Off Road Travel Destination in Nepal

27 June, 2024 By Dambar Khadka

Off Road Travel Destination in Nepal. With its diverse landscape, Nepal offers some of the most thrilling off-road travel experiences. 4WRDJeeps are the best option while traveling off-road as they provide a reliable and convenient way to reach remote destinations that are inaccessible through any other mode of transportation. The navigational feature of Jeep’s rough and narrow landscape makes it ideal for traveling to stunning off-road destinations in Nepal. Here are some of the off-road travel destinations by Jeep in Nepal.

Syabrubesi Off Road Travel Destination in Nepal

Syabrubesi, at 2380m, is the gateway to the Langtang Valley. Syrabrubesi lies in the northwest of Kathmandu. The Jeep drive to Syarbrubesi commences from Kathmandu through Prithivi highway. The distance from Kathmandu to Syrabrubesi is 122km, which takes approximately 8-9 hours by a scenic drive by a Jeep.

The road condition from Kathmandu to Syrabrubesi varies. The initial phase of the drive passes through a blacktop road. However, as the journey gets closer to Syarbrubesi, the roadway becomes rough, with a zig-zag route via a gravel road. Regarding the final drive phase, a Jeep is the perfect option. 

The scenic drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi showcases Nepal’s beautiful landscape. 

The landscape changes from the crowded area of Kathmandu to the terraced field of the rural area. Views of Mount Ganesh and Lirun are spectacular on a clear day during the drive.  The riverside view of Trishuli along the way is also stunning. Moreover, the traditional villages with ancient houses are awe-inspiring during the Jeep drive from Kathmandu to Syrabrubesi. 

Manang Jeep Trip

Manang is a gorgeous village in the Annapurna region with an elevation of 3519m. Although the village is naturally and culturally prosperous and attracts thousands of trekkers yearly, the town’s road infrastructure needs to be well established. Manang is one of the well-known trekking destinations and an acclimatization point for the various trekking routes. However, the Jeep tour in Manang is equally enjoyable and exceptional. 

The Jeep tour to Manang commences with a beautiful drive from Kathmandu. The tour to Manang by a jeep takes several days if one prefers to soak themselves in the beauty of the Annapurna area. Generally, the jeep tour takes travelers to Chame on the first day and Manang village on the second day. The jeep tour also covers the trek to Tilicho Base Camp. However, with Boundless Adventure, travelers can customize their itinerary to plan a trip according to their preferences. 

Manang Jeep Tour’s initial driving phase passes through a paved road on Prithivi Highway. Until reaching Beshisahar, the road is blacktop, and visitors have a smooth drive. Yet, the road becomes rugged and is gravel from Besisahar onward. The drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar takes 8-9 hours. However, the distance from Kathmandu to Manang village is 269.4 km. 

The off-road travel to Manang by Jeep is thrilling, filled with diverse landscapes and breathtaking views. The excursion to Jeep drive follows the Trishuli River, where travelers can see the river’s fast-flowing water. From Besisahar, the drive takes you to a world of awe, where the magnificent view of snow-capped peaks will attract sightseers on each turn. 

Upper Mustang 

A Jeep tour to Upper Mustang is well-known and popular among national and international tourists. Due to its unique arid landscape, deep gorges, and spectacular Himalayan views, Upper Mustang is a dream destination for adventure enthusiasts. The perseverance of its ancient culture and heritage makes it a must-visit destination for cultural enthusiasts. 

For the Upper Mustang Jeep tour, visitors can take a Jeep directly from Kathmandu or travel to Pokhara by bus or plane and start the Jeep drive from Kathmandu. Still, travelers have an option for a flight to Jomsom from Pokhara and then to start the Jeep tour. The tour to Upper Mustang takes several days. Lo Manthang is the highest elevation visitors get on their Upper Mustang Jeep tour. 

The road to Upper Mustang is off-road, with rough and dusty conditions. However, it passes through the mesmerizing and exceptional landscape of Upper Mustang. The royal palace of Lo-Manthang, the cave, and monasteries along the way are the highlights of the off-road Jeep trip to Upper Mustang. 


Thamdanda, at 2344m, is a stunning village in the Bagmati Province of Nepal. The Jeep drive to Thamdanda is part of the Everest Base Camp trek by Jeep tour. The jeep drive begins from Kathmandu and ends at Thamdanda on the BP highway. The drive passes through areas of Dhulikhel, Ramechap, and Okhaldhunga. Before reaching Thamdanda, travelers stay overnight at Salleri village, which serves as the administrative center of Solukhumbu. After visiting a night at Salleri, the drive takes visitors to Thamdanda, where they can continue their trekking journey. 

