Tiji Festival Of Upper Mustang 2025

3 July, 2024 By Dambar Khadka

The Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang blog is derived from “Ten Che,” which means “the hope of Buddha Dharma prevailing in all worlds.” It is a spring renewal festival remembered for the historical myth of a victory of good against evil. The Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang is a famous three-day celebration popular as the demon-chasing celebration in Upper Mustang. The myth behind celebrating the Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang is interesting.

Tiji Festival start date 2025

The Tiji Festival, a joyful and eagerly awaited event, attracts tourists worldwide to immerse themselves in its vibrant celebrations and rich cultural heritage. The people of Upper Mustang celebrate this Festival with great enthusiasm and joy every year in Lo Manthang. The Festival is colorful and typically takes place in May. In 2024, the Tiji festival was held from May 05 to 7. If you plan to attend the Tiji festival in 2025 and are wondering about the dates, prepare for a colorful experience from May 05 to 10th, 2025. 

The Tiji Festival, a 300-year-old tradition, is essential for the Buddhists of the Upper Mustang. It’s not just a religious event but a platform to showcase the rich history and artistic heritage of the Upper Dolpo. The Tiji festival is a must-see for those who wish to delve into cultural heritage. The Tiji festival starts in 2025, per the Tibetan lunar calendar, and promises to be a memorable immersion into Tibetan Buddhist culture. To secure your spot for the 2025 Tiji festival, contact us for pre-booking. 

The preparation for the Tiji festival begins a week before the event’s start. The inhabitants of the Upper Mustang unite in a team to clean the town, decorate the money, and rehearse for the dance and program. 

However, The Upper Mustang covers 2020 Square Km. To save the Upper Mustang Kingdom from destruction, Dorje Jono should fight and get a victory against his demon father. The demon brought a water shortage in Upper Mustang, which became the most significant problem in this land. It brought various disasters and famine. Finally, Dorje  Jono fought against his father, won, and exiled him from the Upper Mustang kingdom. The Tiji  Festival of Upper Mustang is celebrated to pay respect to this historical myth through the performances during the dry season of the Annapurna Conservation area.

The blog tiji  Festival of Upper Mustang
Blog Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang

The Tiji  Festival of Upper Mustang is continually celebrated for three days, and each day is significant. On the first day, Lama announces the start of this Festival by blowing the dunce, along with the drum and cymbals, and then an ancient and enormous Thanka three stories high is unrolled down the entire south wall of the square. The eleven Lamas come around the evening who wear high red hats. The people with masked faces and unique costumes perform the Tiji myth, and Dorje Jono repels the demon and kills it as the dance finishes. It is believed that it helps with rainfall, and life will be saved.

The Loba people arrive in the village with children in traditional costumes. The king comes with a distinct dress and observes the rituals. Different varieties of foods and other items are prepared. On the last day of the Tiji festival, there is another ceremony of destroying evil and feeling that they have chased the demon from the kingdom. This is how the Tiji festival is celebrated in the hidden kingdom of the Upper Mustang.

Expect to see it during the Festival. 

The unique Tiji festival is a colorful celebration with many events and rituals. Tourists who are attending the Festival can expect numerous unique sights to experience during the Festival, some of which include:

Local culture in Tiji

The primary objective of the Tiji festival is to conserve the region’s local culture. Thus, visitors can expect to see the area’s local culture during the Tiji festival. The dance performance of the monks while wearing the maks and colorful costumes is the primary evidence that represents the local culture. Each dance showcases the various aspects of Buddhist teachings and legends, offering a unique glimpse of local culture. 

Buddhist religion

Attendance during the Tiji festival allows one to experience and expect to see the Buddhist religion. The ceremony begins with Thangka, a sacred Buddhist painting, being shown. Likewise, throughout the Festival of Tiji, monks perform various rituals representing the deep-rooted Buddhist religion of the Upper Mustang. 

Himalaya views

Besides the festival charm, travelers can expect to see the Himalayas view on their journey. From whichever mode of transportation you reach Lo Manthang of Upper Mustang to witness the Tiji festival, they will see the stunning vista of numerous Himalayan ranges.

Music and Instrument 

Music is one of the essential parts of the Tiji Festival. At the festival, visitors can hear traditional music that sets the tone for dance and rituals. Also, travelers can see the conventional equipment, including drums, cymbals, and long horns, for a pleasing soundscape. 

Where Is the Tiji Festival Celebrated?

Nepal is a small country in the World, but it has too many different religions and festivals. The Tiji Festival is celebrated in the Western part of Nepal (Upper Mustang), one of the biggest festivals in the Upper Mustang of Nepal. The Mustang is close to the Border of Tibet, in the Annapurna Conservation area of Nepal. The Tiji festival falls in May, according to the local calendar.

Get Tiji  Festival Of Upper Mustang

Most travelers arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal, for the TIJI festival in the Upper Mustang of the World because of its hidden local culture and customs. People can go to the Upper Mustang by Helicopter or Jeep tour, and most people trek to the Upper Mustang to explore the Tiji Festival in May. It would help if you had Trekking permits to enter and join the Tiji Festival of Upper Mustang.

Information On the Tiji Festival

Tiji Festival is a 3-day cultural festival celebrated annually in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal. The Festival is based on the myth of Dorje Jono, the deity who battles against evil forces to bring peace and happiness to the land. The Festival is characterized by colorful mask dances, traditional music and chanting, and processions of brightly dressed people carrying flags and religious objects. The Tiji festival is considered an essential event for the local community and is attended by residents and tourists. The Festival is held in May or June and is a unique opportunity to witness the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the people of Upper Mustang.

