Sali Nadi Temple Tour One Day

20 December, 2023 By Dambar Khadka

Overview of Sali Nadi Temple Tour One Day

Sali Nadi Temple Tour one day, Sali Nadi at Sankhu is the ancient Newari town northeast of Kathmandu Valley. It is about 17 km from the tourist hub Thamel, Kathmandu. It is a 1-hour drive by car from the tourist hub of Thamel. Sankhu is also known as Shankharapur for its famous ancient Sankha-shaped town structure. However, we also provide Helicopter trips to the Himalayas. Look at the video for more details.

Sali Nadi Temple Gate
Sali Nadi Temple Gate

With the month of Magh in the Nepalese calendar, Sali Nadi is an attractive place for Hindu devotees. As Hindus in Nepal worship the goddess Swasthani and read the story about her, many Hindu devotees take fasting for a month and worship the Swasthani goddess. Sankhu is also famous for Sali Nadi Mela. It is a small town where you can start hiking from Nagarkot’s viewpoint every time.

Salinadi Temple
Salina di Temple

The festival begins yearly on the first full-moon day of Poush (January), the ninth month of the Nepalese calendar, in the Sali Nadi temple. In other places in Nepal, during the Poush month, Goddess Shree Swasthani is worshipped daily, and the story of Goddess Swasthani and Lord Shiva is read.

It is also known as Swasthani Puja in Nepal. The devotees fast for a month, eat only once daily, always take the holy bath in the morning, and wear nicely washed pure clothes. All the hand and feet’ nails should be well-trimmed through the Swasthani Book. Millions of Nepalese Hindu women practice this one month as extended fasting for their husbands’ prosperous lives, and unmarried women fast to get an ideal husband in the future.

During Magh, many devotees go to Sankhu, Salinadi, for ritual holy baths in the Salinadi River. It is also believed that having a ritual bath in the Salinadi River may remove all the sins and harmful activities.

Worshiping at Salinadi
Worshiping at Salinadi

Well, Sankhu, Salina is the Newar community. Different Newar community people celebrate various cultural festivals in Sankhu, Salina. Throughout the trips, you can also learn about the Newar community and its festivals around the base of Sankhu areas. For more information, Sankhu Salina is the hiking route from Nagarkot’s viewpoint.

It is a 3-4 hour trek from the Sankhu area. Along the way towards Nagarkot are great scenic beauties and fresh, evergreen, natural surroundings. While coming to the Nagarkot base point, you can warmly overview the central Hilling mountains, which effortlessly capture the eyes and feelings. Furthermore, Nagarkot has tremendously attractive views of sunrise and sunset.

For more information about trips to various religious places in Nepal, you can kindly drop your information to grab the two-day trekking opportunity.

People bathing at Salinadi River
People bathing at the Salinadi River

Sankhu, Salinadi Temple is a religious place where you can create good memories on holiday. Similarly, Boundless Adventure carries out different religious tours and trekking throughout Nepal. We provide you with a well-experienced trekking guide, itinerary, and permits at reasonable cost and price.

Sali Nadi Temple Tour One Day By Vehicle.

Boundless Adventure is your local company based in Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal. We provide many types of vehicles according to the size of your group. We have a car for up to four people, a Jeep for up to seven people, a van for up to fourteen people, and a bus for more than twenty people. You may go here for more information about vehicles and the Sali Nadi Temple Tour. You may find out Sani Nadi Temple at the following location on Google. PFH9+FM2, Shankharapur 44600

Listed in National Park

Sali Nadi is between Nagarkot and Kathmandu. But, it is situated in the Kathmandu valley. Similarly, It is near the Shivapuri National Park.

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