Jagat
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Tea house

Hiking towards Khorlabesi from Machha Khola after breakfast, we cross a stream. It directs us to Tatopani, a small natural hot spring, where you can feel relaxed and take a natural medication for various skin diseases. The trek frequently takes us to the Budi Gandaki River beach, crossing suspension bridges over the River. We reach Dovan after a couple of uphill and downhill. Then we cross the Yaru Khola and begin to climb Thado Bharyang (steep uphill stone staircases). Then we cross the Riverbank, climb over a ridge, and reach Jagat. Overnight at the lodge.

Jagat Village Manaslu Trekking
Jagat Village Manaslu Trekking routes
Day:04 Trek to Deng
Overnight Deng
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Guest house

Restricted trekking area is starting from Here.

Having breakfast at Deng, a hamlet, we cross the bridge and hike uphill to the Rana village. Heading further, we get an opportunity to explore the Tibetan Buddhist cultural scenario, including the Mani walls. The waterfalls on the route and rhododendron woods create diverse scenery. The impressive Himalayan views of Mt. Ganesh Himal and Himal Chuli keep smiling at you. It is the ultimate destination for today. Then we take a side trip to Namla Monastery and return to Namrung. Overnight at the lodge. (B,L,D)

Deng Village, Manaslu
Deng village Manaslu Trekking
Day:05 Trek to Namrung
Overnight Namrung
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Guest house

Heading from Namrung after having breakfast, we pass through the rhododendron woods and reach the Lihi village. It is impressive with the rewarding beauties surrounding the entire town by the fields and Chhortens. Ganesh Himal shines at the horizon, accompanied by Simnang Himal. Then we walk gradually to the God-gifted village of Samagaon, which is culturally a unique destination you will reach during the Manaslu Circuit Trekking. Overnight at the lodge.

Namrung Bridge
Namrung Bridge, Manaslu
Day:06 Trek to Samagaon
Overnight Samagaon
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Lodge

As we keep on climbing upon the higher altitude, we need to adapt to the alpine altitude. Acclimatization rest helps to avoid acute mountain sickness so that you can accomplish the mission to climb over the Larke Pass with good sleep and breathing. Have breakfast, walk around the Sama Gaon village, and explore the dynamic Tibetan Buddhist cultural scenario. Sama Gaon is a settlement of Tibetan Buddhists who migrated from Tibet long ago. Enjoy the rest of the time reading and staying warm. Overnight at the lodge. (B,L,D,A)

 Samagaon in Manaslu
Samagaon Village Manaslu
Day:07 Acclimatization day
Overnight Samagaon
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Guest House

With great energy on our feet, we march from Samagaon after having breakfast. While walking further, we reach a junction, where the left route leads to the Manaslu base camp. Leaving it, we proceed through the correct path, dotted by the juniper and birch forest. First, we climb to the Budi Gandaki Riverside after crossing a wooden bridge. Then we climb up to Samdo, a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist settlement. Overnight at the Guesthouse

Manaslu Base Camp
Manaslu Base Camp Photo
Day:08 Trek to Samdo
Overnight Samdo
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Hotel

The increasing altitude and the Himalayan aura keep on lifting the heartbeat. Having breakfast, we hike down to the Budi Gandaki River, which we encounter for the last time on this excursion. The magnificent journey moves through the juniper forest along with the dazzling scenery of Lake La Glacier. Gradually, we reach Dharmashala, which is the last point in the Manaslu region before crossing the adventurous section of the Larke La Pass. Overnight at the Hotel. (B,L,D,A)

Samdo village Manaslu
Samdo village in Manaslu
Day:09 Trek to Dharmashala
Overnight Dharmashala
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Hotel

The journey begins early in the morning, so; breakfast will be served before. We need to make a long walk. The excursion starts around 4 am, fixing the torchlight through the icy trail. The walking is not easy, so the adventure seekers thoroughly enjoy trekking. Climbing for a while, a few frozen Lakes appear along with the sparkling Lake glacier. The adventurous climb to the Himalayan pass above 5000 meters requires a brave heart, but once you reach there, the crown will be on your head, and you want to shout. Besides, the outstanding Himalayan peaks Mt. Annapurna, Manaslu, Himlung, and Kanguru offer smiles with fragrance. Succeeding the climb to the top and descending to Bhimthang is equally challenging. Celebrate the challenging pass with the team in the evening at Bumthang. Overnight at the Hotel.