The road condition to Thamdanda from Kathmandu varies. From Kathmandu to Salleri, the road is blacktop and well-maintained. The drive from Salleri is off-road through gravel and unpaved, making driving quite challenging. The distance from Kathamndu to Thamdanda is approximately 345km. 

The highlight of the drive from Kathmandu to Thamdanda is the panorama of a diverse landscape. Views of numerous mountains, traditional settlements, rivers and waterfalls, and forests are mesmerizing throughout the Jeep trip to Thamdanda from Kathmandu. 

Jagat of Manaslu Trek 

The drive to Jagat through a Jeep is a popular option for starting the trek to Manaslu Circuit. The route to Jagat commences from Kathmandu Valley. Taking a Prithivi highway, the drive takes travelers to Dhading Beshi. Continuing the drive, the road passes through Salyantar, Arughat, Soti Khola, and Macchakhola.  On the reaching day to Macchakhola, visitors spend a night there. On another day, the drive continues to Jagat. The distance from Kathmandu to Jagat is 160km. It is the main trekking trail of the Manaslu Circuit.

The drive from Kathamndu to Macchakhola travels through paved and unpaved sections. The Jeep drives through a blacktop road from Kathmandu to Dading Beshi. The drive passes through a zig-zag road from Dhading Beshi to Arugaht in a well-maintained trail. Onward to Arughat, the road is gravel. 

Muktinath Temple

An off-road jeep tour to Muktinath is one of the holy pilgrimage tours. The trip is the perfect blend of spiritual exploration and off-road adventure. The expedition to Muktinath through a jeep commences with a drive from Kathmandu to Tatopani. As getting to Muktinath on the same day when the tour begins will be less enjoyable, Boundless Adventure provides a 4-day tour to Muktinath. The first day’s drive takes to Tatopani; on the second day, the travelers get to Muktinath Temple and return to Marpha overnight; the third day returns to Pokhara, and the fourth day to Kathmandu. 

Kathmandu to Muktinath is 375.5 km through a varied landscape and road conditions. The road is blacktop smooth from Kathmandu to Pokhara. From Pokhara, the Jeep drives towards Tatopani, where the road is moderate, with a mix of paved and gravel sections. As the drive moves towards the Muktinath from Tatopani, the road is rugged, with dirt and gravel. The Jeep drives through narrow, winding, bumpy, and rocky terrain. 

Indeed, the Jeep tour to Muktinath is quite challenging due to the poorly maintained road, yet the scenery along the way makes the journey worthwhile. The Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain ranges, Kali Gandaki River, traditional villages, monasteries, chortens, and arid and desert-like terrain will appeal to the traveler’s eye along the way to Muktinath.

Halesi Trip

Halesi lies in the Khotang district in eastern Nepal. Halesi Mahadev is a significant Hindu religious site. The temple is well-known for its mystical cave and spiritual ambiance. However, getting to Halesi is difficult due to the poor condition of the road. Yet, Boundless Adventure offers an off-road Jeep drive to Halesi from Kathmandu. 

The off-road adventure to Halesi begins in Kathmandu, where one drives through the Arniko Highway towards Dhulikhel. The road from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel is a blacktop. After a few hours of driving from Dhulikhel, the journey moves towards Nepalthok on paved and rough roads. As the drive leads to Khurkot from Nepalthok, the road becomes rougher, with steep ascents, descents, and narrow paths. The road continues to become harsh and involves off-road driving until reaching Halesi from Khurkot. 

The off-road drive to Halesi is not only about the challenging journey but also a beautiful view. The diverse landscapes, from terraced fields and dense forests to distant mountain views, make the Jeep drive to Halesi a memorable adventure.

Car Trip Destination in Nepal

Nepal has some well-established locations that are rich in natural beauty. For such destinations, the Car tour is an ideal option. The Car tour in Nepal’s well-known destinations is flexible, comfortable, and convenient. Here are some popular destinations to visit in Nepal through the comfort seat of a car: 

Nagarkot Trip

Driving to Nagarkot is a popular vacation for National and International tourists. Nagarkot lies in the Bhaktapur district at an elevation of 2000m. Due to its proximity to Kathmandu, Nagarkot is also ideal for day tours. 

