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15 October, 2023 By Dambar Khadka


Nepal tourism? Nepal is a well-known tourist destination in terms of history and beautiful nature. Nepal is one of the most stunning nations. Most visitors from around the world travel to Nepal to take in its natural beauty. The world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, is located in Nepal. With an almost 8% Contribution to GDP, the tourist industry has continued to be a pillar of Nepal’s economy. Nepal is renowned for being an ideal location for promoting tourism. We have many gifts from nature that appeal to tourists.

Some visitors come here to take in the natural wonders and beauty. Some of them come to our nation to go hiking and mountain climbing. Some people are curious about our heritage, civilization, faith, and other topics. Some visitors come here to have fun. You can find the historical Kathmandu Durbar Square at the following location: P834+MM Kathmandu.

Nepal is heavily reliant on tourism. It has a lot of benefits for us. It can generate foreign exchange that we can use for development. Tourists purchase our products, trinkets, and locally produced items. Safety and infrastructure are the two main issues. The majority of scenic locations are found in far-off places. To boost tourism in Nepal, we must offer all amenities. The government needs to provide visitors with safety and contribute to economic development. The temptation for tourists to travel to our homeland will then grow.

Famous Tourist Area In Nepal

Nepal is also a tiny country in the world. But it has many different areas for tourists.

Pokhara City In Nepal

People travel from all over the world and love to visit the coastal resort city of Pokhara. The lakeside town is the entrance to Nepal’s Annapurna region and provides rest to weary hikers. There are upscale hotels, eateries, nightclubs, and department stores all along Phewa Lake. A monastery honoring the high priestess Barahi Bhagwati is located on a mainland in the lake.

Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is home to various animals, such as rhinos, Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, gaur (buffalo), deer, and many more. Luxurious hotels are located on the resort’s edge, and Sauraha, a nearby village, offers more affordable lodging options. Just southwest of Kathmandu is the Indian border, and Chitwan is one of the World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO.

Nagarkot Tour In Kathmandu, Nepal

To appreciate the awesomeness and greatness of the Himalayan region without engaging in high-intensity exercise, visitors should visit Nagarkot, known best for its mountain scenery and the Kathmandu Valley. Viewpoints of 8 Mountainous ranges can be seen from the village of 4,500 residents, located northeast of Bhaktapur on a high ridge. Within walking distance of the Nagarkot perception tower from your hotel, the most excellent location in Nepal is where you can see the beautiful sunrise over the Himalayas. We suggest you stay overnight at the Nagarkot to see the best views of the Himalayas.

Lumbini Tour.

Lumbini, the alleged kingdom of Lord Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, is frequently visited by many Buddhist pilgrims. Huge kudos to archeological finds that date back to around 550 B.C.; the legendary location attracts researchers, scientific experts, and enquiring tourists alike. Maya Devi temple, Ashoka pillar, and Tilaurakot In addition to several Buddhist temples, holy lakes, relaxation centers, and cultural structures, the complex, designed by Japanese architect Kenzo Tange, is in the center of a beautiful park.

Activities In Nepal Tourism

Nepal Tourism is a critical component of the economies of many countries worldwide. The tourist industry has several benefits for host countries. Tourist revenue enhances economic growth, creates thousands of new jobs, and promotes cultural dialogue while stimulating the economy.

Nepal Tourism
Mountain in Nepal

Trekking Trails

Trekking in the Himalayan region expands one’s sector of perceived notion by trying to balance physical and mental exertion with relaxation and religious exhilaration prompted by a lovely environment and loveable human interactions. Various durations and difficulty levels are available for hiking trails in the Nepal Himalayas.

Although some hiking paths only require a day hike, others require extraordinarily arduous, elevated expeditions all over mountainous terrain. You have the ultimate decision on whether to pursue your dream. Your trek’s length, difficulty, and duration are up to you. Still, we have different trekking routes, including Everest Base Camp, Three high passes, Chola Pass, and Gokyo Lake in the Everest region.

If you are talking about the Annapurna region treks, Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp, Upper Mustang, and later opened treks, Mardi Himal and Phopra are the best. Not only these trekking areas are in Nepal tourism. They provide the Manaslu trek, Nar Phu trek, Tsum Valley, Langtang Valley, and Gosainkunda; Upper Dolpa and Lower Dolpa are famous trekking destinations in Nepal.

Cultural Touring

Every part of Nepal has different cultural surroundings, whether in the East, West, North, or South. Language, social system, culture, religious doctrine, and faith are all significant aspects of Nepalese culture. The historic buildings, memorial services, and sacred temples all showcase the depth of Nepalese culture. As our knowledgeable, multiple language guides lead you on cultural tours of the nation, you will gain a good comprehension of Nepali culture. Interacting with the local ethnic communities will make your trip thrilling and uplifting. Depending on your schedule, we can take you on tours of Nepal based on cultural highlights over a single day and a week.

Helicopter Tour

We have two different types of Helicopters. Five travelers can travel with the B350 Airbus, and Robinson 66 has four passengers. The R 66 is mainly based in Pokhara, and the 350 is in Kathmandu only.

Nepal is a tiny country, but it is a wonder to behold because of the magnificent wildlife, valleys, and hills God has privileged it with. The most pleasant way to travel to Mount Everest is by helicopter from Kathmandu to the Sagarmatha National Park. The next most popular spot is Annapurna Base Camp from Pokhara and Kathmandu. One of the most revered and well-liked destinations for Lord Bishnu temple (Muktinath temple) from Pokhara and Kathmandu. We have been operating such helicopter tours since 1992 A.D in the Himalayas in Nepal.

Pilgrimage Sites In Nepal

Nepal’s most famous pilgrimage sites include Muktinath Temple, Pashupatinath, Manakamana, Halesi Mahadev, Patan Krishna Temple, Lumbini, Gosaindkunda, Janakpurdham, Devghatdham, Dakshinkali Temple, Kailashnath Shiva Temple, Doleshwor Kedarnath Temple, Bouddhanath, Swyambhunath, and Namo Buddha Monastery.

Restricted Trekking Areas In Nepal

Nepal’s splendor is indescribably beautiful. The intersection of geography and organic diversification is the cause of this. Eleven of the fourteen mountain ranges greater than 8,000 meters are in Nepal. Significant traveling locations include Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Everest, and restricted trekking areas. Trekking became popular with the founding of numerous routes along the vast Nepal Tourism in the 1950s.

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