Manaslu-Larkey Pass
Manaslu-Larkey-La Pass
Day:10 Larkey Pass and Bhimthang
Overnight Bhimthan
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Hotel

The Restricted area will end up from the top of Larkey-La pass.

Today is the most challenging and exciting day of the Manaslu circuit trek. The trek begins early morning, ascending through the steep rock-dominated trail. Larke-La Pass is located at 5160 meters altitude, with an enchanting view of Mt. Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, and the surrounding peaks. Stepping towards the Annapurna side is slippery, and one has to pay special attention, especially during the snowfall. The trek leads to Bhimthan today, Overnight, at the lodge.

After Larkey Pass Bhimthang
Bhimthang Village
Day:11 Trek to Tilje
Overnight Tilje
Food B, L, D
Accommodation Hotel

Bhimthang is a picturesque village with a vast grazing meadow, rewarded by the Lamjung Himal, Mt. Manaslu, Phungi, Himlung, and Cheo Himal early in the morning with the sunrise view over the peaks. It’s the schedule, and we need to move even though we don’t prefer to leave such stunning mountains behind. After breakfast, we begin the excursion through the pine and rhododendron forest to Karche. The vegetation and climate are significant in the locality with a higher degree of cultivation. Then we continue to the Gho village and stretch to Tilje for the overnight stay. Overnight at the hotel

Tilje Village, Manaslu
Tilje Village, Manaslu Trek
Day:12 Trek to Dharapani drive to Kathmandu.
Jeep 5 hrs
Overnight Kathmandu
Food B, L
Accommodation Hotel

We have a less walking schedule today and more driving. Having breakfast, we embark on the excursion downhill and connect to the Annapurna Circuit Trail. Trek to Dharapani, and catch a bus to Beshishahar. From Beshihahar to Kathmandu by Bus.

Note: If you would like to have a private Jeep from Dharapani to Kathmandu then it will cost you extra.

Hotel in Kathmandu
Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal
Day:13 Kathmandu explore day
Helicopter 4 hrs
Overnight Kathmandu
Food Breakfast
Accommodation Hotel

You will be free day in Kathmandu, for shopping or you may explore on your own. But Breakfast and Accommodation are included.

Note: Besides trekking, if you are still looking for further adventure activities like one hour Everest Base Camp explore by plane or helicopter, Let us know. Paragliding, we set out for the activities. Otherwise, the representative of Boundless Adventure Company drops you at the airport on your schedule by private vehicle.

Thank you for letting us serve you during your adventure trekking in Manaslu Circuit trekking,  Overnight at the hotel.

Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour
Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour in Nepal
Day:14 Departure.

The representative of Boundless Adventure drops you off at the international airport at your scheduled time. Thank you for letting us serve you during your adventure trekking on Manaslu Circuit Trail. Check-out time of the Hotel will be at Noon.

Airport of Kathmandu
Nepal Departure airport


What's Included?
  • Picks up and drops off from the international airport by private a/c vehicle.
  • Standard accommodation in Kathmandu according to the itinerary.
  • Three meals a day during the trekking (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) with neat and clean lodges.
  • Bus tickets from Kathmandu to Machha Khola.
  • Manaslu Restricted Trekking Permits
  • Paperwork for the trekking (ACAP and MCAP Permits)
  • From Dharapani- Beshishahar by sharing a 4WD Jeep.
  • From Beshahishar- Kathmandu by bus.
  • A professional trekking guide (Let us know how many porters you need)
  • Salary for the guide and Porters and his insurance, food, accommodation, and transportation
  • Per person a trekking map.
  • Duffel bag for trekking (if required)
  • Government tax.
  • Sleeping Bag and Down Jackets (If needed, provided for trekking only)
  • Purifier drinkable water.
What's Excluded?
  • Meals in Kathmandu
  • Anything extra is not included in the given list above (e.g., Extra accommodation, food, and drinks).
  • Chocolates and energy bars
  • Hard and soft drinks
  • Tips for guide and porters (expected)
  • Mineral water.

