Jagat to Dyang Trek During Manaslu Circuit Trek

25 February, 2024 By Dambar Khadka

Jagat to Dyang Trek, Day three on the Manaslu Circuit trek is the hike from Jagat to Dyang. After completing a sound sleep, you will wake up hearing the beautiful, soothing sound of a gentle rush of water flowing over rocks along with the fresh environment of Jagat. After enjoying the scenery, you will have a warm breakfast at Jagat’s tea house and leave for your destination. 

The Jagat is the starting point of a restricted area in Manaslu Circuit Trek. You will have to show your MCAP (Manaslu Circuit Area Permit) to the administration of the MCAP office located in the Check post of Jagat. You will start your journey of Manaslu Circuit Trek from Jagat to Dyang by Hiking. You have to cover a distance of 20 km to reach Dyang from Jagat, which takes approximately 5 to 6 hours.

You will reach Bhalugaon after a short walk from Jagat by crossing the suspension bridge of Pahang Khola. There is a Hot spring in Pahang Khola near the bank. You will reach Salleri after crossing the bridge and walking for some time from Bhalugoan. Salleri is a village located near the bank of Budhi Gandaki Stream, at 1440 meters above sea level. Salleri serves as a viewpoint of the beautiful snow-capped mountain.

During the journey to Dyang from Jagat, Salleri provides a stunning view of Shringi Himal. Most people of Salleri are Gurung, Tamang, Sherpa, and Rai, and they follow Buddhism. You will get an opportunity to be involved in their cultural and religious activities along the way to Dyang at the village of Salleri. You can visit the Monastery and chorten in Salleri as well.

We’ll hike along the bank of the river and get to Sridibas via Paimo. Sridibas is at an altitude of 1430m. Sridibas is a village with minimum facilities, including health and check posts. During your journey along the Sridibas to Dyang, you can visit the Buddhist pilgrimage site, as there is a Monastery all along the journey. Sridibas lies in the middle of two small streams, Bhatu Khola and Ghatta Khola. You have to cross the small stream of Ghattu Khola to continue your journey of Manaslu Circuit to reach Dyang via Nagjet.

After arriving in Nagjet, two alternative routes can be chosen to reach Nyak: the route involves walking along the bank of Budhigandaki via Bansing and Chumjet. Another is a route across the bank of Budhigandaki, where you have to cross the suspension bridge of the confluence of two streams, Budhi Gandhaki, and Syar Khola, via Philim, Ekle Bhatti, and Lakuwa. However, we will go with the second alternative.

 After crossing the bridge, you’ll reach Philim, a Gurung village. Philim lies at 1590 meters above the sea level. Compared to other villages, Philim has many Inhabitants, and better facilities are available here. Throughout the Trek, you can explore the Monastery and the different cultural sites in Philim. It is also a campsite with a guest house, several facilities, a telecommunication, and an information center. A School, Health, and Check post in Philim are also available.

Hiking for a while and exploring the culture and the habitat of Gurungs, you take a way to Ekle Bhatti at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. You will have your lunch at Ekle Bhatti as a resting point. It is also a camping site. You will move forward on your journey to Nyak after finishing your lunch and after giving your feet rest. On your way to Nyak, you will cross Thangurmu, elevated at 1660 meters above sea level. You will see a stunning waterfall, which gives pleasure to your eyes, before crossing the new suspension bridge again to reach the Nyak village. After crossing the bridge, you reach Nyak via Chumjet at 1670m and close to your day’s destination, Dyangl.

During your journey to Nyak from Chumjet, you will visit a Hindu pilgrimage temple and a school. Passing them, you will reach Nyak, elevated at 2340 meters above sea level. It is a camping area. Nyak is a village of Gurung where you can explore the Gurung committee’s culture, religion, dress, and language.

After walking from Nyak village, you will cross a small stream of Pewa Khola to get Dyang. You will continue your walk along the bank of Budhi Gandhaki, listening to the soothing sound of the flowing water. Hiking for a short period will lead you to the end of your day at Dyang, the 3rd Journey of Manaslu Circuit Trek. You will arrive at Dyang Crossing, a mesmerizing forest full of the national flower of Nepal, the Rhododendron, along with a view of several waterfalls. Dyang is a village elevated 1800 meters above sea level. You will stay at the cozy tea house of Dyang. Your dinner and overnight stay will be at the same tea house in Dyang.