The distance from Kathmandu to Nagarkot is 32km, reached by a well-maintained road. The drive passes through a crowded Kathmandu area and then through a peaceful location with lush green hills and terraced fields before reaching Nagarkot. 

Upon getting to Nagarkot with a scenic drive from Kathmandu, travelers will be amazed by the spectacular beauty of the surrounding area. The view of mountains is also apparent from the Nagarkot but in winter. Nagarkot is well-known for its sunrise and sunset views, so we recommend you return only to witness a mesmerizing sunset view. 


Pokhara, the capital of tourism, is a must-visit destination with a comfortable seat in a car. Lying 201.2km from Kathmandu, Pokhara is known for its serene lakes and numerous tourist attractions. As the city is a popular tourist destination, it has facilities for each element and is ideal for a Car tour. 

The drive to Pokhara from Kathmandu passes through a Prithvi and Mid-Hill Highway alongside the Trishuli River. Travelers see terraced fields growing rice, wheat, and other crops along the highway, especially during harvesting. Upon reaching Pokhara, the drive’s highlight is the beautiful sight of the Annapurna range. 

Pokhara’s famous and must-visit destinations include Davis’s Fall, World Peace Pagoda, Bat Cave, Mahendra Cave, Seti River Gorge, and the International Mountaineering Museum. Likewise, visitors can take a boat ride on Phewa Lake and visit Bindhyabasini temple. Moreover, visitors can visit Sarangkot to catch the mesmerizing sunrise view. 

Chitwan safari

At 415m above sea level, Chitwan is another ideal destination for a Car tour in Nepal. Chitwan is one of Nepal’s most visited and developed cities, so the infrastructure and road conditions are well-maintained, providing a smooth car drive. Thus, the city’s accessibility by road makes it a pleasing option for travelers looking for a convenient yet thrilling experience. Chitwan is home to the famed Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with unique wildlife, including the one-horned rhinoceros, Bengal tigers, and various bird species. So, the major attraction of Chitwan is the National Park. 

Chitwan is accessible from every part of Nepal; however, most visitors begin their journey to Chitwan from Kathmandu. The initial drive passes through lush greenery via a winding road before reaching Naubise from Kathmandu. The drive continues towards Prithivi Highway via a well-maintained area offering a scenic view of the Trishuli River. As the car gets to Muglin, the road splits towards Pokhara and Chitwan, and taking a left turn, visitors enter the warmer climate of Chitwan. It is 181.1km from Kathmandu to Chitwan and takes approximately 5-6 hours. 

Chitwan National Park is the key destination of Chitwan; thus, we suggest travelers take advantage of the chance to tour the Park. Chitwan National Park offers a range of opportunities to get involved. Jungle Safari, either by Jeep or elephant’s back, bird watching, canoeing, and visiting the elephant breeding center are the highlights of visiting the National Park. Likewise, experiencing Tharu culture is another good thing to experience due to the car tour in Chitwan. 


Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, welcomes thousands of sightseers worldwide. Lumbini is accessible through various means, including ground transportation and airways. However, a car tour to Lumbini is flexible, comfortable, and convenient, allowing travelers to explore this sacred site at their own pace. 

The most common route to Lumbini by car is from Kathmandu. The distance from Kathmandu to Lumbini is 255km, which takes approximately 8-10 hours to drive. The roads to Lumbini are good, with a paved path through a scenic view of Nepal’s varied landscape. 

Mayadevi temple, Ashoka Pillar, sacred garden with various monasteries and meditation spots, and Lumbini museum are admirable places to visit during the tour to Lumbini. Royal Thai Monastery, the Myanmar Golden Monastery, and the Chinese Monastery are prominent in Lumbini and offer a glimpse into the diverse practices of Buddhism around the world.


Located within Kathmandu city, Chandragiri is one of the best places to visit by car.  The well-paved roads make it ideal for a smooth journey by car to Chandragiri. The car can only reach the cable car base station; from there, visitors must go by cable car to reach the hilltop of Chandragiri. Chandragiri Hill is accessible to differently-abled visitors and visitors of every age, making it an ideal destination for family vacations. 

The cable car ride is the highlight of the visit. It takes visitors over dense forests and offers a thrilling experience. Once travelers reach the top of Chandragiri Hill, they welcome the fresh air and panoramic view of the mountains from a far distance. On a clear day, the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas provide stunning views from the top. Similarly, a bird’ s-eye view of Kathmandu Valley is appealing from Chandragiri Hill

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