Essential Information - Manaslu circuit lodge Trekking

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Departure Date & Cost

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Most Asked Questions by Travellers

Manaslu trekking destination is located in the northwestern part of Nepal, which begins from Soti Khola, which is located in 7-8 hour driving distance from Kathmandu.

Manaslu Trek is a Challenging(adventurous) excursion that guides you from 750 meters (Soti Khola) to 5135 meters (Larke La Pass) through the geographically diverse landscape.

The usual itinerary suggests 12 days trekking in the mountain region. The total 17 days of this trip include arrival, departure, drive back and forth to Soti Khola and Dharapani to Kathmandu, along with sightseeing.

Thousands of trekkers fulfill their adventure thirst with Manaslu Trekking every year.

There are menus with variations in food items. Trekkers will get typical Nepali food items to the Indian, Chinese, and Continental.

There are also variations in accommodation style in Manaslu Trekking. From the tent based trekking option, the trail has been facilitated by the attractive lodges, including the shower and warm dining hall facilities.

Of course. You will get mineral water in the Manaslu Trekking. But, you need to buy it on your own. Besides, you can use the water purifier and drink it from nature too.

In most of the places, yes. But, you need to pay extra to use the wifi service. Sometimes, it may get interrupted due to the bad weather.

You can charge your mobile phone and laptop during the trekking in the lodges and hotels on the Manaslu Trekking Trail. But, you may have to pay extra for that.

There are two best suitable seasons for the Manaslu trek- spring and autumn for the best views and wonderful weather.

You will need to walk approximately 5-7 hours a day on average. But, it really depends on your walking.

You need three types of permits for the Manaslu Trek: Restricted Area Trekking Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Entry Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Project entry permit.

Manaslu Larke Pass (5135m) is the highest point of this trek, which is a challenging Himalayan pass that connects Annapurna trail.

Absolutely. There should not be any hesitation about it. People are so friendly here. However, permits for the solo trekkers are now allowed as Manaslu trekking falls under the category of Restricted area trekking.

There are ATM facilities in Kathmandu and some of the points of the Highway and Aarughat. You can’t use the ATM service during trekking.

We give you the trekking map after you arrive at the hotel from the international airport that depicts the height and details.

Yes, we do. We accept these cards in our office.

Sure. You can pay in advance through the online payment system or transfer to our bank account.

We manage all the required permits and paperwork. You get a TIMS card, Restricted Area Trekking Permit, MCAP permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Project entry permit from Kathmandu and we proceed to obtain them from your documents.

TIMS card helps for information about trekking and safety along with the rescue of the guide and porters. Permits are necessary to enter into the national park and conservation area.

Dharmashala (4450 meters) is the highest elevation you sleep. Then you cross the Larke La Pass on the following day.

Altitude sickness will not occur is the precautions are followed, but it cannot be underestimated as trekkers need to cross the Himalayan high pass. To increase the adaptation with the high altitude, we spare a rest and acclimatization day and our guide recommends the meals and drinks that help to avoid altitude sickness.

On average, porters carry 10-12 kg stuff.

Local guides speak good English. Even if you need another language-specific guide, we manage them too.

It is better to book the trek quite early for the best trip arrangement. At least, a month earlier. So that, we can manage the best available lodges and hotels in the cities, which remain crowded in the season time.

You can exchange money in Thamel and other parts of Kathmandu.

Manaslu Trek begins from Soti Khola (750 meters) and ends at Dharapani (2550 meters).

Of course not. You can leave unnecessary stuff at the hotel and they will keep them safe.

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