Souvenirs From Nepal

30 January, 2023 By Dambar Khadka

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Best Souvenir Ideas from Kathmandu, Nepal

Are you thinking of having the best souvenirs from Nepal? Of course, Nepal is a beautiful country located in the southern part of Asia. In time, it has developed as a popular tourist destination in Nepal and offered various tourist platforms. Remember the beauty of Nepal; tourists take a lot of different types of souvenirs from Kathmandu, Nepal. You can get many souvenirs, including Thangka, Carpets, 100% pashmina, Singing Bowls, Special leaf tea, a Gorkha knife, Jewelry, and Art. Find out contact WhatsApp numbers in Nepal at +977 9851033819

You can also gift the souvenirs you have collected from Nepal to your friends. The souvenirs of Nepal are influenced by nature, culture, history, and the arts of the Nepalese people. Here is the list of Souvenirs from Nepal that you can collect from Nepal to keep your memories alive.

Singing Bowl Souvenirs from Nepal

Singing Bowl

Singing Bowls are trendy in Nepal. It is one of the most incredible things you can buy while sightseeing in Kathmandu, Nepal; having extra days with you is unnecessary to get Souvenirs from Nepal. The bowls are made of metals that make a soothing sound when rubbed by a rim that goes in a circular motion with a wooden stick. The sound that comes out is fantastic, and its vibration is healing. People usually use the bowl for meditation. It comes in various sizes, and you can purchase them from the local stores in Nepal.

Thangka Paintings Souvenirs From Nepal

Thangka Mandala

Thangka Paintings are famous paintings of Nepal. You can get such thanks at Boudhanath and around Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. Thangka paintings are trendy among the world’s famous paintings. It is a traditional hand painting on cotton or silk canvas. You can choose the painting you want as well. The paintings are quite popular as wall decorative and are famous among tourists.

Spices of Souvenirs From Nepal

Nepal is a Himalayan country. It is famous for its rare herbs and unique spices. The herbs in Nepal are used in Nepalese and Indian Kitchens for cooking. The aroma of the spices can light up your kitchen. You can take the spice home. Also, you can collect some famous Ayurvedic medicines and cosmetics made from local spices to get Souvenirs from Nepal.

Ilam Tea Souvenirs From Nepal

Ilam Tea Garden

Nepal is one of the best countries to buy tea. You can get many different types of teas in Nepal. The western part of Nepal (Ilam and Jhapa) has many tea gardens. Golden Tips, Ruby Black, Honey Gold, Himalayan Gold, and Himalayan Hand Roll Tea are famous hygienic and organic teas in Nepal. In 2021, more than 70,000 people will get jobs in the tea gardens of Nepal.

Kukuri (Gurkha knife) Souvenirs From Nepal

Kukuri is also one of the best emblems in Nepal. Looking at the history of Nepal, we see that it has played a very significant role. Until today, it has been used as a knife in Nepal. The blade is strong and shining with an inward curve. Hence, it is one of the best souvenirs you can collect from Nepal. However, Thamel is the best market for Khukuri in Nepal.

Mala Beads Souvenirs From Nepal

Famous among the Buddhist and Hindu people, the mala beads are the finest souvenirs from Nepal. The beads are used during meditation. People who meditate count mantras to chant while rolling the beads; some use it silently. You can pick up a necklace or a bracelet. The price of the mala beads depends on the quality of the beads and the beads used.

Pashminas Souvenirs From Nepal

Pashmina Nepal

Another souvenir that you can collect from Nepal is the pashmina. The price of the pashmina ranges from $5 to $200, depending upon the quality. These scarves are used in both summer and winter. The best place to buy these scarves is in Ashton or the Tramel Market of Patan and Kathmandu, Nepal.

Wood Carvings Souvenirs From Nepal

Wood Carvings

Kathmandu Valley of Nepal is famous for wood carvings from ancient times. As influenced by the Newar people, the wood carvings are a famous souvenir you can collect from Nepal. This souvenir is an actual work of art and comes in different shapes and sizes. This is one of the most preferred souvenirs from foreigners traveling to Nepal. You can get souvenirs from popular tourist destinations in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan.

Jewelry and art souvenirs From Nepal

Jewelry in Nepal

Jewels are also the beauty of Nepali handicrafts. You can collect handmade jewels in Nepal, such as necklaces, handcuffs, and bracelets. The jewels are also made of stones, which makes them look beautiful. Also, you can collect art as well as some decorative ones. Hence, you can get jewels as a souvenir from Nepal.

Conclusion of Souvenirs From Nepal

Hence, you can collect souvenirs for any material in Nepal. Choose the souvenir that fits your budget and wish. You can choose from Handmade carpets, Gurkha knives, sweeter walls of pashmina, Jewelry and Arts, Local products, Tea, and Thangka. Whatever you want to buy, there are the most famous Souvenirs in Nepal. You can contact us with any inquiry about souvenirs from Nepal.

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