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Nepal Backpacker Travel

Nepal backpackers’ travel is the most underrated travel style. The friendly people and diverse natural attractions make it the most popular destination. Moreover, the bare minimum is the budget to survive in Kathmandu’s streets or on the mountains’ trails. No wonder the country has been the hub for backpackers since 1992.

If you are seeking the adrenaline rush, pack your bags and lace up your shoes. Travel to Nepal and get ready to be dazzled by the sheer beauty of this Himalayan nation. In the space of half an hour, you can experience the flatland Terai and snowy Himalayan landscape. The diverse culture, vegetation, and wildlife that come on the way add gloss to the traveling experience.
What are the barriers to proper backpacking travel? Safety and budget are the main barriers. However, in the case of Nepal backpackers’ travel, these two things are guaranteed. Even the remotest part of this country is safer for travelers. People will readily come to your help if you require it. You will find a person waving at you or smiling at every crossroads. You can feel the warmth and impeccable hospitality.

Nepal backpacker travel image
Nepal backpacker travel image

This Himalayan nation is between Asia’s two powerhouses, India and China. The birthplace of Lord Buddha and an abode of gigantic snowy mountains endow a perfect platform for Nepal backpackers’ travel. The landscape is spectacular, and the climate is just fantastic. Countless travel destinations, unbelievable cuisine, and, top of all, the country is affordable.

What Are The Activities That You Can Do During Nepal Backpacker Travel?

There are plenty of things to do in Nepal. Relish the chance to accumulate Adventure and architectural craftsmanship in one single holiday.

Trekking: Diverse landscape of Nepal paved the way for countless walking trails. Drift with your backpack into the wilderness Himalayan belt of Nepal. Try commercial to off-the-beaten trekking routes. However, it would be best to be careful while traveling solo with Nepal backpackers. In some trekking areas, there are incidents of trekkers going missing. Therefore, get help from the trekking agencies while trekking into those areas—people hiking in Annapurna conservation at Annapurna Base camp, Annapurna circuit, and Mardi Himal.

Also restricted area Upper Mustang, Nar Phu Valley. Also, Manaslu region and Tsum Valley. Most backpacking travel at a budget to the Everest region at Gokyo Valley, Cho la Pass, Everest Base Camp, and three high passes

Heritage Sightseeing: Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Bandipur are the major backpacking destinations for city sightseeing. These places are either significant historically or naturally. If you love exploring ancient architecture, travel around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur. For recreational activities, visit Pokhara, Chitwan, and Bandipur.
Spiritual & Pilgrimage: Seek salvation in the temple, monasteries, and Stupas of Nepal. The place has countless pilgrimage sites, especially for Buddhism and Hinduism religion. The birthplace of Lord Buddha and Pashupatinath temple in Nepal proves that the country is ideal for spiritual holidaying.

Food Hunting: Over 135 different castes of people live in this tiny Himalayan nation. These people have their cuisine according to the geography where they are living. Therefore, Nepal backpackers’ travel to hunt different delicacies is also a strenuous travel activity. Give a different taste to your tongue. Go beyond MO: MO (the signature dish of Nepal known to people across the globe).

Go Yolo: The best way to travel is not to have plans. Sometimes traveling without any planning can provide a meaningful holiday. Carry out some white water rafting or jump off the suspension bridge by doing bungee. Spend the night in one of the homestay villages or do some fishing in the freshwater rivers of Nepal.
Nepal backpacker travel is probably the only place you can do as you like. Knit the holiday moments in whichever way you feel like. Adventures, spiritual, architectural, rural, volunteering, and historical are the theme on which you can do Nepal backpacker travel.

Holidays In Nepal Backpacker Travel

Get repose from the daily routine lifestyle. Be refreshed and come back to your original workplace or home stronger. Learn and unlearn new things and new surroundings. These are the basic concept of holidays. Some prefer to spend these periods with family. However, some want to explore. Holidaying in Nepal is super fun and enticing. Even if the country is small, holiday goers can find many activities. Therefore, choose Nepal if you are thinking about going on a vacation.
Mark Twain once said that those who stay at home read only one page of the book called Life. Therefore, leave your comfort zone and explore the world. If not the world, explore Nepal. Does the Nepal backpacker travel on holiday? I bet you that you will find the much-needed solace.
Moreover, after the COVID PANDEMIC, people need some respite. They search for a time and place to get relieved from such a stressful time. Embark on the magnificent holidays with your friends and family. Interestingly, you can choose to do holiday alone too. The best way to travel independently can be the Nepal backpackers’ travel.

Nepal backpacker travel image two
Nepal backpacker travel image two

Budget Travel At Nepal Backpackers

Investment in travel is an investment in you. The knowledge is not only gained in a formal academic institution. You will instead gain much more life lessons. However, lots of people ponder about traveling because of budget constraints. There are many global destinations where you can quench your thirst for traveling on a limited budget. Among those destinations, Nepal is the most attractive and safer option.

Plan your Nepal backpackers’ travel and get the worth of all your travel investments returned with interest. Yes, such is the sheer magnificence of this country. You will not regret every penny you spend on the holiday in Nepal. Budget Travel does not mean you go broke or are picky about your spending. It is about the proper planning technique too.