About Gurung Culture during the trek to Dyang from Jagat

Gurung is one of the main Gurkha tribes. It is a caste that follows Tibetan Buddhism. Gurung has their own culture, myth, and tradition. Not only that, but Nepal has several castes with their own identity, culture, religion, language, and dress, which makes Nepal different from other countries.

The main festival of Gurung is Tamu Lhosar, celebrated every year on the 5th of Poush (December 30). The Gurung community celebrates Tamu Lhosar as their New Year. It marks the beginning of the Gurung’s calendar. As Gurung has it’s own culture and culture, it also has its cultural dance. At the beginning of their new year, they gather, form small and large groups, and celebrate by performing traditional dance. 

The traditional clothes of Gurung are Bhangra( a white cloth) and Kachhad ( a type of kilt) for men and Gunyo-Cholo ( A kind of blouse) and a velvet Ghalek ( a sort of long skirt) for women. However, the small traditional jewelry Gurung women wear makes the whole look stunning. If you want to try those formal Gurung dresses, then we will try to arrange them for you. As Gurung people are friendly, they will let you wear their traditional clothes and involve you in their cultural activities with good hospitality in Nyak village throughout your Trek to Manaslu Circuit.

Cramped Area

Jagat is the gateway of the restricted area of Manaslu Circuit Trek. Trekkers are required to bring a special permit to trek in the cramped area of Manaslu. You must obtain three permits for the Manaslu Circuit trek: Restricted Area Permit, ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project), and MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area Project). Trekking with a guide and two or more trekkers in a group is only allowed in the Manaslu Region. You need a professional licensed guide to Trek in Manaslu Circuit.

Nepal’s government and the Department of Immigration provide special permits to trek in restricted areas. An authorized Trekking agency can apply on behalf of the trekkers to Trek in the cramped area. However, Boundless Adventure is an authorized company that facilitates the special permit and the Professional Guide to Trek Manaslu Circuit.

Scenarios throughout the Trek of Manaslu Circuit from Jagat to Dyang

During the journey from Jagat to Dyang, you will hike along the bank of the stream, Budhi Gandhaki. That indicates your trip will be peaceful, along with the pleasant sound of birds chirping and flowing water. You will find small and large streams and fascinating views of Waterfalls while trekking towards Dyang. On the journey to Dyang from Jagat, you will pass through the beautiful forest where you can glimpse Nepal’s stunning and attractive national flower, Rhododendron.

You can also glimpse the cultural site during the Trek to Dyang. As most inhabitants follow Tibetan Buddhism, plenty of Monasteries, Chortens, and a small number of Temples are on your way, representing the cultural diversity of the Manaslu region. One can be involved in various cultural activities and enjoy the cultural beauty on the trek to Dyang.

Cultural Aspects From Jagat to Dyang

The trail from Jagat to Dyang shows the diversity of culture, as most Hindus are seen on the lower part while Buddhists are on the higher part between the route from Jagat and Dyang. You can explore the cultural diversity throughout your journey to Dyang. But most of the inhabitants from Jagat follow Buddhism as they are Tibetan-influenced Buddhists. Gurung is the main caste you will find during your Trek. Those who follow Buddhist culture in the region include Tamang, Sherpa, Lama, and Rai. You will be glad to be part of their several religious activities as they treat you like your family throughout the trek to Dyang from Jagat.

Route to Dyang From Jagat

As the restricted area starts from Jagat, the route from Jagat to Dyang is not well established. You may find it slightly adventurous to hike during your journey to Dyang. You are still hiking in the Manaslu conservation area in Nepal. But you don’t have to be worried as the trail is safe enough to walk.

An alternative route can be chosen for the trek from Jagat to Dyang from Nagjet. If you select the regular path, then you have to cross the suspension bridge twice via Philim, Ekle Bhatti, and Lakuwa; otherwise, if you want to take an alternative, then you will straight walk along the bank of Budhi Gandhaki without crossing the bridge via Bangsing. Both routes lead you to Nyak; you will reach Dyang from there.

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