Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas

27 October, 2023 By Dambar Khadka

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas, Himalaya means an abode of snow. Where else than Nepal is the prolific home of snow? Yes, over 19000 snowy mountains make Nepal the epitome of Himalayan adventures. The countless icy peaks, diverse forests, and landscapes make it the best place for trekking activities.

Choose from the numerous commercial trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas to the serene off-the-beaten destinations. Soak in the wonders of Mother Nature and bask in the cool, fresh mountain breeze. Walk to the famous trekking destinations in the Nepal Himalayas.

Trekking is a travel activity synonymous with Nepal. Hiking is famous across the globe. However, the word trekking is probably best suited for any hiking activity in Nepal. No wonder thousands of people worldwide wish to walk on the trails of Nepal. With increased interest in trekking in Nepal, it is always wise to travel smartly. Find a famous trekking destination in the Nepal Himalayas and make a perfect decision to step into Nepal.

Well, few people might argue about the worth of trekking in Nepal. If you get a chance to leave your footprints at the foothills of the world’s top 10 mountains, it is simply worthwhile. It is worthy of being shared with many people proudly. Not all people can achieve this feat.

Imagine yourself at the foothills of Mount Everest or the Annapurna Base Camp. How about getting a perfect sunrise from the top of the hill overlooking many mountain ranges? The adrenaline rush, goosebumps, and orgasmic feelings are guaranteed!

Finding famous trekking destinations in the Nepal Himalayas can be overwhelming. Numerous high-profile destinations make it hard for travelers to decide. Therefore, it is wise to research. With over two decades of experience in Nepal trekking, I can share some famous trekking destinations in the Himalayas.

The blog intends to help travelers gain more tools and information about the attractions of Nepal trekking routes. Choosing a trip is always debatable. It depends upon the interests and motives of the travelers. You get spoiled by the number of options that you find in Nepal. The trails range from low to high altitude and short routes to long detours. To simplify, Nepal offers an array of trekking courses.
Here is a list of the famous trekking destinations in Nepal’s Himalayas regions.

Everest Region Is A Famous Trekking Destination In Nepal Himalayas.

The Everest region is home to three of the world’s top 10 mountains (Everest, Choyou, and Lhotse). In addition to mountains, the area is inhabited by Nepal’s famous Sherpa ethnic people. These people are expert mountain climbers and high-altitude dwellers.

Deciduous temperate, alpine, and tundra vegetation ensures diverse wildlife, too. Moraines, glaciers, rivers, lakes, and mountain valleys make the region a complete package for wilderness adventure holidays. Monasteries, Sherpa villages, pagodas, and mane walls present excellent spiritual experiences.

The region is probably the most famous trekking destination in Nepal Himalayas in Sagarmatha National Park. Follow the footsteps of some of the legendary Everest summiteers and trek on the trails of Khumbu. Some of the renowned trekking trips of the region are as follows:

– Everest  Base Camp Trek,
– Three High Passes Trek
– EBC Chola Pass Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek
The destination is perfect for Himalayan delights at 5364 m from sea level. Everest Base Camp is not only a mere place. Instead, it is an emotion to many people. Countless record-breaking feats were achieved by starting the trip from this place. Trekkers have to trek through iconic Sherpa villages and towns to reach there. The most prominent positions on this trail to Everest Base Camp are Namche Bazaar, Lukla, Tengboche, and Jorsalle (Sagarmatha National Park Entry Gate).
The Everest Base Camp trip from Lukla Airport requires 11 days of walking. You can book the trip as EBC Trek or Everest Base Camp Trek. This walking journey has to be the most kept travel bucket list activity by people across the globe. During the trek, trekkers can understand the Sherpa culture and traditions. Witness the surroundings of the world’s tallest mountain, Mt. Everest (8848.86 m). Don’t think twice. Embark today to this famous trekking destination in the Nepal Himalayas.

Famous Trekking destination in Nepal Himalayas
Famous Trekking destination in Nepal Himalayas

Everest Three High Passes
In the Everest region, there are countless famous trekking destinations. Besides Everest Base Camp, three high passes are also equally famous. If you wish to challenge yourself, try conquering Khumbu’s high and mammoth high passes. These high passes are Renjo La Pass, Cho La Pass, and Kongma La Pass. The trip demands an extreme fitness level and a high degree of perseverance. After all, travelers will walk and cross the passes high up to 5600 m from sea level.

Interestingly, the Everest Three High Passes trek journey covers almost every sector of the Upper Khumbu region, including Everest Base Camp. Therefore, don’t miss out on experiencing the wholesome Khumbu in one trekking trip. You must allocate at least 16 to 19 days of vacation to complete the trial successfully. Moreover, the Everest Three High Passes are a truly famous trekking destination in the Nepal Himalayas.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas

Annapurna Region Treks is a famous trekking destination in the Nepal Himalayas.

