Lukla Airport

5 January, 2024 By Dambar Khadka

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The Most Exciting Airport In The Everest

Lukla Airport is a domestic airport located in the Solukhumbu District of Khumbu Pasanglham, a rural municipality in Nepal. The airport lies in Province No. 1 of Nepal, with an elevation of 2,846 m / 9,337 ft from the sea level. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal is responsible for operating the airport in Lukla.

Lukla Airport is also famously known as the Tenzing-Hillary Airport. It was renamed in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, signifying their contribution towards building the airport and recognizing them as the first people who reached the summit of Mt. Everest in 1953 A.D.

One of the many reasons why Lukla Airport is famous? The starting point for the Everest Base Camp. Thus, this creates a significant attraction for tourists and locals to experience an exciting trip while traveling. Let us explore some flying routes to Lukla airport. You can prepare well for your trip to the most exciting airport in Everest!

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Lukla airport and runway
Lukla airport and runway

Flying Route To Lukla

Flying above the Himalayas and landing at Lukla airport sounds like one of the most exciting flights you will take. If you plan to fly from Kathmandu to Lukla, the flight will last approximately 45 minutes, covering 85 miles / 136 km from take-off to landing. Several airlines frequently run this route; the approximate cost per person will start from $220/—per way.

However, starting 1st October 2022, Nepal Aviation Authority has notified that all Lukla flights will be flying from Ramechhap (Manthali Airport) instead of Kathmandu. It will take you around 4 hours’ drive to reach Manthali from Kathmandu, and after that, the flight from Ramechhap to Lukla will take you around 12 to 17 minutes.
You can even book an Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour for an exciting experience.

It will cost you around $625 per person, more or less. You can book a private helicopter or take a group-sharing flight. You can view the green slopes along with constant waterfalls and 18 different mountain ranges, four of which are higher than 8000 m.

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The Scenery Along The Lukla Airport.

If the weather favors, the scenery from Lukla Airport is magnificent and exciting as people can experience the sight of Mt. Everest close to the final approach. Weather plays a significant role in an enhanced experience while you fly. The ideal time for you to visit Lukla would be in spring, around March-May, and autumn, as the view will be more apparent.
The flights usually take off in the morning, which lets you experience the sunrise view and the sun’s glow in the mountains. Some planes even go between the hills, allowing you to view Mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Range, and Tibetan Himalayan Range at the beginning.

You can see many Himalayas in the Everest region, Mount Everest, Gokyo Peak, Thamserku, Kusum Kangaroo, and many unnamed peaks. Similarly, you can also discover and tour the places and villages to see incredible viewpoints and the scenery in Sagarmatha National Park.

Scenery to Lukla airport
Scenery from Lukla airport

The Majority Are Around Lukla Airport.

The significant highlights are the ambiance, people, and places that easily mesmerize people in Lukla airport. Most sherpa people are used to living here. But Lukla airport is a getaway to the Everest Base Camp, Amadablam Base Camp, and Everest region treks. Most Everest region hotel owners charter planes and take too many goods from Kathmandu to Lukla airport. Here is where Sherpa, Rai, Tamang, and Chhetri used to live.

Resort/Hotels/ Lodges/ Guest House In Lukla

You can find hotels, lodges, and guest houses according to your budget and convenience. The hotels there have all the facilities, including internet service, charging ports, warm rooms, hot water supply, and many more. Depending on the number of people traveling, you can find different choices for the type of rooms you require. Your trip will be hassle-free as there will be little disconnect from the city regarding accommodation.

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Sherpa Community and Culture in Lukla.

The primary residents of Luka are the Sherpas. Most are in the tourism business and run their tourist accommodation and hospitality sector. They highly depict and reflect their culture in their communication and positively represent themselves as welcoming and thoughtful. The interesting fact about them is that they worship the mountains of the Himalayas as their Gods.

For instance, they worship Mount Everest as Chomolungma and refer to it as the “Mother of the World.” Similarly, they worship Mount Makalu as Lord Shiva. Mount Makalu is listed at the Makalu Barun National Park of Nepal.

They are high on maintaining and passing on their values, ideas, traditions, and lifestyle. They celebrate their main cultural festival, Lhosar, as the marking of a new year on the lunar calendar. Another major festival they celebrate is Mani Rimdu, which occurs in October and November. Sherpas are some of the warmest people you will come across. Their gestures and mannerisms are sure to make you feel comfortable and warm.

Monasteries In Lukla

One of the critical attractions of Lukla is the monasteries that are present there. The Kemgon Monastery is famously known as one of the holy sites that the locals highly follow and believe in. The sanctuary comprises a vibrant environment covered with Buddhist paintings and artworks from ancient times. Moreover, you can visit there for a peaceful ambiance rich in culture to explore.

Monasteries near by Lukla airport
Monasteries near Lukla Airport

Money Exchange Options At Lukla.

You need not worry about your currency, as Lukla conveniently provides a money exchange facility. You can find several money exchange booths around Lukla Airport. The banks are also available on every corner. Siddhartha Bank, Kumari Bank, and Rashtriya Banijaya Bank provide ATMs, Banking, and accessible money exchange facilities. The exchange rate will be according to Nepal Rastra Bank.


The flight to Lukla Airport is undoubtedly a fantastic experience. Thus, it is also known as the most exciting flight around Everest. Boundless Adventures can help you quickly manage your flight to Lukla Airport from Phaplu or Kathmandu.

We can also provide comfortable accommodations, cultural tours, and money exchange facilities around Lukla Airport. You can contact us through email or WhatsApp to learn more and get started on your journey.

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