On a good note: Contact the travel planners of Boundless Adventure! State your budget, and they can knit the best itinerary for Nepal backpackers to travel at an affordable cost. Let them handle all the hassles of trip management, like permits, lodging, and logistics. You enjoy your much-needed holiday.

Hostel For Nepal Backpacker Travel

Getting reasonable accommodation during Nepal backpackers’ travel is very crucial. The best form of lodging during this type of travel is Hostel. There are countless good hostels in and around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Chitwan, and Pokhara. These places are the major touristic destinations of Nepal.
A Nepal hostel is unlike a typical lodging establishment where you only get bunk beds. However, Nepal has hostels of different price ranges. You will be amazed that you can get more expensive hostels than some 3 – 4 star hotels. Yes, it is true. Do some inquiries before booking the hostel accommodation for yourself?

The benefits of staying in Hostels are the chance to meet people from different backgrounds and rate freedom. Nepal backpackers travel and Hostel for overnight sleep gel together so well. Therefore, book your stay in the Hostel and meet other people. Share ideas with them and get acquainted with the different lodging styles while traveling.

Famous places to find good hostels are the Patan Square area in Lalitpur, the Dattratraye Square area in Bhaktapur, the Lakeside site in Pokhara, and the Thamel area in Kathmandu. Most hostels are clustered around the Kalahari area, In Thamel. It is on the western side of the central Thamel marketplace and next to the tourist bus park in the Sorhakhutte area.

Hostel for Nepal backpacker travel
Hostel for Nepal backpacker travel

Cheaper Travel

The word cheaper may not sound good, but it is also a brilliant way to explore places you like. Imagine that you are getting marvelous travel memories at a reasonable rate. If that is the case, why not travel to a place where you can get diverse and worthwhile holiday activities at a competitive rate? It is such type of tourist destination in Nepal. It is not an exasperation to say that out of all the tourist destinations of the world, Nepal is the epitome of all kinds of holidays. Be it for the luxury or be it for the cheaper travel.

Always inquire and gather information before traveling to any destination. If you know the social background and the attitude of the people living there, you can get good deals. This philosophy applies to traveling also. There are countless examples of people traveling to various parts of the world without spending much money. Therefore, don’t hesitate to travel. Plan and make the dream a reality if you can’t afford it.
Attach your holiday dreams to Nepal. Even cheaper travel becomes sumptuous if it is related to Nepal. The best example is the idea of making a Nepal backpackers travel.

Thamel Area

Thamel Area is the bustling tourist hub of Kathmandu. It is the heart of entertainment and tourist activities. Many hotels, eateries, bars, shops, and travel agencies make it the clamoring center. The place is not only for entertainment but also for buying various travel gear. The site is the solution to every kind of travel question that comes along the way.

For Nepal backpackers travel, Thamel is the nerve center. Travelers can find a variety of options related to lodging and food as well. The presence of unlimited hostels and local eateries paves the way for a worthwhile backpacking holiday in Nepal. No wonder you can find an array of backpackers strolling around the place.

Even if the place is limited, you can do lots of activities. This is probably the only meeting commonplace for travel operators and travelers. After or before the holiday activities in Nepal, people enjoy being inside Thamel. Moreover, you can find various activity centers in this place.

Wall climbing and futsal arenas have added dimension to this place. Interestingly, the site has Nepal’s tallest wall-climbing indoor arena. Treat yourself to the cuisines of the world. Tourists can enjoy local delicacies from Newari, Thakali, Marwadi, and typical Nepali. They can get food from across the globe as well. Nightlife in Thamel is the latest hot trending thing to do in Nepal. LOD (Lord of the Drinks) club in Thamel has been awarded as the world’s 52nd club. Therefore, travelers can get a different taste of nightlife too. Besides this club, there are numerous lounges, bars, and clubs where you can groove to some Western or Nepali folk music.

If you are conscious about your health during the Nepal backpacker’s travel, try visiting some spa and natural therapy massage centers in Thamel. At an affordable cost, travelers can rest and relax. Give your tired body after trekking the much-needed revamp.

Find a quiet corner and get a book from one of the bookstores. Or, stroll around and observe the partygoers as well as people from different countries of the world. The place is also famous for people to meet new friends and to learn about them. For those looking to do Nepal backpacker travel, Thamel can provide lots of solutions. Visit travel agencies and hostels and compare them with your budget. Compare and choose.

Overall, Nepal backpackers travel; Thamel is the nerve center of the tourism industry based in Kathmandu. If you don’t have any booking when visiting Nepal, get a cab from the airport and explore Thamel. You will not be disappointed by the availability of options.

Nepal backpacker travel
Nepal backpacker travel

Nepal backpacker travels one of the kinds of style of holiday you can do in Nepal. Yes, backpacking is fun. It endows freedom. However, it may also result in lots of hassles in your holiday plans. Thus, please inquire with the responsible trekking or tour agency in Nepal.

Boundless Adventure always aims to assist valued tourists. We give them the correct information regardless of their status or objectives for visiting Nepal. Therefore, call our office if you plan to travel for the Nepal backpackers. We can discuss Nepal’s various requirements and attractions with a sip of coffee or tea. Before the Nepal backpackers travel, it would be easier for travelers to know about the things to do in Nepal.