The Annapurna region is the flag bearer of Nepal Trekking. Its diverse vegetation, wildlife, landscape, multiethnic villages, and mountains make it famous for trekking. Countless trekking trails and mystic to mythic attractions have blessed the region immensely. Nowhere in the world will you find the perfect harmony between nature, culture, and mountains.
Some of the famous trekking routes in this region are as follows:
– Annapurna Base Camp Trek
– Annapurna Circuit Trek
– Upper Mustang Trek
– Nar Phu Valley Trek
– Mardi Himal Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek
At the foothill of the world’s 10th tallest mountain, Mt. Annapurna (8091 m), Annapurna Base Camp (4130 m) stands firmly and proudly. It is truly a Himalayan sanctuary. It takes about 11 to 14 days to reach the base camp on foot from Pokhara. However, nowadays, there are many shorter itineraries as well. If you omit some sections and take a short route, you can reach the base camp in six days.

The classical route to the Annapurna Base Camp starts from Nayapul and passes through iconic places like Poon Hill and Machhapuchhre Base Camp. Gurung and Magar’s villages provide a cultural perspective on the journey. Besides cultural and mountainous attractions, cascading hills, forests, and landscapes endow splendid travel moments. Trekkers get showered by the overwhelming mountain scenery of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges.

Famous Trekking destination in Nepal Himalayas, Annapurna
Famous Trekking destination in Nepal Himalayas, Annapurna

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Annapurna Circuit is not a destination but a combination of many prolific places in the Himalayas. If you look at the itinerary of the classical Annapurna Circuit Trek, it covers almost every area in the region. Besisahar, Manang, Tilicho Lake, Thorong La Pass, Muktinath (Lower Mustang), Ghorepani/Poon Hill, and Nayapul are within the classical route. However, the trial is shortened now. It is possible to do the trekking within 12 days.

The iconic places within the route are Manang Valley, Thorong La Pass, Tilicho Lake, and Muktinath/Kagbeni/Jomsom. Gurung, Tibetan, and Thakali people reside in these places and have their own culture and traditions. High-altitude lakes, high-altitude passes, and sacred Hindu/Buddhist shrines make it the most diverse Nepal trek route. This one is the perfect answer to the question of famous trekking destinations in the Nepal Himalayas.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas

Mardi Himal Trek
Mardi Himal is purely a mini mountaineering destination. A few years back, it was the peak climbing destination. However, nowadays, it is one of the hottest trekking destinations in Nepal. It applies to both Nepalese and foreign trekkers. The significant features of this destination are serenity and tranquility within the lush green forests, showcasing some of the breathtaking mountain scenery.

You can reach the Mardi Himal in just a week’s holiday. Among many short trekking routes in Nepal, it is probably the most famous after Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek. No wonder lots of people are trekking on the trail. The highlight of this destination is the magnificent view of Mt. Machhapuchhre. The best idea of Mt. Machhapuchhre is believed to be possible from the top of the Mardi Himal. Relish the chance to trek on the untainted yet popular trails of the Annapurna region of Nepal.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas, Mardi Himal
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas, Mardi Himal

Upper Mustang Trek
Nepal is a republican secular state after the abolishment of the monarchial system. However, Upper Mustang is still considered the forbidden kingdom of Nepal. Lomanthang is its capital, and trekkers require a special permit. Located beyond mountains and often described as the village behind snowy mountains, Upper Mustang provides vibes of myth and mysticism.

The deepest gorge in the world and meditation caves of eons create diverse holiday moments. You can reach this place either via road trip or trekking. However, trekking endows different feelings. Trekking is highly recommended to understand the area thoroughly. A trekking trip to Upper Mustang is much safer than a road trip in terms of altitude sickness. Please note that the journey to Upper Mustang is during the Tiji Festival. This is the biggest festival in the region. Solo trekkers are prohibited, and you must get a special permit and hire a Nepal government-licensed guide and agency.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas upper mustang
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas Upper Mustang

Nar Phu Valley Trek
Nar Phu Valley is probably the most remote of the famous trekking destinations in the Nepal Himalayas. These are two mythical villages located on the outskirts of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Like Upper Mustang, the Nar Phu Valley journey requires a special permit. It is a restricted trekking destination in Nepal.

The villages of Nar and Phu still practice the traditional Himalayan lifestyle. Nar Phu Valley is an open museum where visitors can witness Nepal’s Himalayas, from rearing animals to high-altitude farming. Apart from the cultural significance, the trip to Nar Phu offers mountain and Himalayan desert experiences. Get to know about these hidden valleys of Nepal. Typically, the number of days to explore these two villages in Nepal ranges from 15 to 20 days.