Tiji festival tour cost 

Cost is the first question that arises in every traveler’s mind before beginning their expedition. For the tour to the Tiji festival, travelers must also consider the tour costs. However, the cost of the tour varies depending on the components. So, what makes up the difference in the cost of the Tiji festival tour? Eher are some brekadowns: 

Group Size

The size of the group vastly affected the cot for the Tiji festival tour. Boundless Adventure offers a group discount. Thus, the more you are in a group, the more you can expect to get a discount and reduce the overall cost. Still, we manage to provide discounts to small group sizes as well. 

Best time

There is no exception that May is ideal; it is a must-visit time if travelers go to Upper Mustang to witness the Tiji festival. The dates of the Festival vary yearly according to the Chinese calendar. May falls in Spring, creating a favorable time for visiting the Upper Mustang and witnessing the Tiji festival. During May, when the Tiji festival falls, the Mustang district and its arts, including Upper Mustang, the weather is mild and pleasant. Thus, May is the best time to experience the Tiji Festival. 

However, if you plan a tour and trek and do not want to witness the festival, you can go to Upper Mustang throughout the year. The Upper Mustang has favorable conditions all year for tours and excursions. Yet, Spring and autumn are best as both seasons offer ideal conditions with pleasant and mild weather and fewer chances of challenges. Spring is also suitable as the days are longer and sunny. Moreover, winter is also good but comes with freezing temperatures. 

Travelers must visit during May to experience the Tiji festival. However, visitors who want to go for just a tour and trek can choose the time according to their preferences. 


Various transportation options are available to get to Upper Mustang, and different transport costs differ. Travelers can take the tour by jeep, airplane, or helicopter. Selecting a transposition is a visitor’s preference as per their budget, yet it varies the overall cost of the tour. 

The above two are the significant components that vary the cost of the tour to Tiji. However, other factors also affect the cost, including any special requirements, Miscellaneous Expenses, whether hiring a porter is necessary, and a customizable itinerary. For the exact price, contact us via WhatsApp at +977 9851033819. 

Traveling Option:

Getting to Upper Mustang from the city travelers’ land during their arrival in Kathmandu is only possible by traveling through various modes of transportation. For the Upper Mustang, there are multiple options. Some of the traveling options that take visitors to the Upper Mustang involve; 

Travel by jeep

Traveling by jeep is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get to Upper Mustang. One jeep can carry a maximum of six people. Also, Boundless Adventure provides options for shared jeeps and private jeeps. However, to travel through a jeep also, travelers have two different options including:

A jeep tour from Kathmandu to Mustang.

A jeep tour to Upper Mustang involves an entire journey on a jeep. If you choose a jeep tour, you will begin your trip from Kathmandu, drive through Pokhara, reach Lo Mnathang as a final destination, and return to Kathmandu on a jeep. This is one of the most convenient and comfortable options. On a jeep tour, you don’t need to change any transportation; you can go and return on the same jeep, which is a comfortable option for you. 

A Jeep tour from Jomsom

A jeep tour from Jomsom is a unique way to experience the beauty of the Upper Mustang. On this tour, the journey begins with a bus or flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara. From Pokhara, travelers take a flight to Jomsom. Then, they catch a jeep from Jomsom to reach Lo Manthang to explore the Festival and Return to Jomsom by Jeep. Similarly, you may choose whether you return by plane or continue to Pokhara by Jeep.

Tiji Travel by helicopter

Another luxurious option and way to experience the beauty of the Upper Mustang and Tiji festival is via helicopter. The helicopter tour to Upper Mustang is a round trip in an aircraft. The excursion commences with a helicopter flight from Kathmandu, which flies to Upper Mustang and then returns to Kathmandu after witnessing the Festival.

Trekking in the Tiji festival

Trekking options are also available for seeing the Tiji Festival. Tourists who prefer to experience trekking can choose an Upper Mustang trekking package. The journey begins with a flight or drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara, followed by a Pokhara to Jomsom flight and the start of the trek. The journey will be completed from Kathmandu to Kathmandu within 14 to 17 days.

Short trekking itinerary.

Look at the itinerary blog for the Tiji Festival of Upper Mung; if it is longer or not suitable for you, feel free to contact us, and we will discuss further details about customizing the itinerary for the TIJI festival in Upper Mustang.

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu, transfer to the hotel.
  • Day 02: Sightseeing and trek preparation.
  • Day 03: Drive to Pokhara by tourist bus (6 hours).
  • Day 04: Fly to Jomsom and trek to Kagbeni (2780m)
  • Day 05: Trek to Chele (3050m). The restricted area starts from here.
  • Day 06: Trek to Syanboche (3475m).
  • Day 07: Trek to Ghaymi (3520m).
  • Day 08: Trek to Tcharang (3490m). Festival
  • Day 09: Trek to Lo Manthang (3730m). Festival
  • Day 10: Explore Lo Manthang (3700m) Festival.
  • Day 11: Drive to Chhuksang by jeep (2920m).
  • Day 12: Trek to Jomsom (2710m). The restricted area ends up on these days.
  • Day 13: Flight to Pokhara. Explore Pokhara overnight.
  • Day 14: Drive back to Kathmandu.
  • Day 15: Final Departure.

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