You can include the Annapurna Circuit Trek journey in this as well. Therefore, it is worth visiting from both the spiritual and the natural perspective.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas

Langtang Region Treks, Famous Trekking Destinations In Nepal Himalayas.

Langtang Region is the most famous trekking destination in the Nepal Himalayas in the Kathmandu Valley. It is home to Nepal’s favorite indigenous group of people, the Lamas, also known as the Tamangs. In addition to the ancient culture, the region is famous for its mountain valleys, sacred lakes, and mountains. The area stands firm despite the immense damage from the 2015 earthquake and Langtang Lirung landslide. It is truly spectacular. Some believe that gods reside in the valleys and hills of the region.

Some of the famous trekking trails of the Langtang region are as follows:
– Langtang Valley Trek
– Gosainkunda Lake Trek
If you want to experience the 3 M’s in a single trip, try any trekking routes in the region. 3 M’s are mountains, myth, and mystic.

Langtang Valley Trek
The village of Langtang Valley is like a place in the fictional world. Gigantic hills and mountains surround it, and it is on the way to Kyanjin Gompa. Trekking is the only option from Syaprubeshi to reach this place. You can contact the trailhead via road trip along the Pasang Lhamu Highway from Kathmandu in about 7 hours.

Furthermore, trekkers have to trek for three days to get there. The village is not the final destination on this famous trail. Kyanjin Gompa, which has a century-old monastery, is the final destination if you are going on the Langtang Valley Trek journey.

Please remember that the old Langtang Valley is no longer in existence. After the 2015 landslide and earthquake, the village was shifted to a new place. Trek to these famous trekking destinations in the Nepal Himalayas and witness the sheer bravery of Nepalese people. Despite a callous natural incident, the site is back on its feet. Reward yourself with the easy week-long trekking holiday to the Langtang Valley.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas

Manaslu Region Treks, Famous Trekking Destinations In Nepal Himalayas.

Few destinations in Nepal are restricted. This is to protect these places’ beauty, traditions, and environment, which reminds us that they are of high value. Attractions of natural and cultural presence in the Manaslu region prove this fact. The area has two iconic trekking trails: the Manaslu Circuit Trthe ek and Tsum Valley Trek. However, you can walk on both routes in one trip. It requires 15-20 days to complete the course.

A special permit is needed, and solo travelers cannot visit the region. It would be best to acquire a special immigration permit and do the trek with a legal trekking agency. A guide is that the compulsory region encompasses almost every caste group in Nepal. Moreover, it has temperate tundra vegetation and is Nepal’s most significant river tributary.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking
Trek up to an altitude of 5106 m (Larke La Pass) and explore the abode of the world’s eighth tallest mountain, Mt. Manaslu (8156 m). Start the journey from the lowlands of the hilly region of Nepal. The journey of Manaslu Circuit requires travelers to get ACAP and MCAP permits along with special immigration permits.

It is a detour that can be extended further by adding the Annapurna Circuit Trekking itinerary. Therefore, these places of the Manaslu Region are the perfect flag bearers of the famous trekking destinations in the Nepal Himalayas.

Machhakhola, Samagaon, Dharmasala, Larke La Pass, Annapurna Circuit Trek route are the major places of the trail. The major ethnic groups are Brahmins, Chhetris, Mongolians, Untouchables, and Tibetans. Trek on this trail and experience the perfect amalgamation of nature, culture, and mountains.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas.
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas.

Tsum Valley Trekking
In the Manaslu region of Nepal, Tsum Valley represents history and traditions. Most of the region’s people follow either Buddhism or the Bonpo religion. It is believed that the Guru Padmasambhava used the caves of Tsum Valley for meditation during the 8th eons. The place is also described as the Hidden Jewel Valley.

Centuries back, people came to this place to get rid of famine. Therefore, the site is also spiritually significant.
Trekkers can visit the Tsum Valley or extend their trip further by continuing the Manaslu Circuit Trek journey. For the trip to Tsum Valley, trekkers must follow the restricted trekking destination guidelines mentioned above. Tsum is the beyul of the Himalayas. Beyul refers to the secret Himalayan place meant for happiness and refuge. The site is marvelous and spiritual, with stunning mountains like Buddha, Ganesh, and Sringi Himal.

Besides these famous trekking destinations in the Nepal Himalayas, countless other places are worth visiting. Contact the travel planners of Boundless Adventure for any Himalayan excursion and trekking in Nepal.

Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas
Famous Trekking destinations in Nepal Himalayas

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